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I got almost 6 hours of sleep last night. I moved my bed back to where it was last saturday and I was out. Of course, then Ultimate Mess got up at 8am and started playing Dance Party USA. Nice - ASSHOLE! So inconsiderate.

Anway- was suppossed to go to Rob & Terry's party but steve is being an old man and doesn't want to do anything. Not really in the mood to go alone either. UM and Sarah are going bar hopping which is the LAST thing I wanna do on NYE. We'll see.




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June 21 - July 21

It could be that you are having a difficult time connecting with your emotions today, dear Cancer, because after not sleeping for 4 solid days you are dead and are now a living zombie. Things will run smoothly if you don't force yourself into trying to act like you are Alive if you aren't. Be honest about your emotions instead of feeling shameful of them - it's ok to be one of the living Dead. If you are feeling restless or negative, keep it to yourself - don't Eat anyone. Go for a long walk, preferably by a body of water - as long as there isn't a tsunami brewing, and make sure you indulge in a large, healthy meal tonight - No Carbs, of course!


Something Strange

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Last night was the 3rd night in a row with no sleep.

i just laid around feeling like i drank 10 pots of coffee. totally wired. I called my doctor yesterday and he told me to get some tylenol pm or doanes pm - i took the tylenol pm and NOTHING.

I called him this moring and he told me to come in, which i did and they took a blood and urine sample. Then my commedian doctor told me that my body could be trying to tell me that I have diabetes or cancer or something fun like that. i found that endlessly ammusing.


Tidal Wave

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I've only been reading the headlines because I don't want to sucked in like i did with 9/11, but it's harrowing. When i saw the death toll at 55,000 people .... i felt sick. Mother Nature is clearly pissed off.

I mentioned it to my roommate and he hadn't even heard about it. Barely a blip on most people's radar, I guess.

I'd like to go off an a tangent about how selfish and stupid people can be but it's a waste of typing.

good night and thank you.


I Can't Get No Sleep

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I don't know exactly what my problem is, but my body is very sensitive to things like being "level". I moved my bed Subday night and I know my floor is crooked but I have boards under 2 legs and actually used a level to see if it was.....

Anyway, didn't sleep a wink Sunday night, just rolled around. Totally exhaused but totally uncomfortable. Luckily I had Monday off. On Monday I Put another board under a different leg and flipped the mattress.. Now let me remind you that I just bought this mattress last summer and it was hard as a rock when i first got it. Now how do you think the other unslept on side felt? Hard as a rock! AT this point ( 2:30 am )I was developing a migraine, so i flipped it back and still didn't get to sleep. I got up and got ready for work, but let's face it - I cannot function without sleep, especiallly 2 nights worth.

I called Sunny and said HELL NO, which is not a huge deal because end of the year everyone is gone and little is going on. She just wanted me to come to work and Suffer like she is doing.

HERE is someone very pleased that I could not sleep at 2:30 am.

Christmas was nice and relaxing. Amazing prime rib ( best yet, Pat ! ) Watched a lot of James Bond because it was the "007 Days of Christmas" and then we actually played the 007 "scene it" game that steve got for Xmas. Sunday I worked at the mall and it wasn't too bad but i really am over retail- I'm not doing xmas retail ever again. It really spoils the whole holiday season for me.

Was feeding consuelo's cats and there was an unfortunate cat vomit accident. I had to break the news to her over the phone so her cats didn't get spanked when she discovered it. Poor grays!

Monday tried to do some post-xmas shopping but didn't find much. Went to target and got some left over xmas stuffand a pair of running shoes. stopped at Pat's work to see her but couldn't find her. Cleaned the house. Fun. Had dinner with Harriet Pottress at Coastal Kitchen.

You are now up to speed.



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I'm off to steve and pat's to gorge myself on prime rib and other deliciousness. Pat's xmas eve dinner of ham and homemade scallopped potatoes will be hard to beat but her prime rib is to kill for.

I hope ye all have a nice christmas if ye be celebratin' it.



It's Madness !

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The mall is open until midnight and I work tonight. The shoppers now have this insane bloodlust in their eyes and they are really getting snotty, too.

Luckily, the owners of the store have a greats ense of humour and could care less about the whiners. One woman demanded that I get on the phone and start calling random stores to find her item, which we didn't even carry. I asked her if she was insane. She started to get all belligerent and I just told we were just too busy to fulfill her request.

I refuse to be stressed tonight.

I'm not going to get all bent out of shape just because people have left their shopping until the last second. Again, I work with Johnny, who is this hysterical little shithead, so It's all tolerable. His friend stopped in the other night and Johnny introduced me as "Big Gay Tim".
Funny? He's 17 - so it's forgiveable.

I tried to buy a watch the other night, but there was only one guy working and about 10 small Asian women with a very limited grasp of English taking all of his time. I'll try after Christmas.

Happy Whatever, to you and yours.


Here's The Thing

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Gift Cards and Gift Certificates stress me out.
I mean it's great to have the freedom to buy your own gift, but I get stressed out in my own thinking that it has to be perfect super fabulous amazing and not just something random that I kinda want at the time.
I have a $50 Bellevue Square Gift cert and I'm trying to decide what to buy. I think I need a nice silver dressy watch. I saw some really cool ones at Pennies but they were really cheap and therefore probably crap. There's also a couple of PeeWee's playhouse dvd box sets that I want, but I think the watch is more important.

I'm off Tuesday, Thrusday and friday this week and only have a handful of gifts left to buy so there shouldn't be a problem. I went to Target last night to buy one more Bratz for my neice, but they were already sold out. RUDE!

Saturday night, Steve and I went to a couple of parties - one in South Seattle and another in Wallingford. Drank way too many vodka redbull's at the 2nd party and was absolutely wired all night. We then went to a strange little club called crash or chill or something like that and it was just a big room with pounding techno music and candles lit everywhere and then big tables full of booze bottles. a few random people walking around and no bouncers or anything. it was hella strange. Anyway, I wasn't hung over but continued to be wired thru sunday night. Had a late lunch with Steve and his brother James, who is just like Steve except he's somehow more sarcastic.

working a half day today and NOW I'm getting a headache. Malling tonight with Johnnie so that should be amusing.

Debbie just handed me "a little something for under your tree" in a HUGE box. I'll bring office people presents on Wednesday.

Consuello is flying out to New Mexico on Wednesday and I'm feeding her cats. This is her 3rd trip this month ( one was not planned ) and I think I've spent more time with the Grays than she has! BAD MOTHER! ( just kidding! Have a good trip and a nice holiday, Consuelo! )

There is a large stuffed snowman in our lobby with a motion sensor that plays random holiday muzak when you walk by it. It has driven me nuts every Christmas for the last 3 years and I'm about ready to throw it off the roof. Maybe I'll just put it in the elevator and press the up button?

That is all.


Super Duper Pooper Scooper

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Sorry, I just haven't been in the mood to write since I got backfrom Vacation.
I really don't want to work and mostly just want to sleep.

Going back to the mall while the Christmas shopping season is in full swing was a bit SHOCKING. People are such massive Assholes during the Holidays. I haven't told anyone off yet but have came pretty close a couple of times.

Developed a nasty Migraine on Wednesday that lasted until Friday.

Work is a bit frustrating. There's not a lot to do because it's end of the year, but the seattle office has lost their office manager and the admin assistant is on vacation, leaving a temp to do all the work and she just doesn't get it. I have offered to help as much as I can but have recieved a hefty chunk of attitude about it - meaning not being in my office.

I have a lot of vacation left to use but I don't want to leave our office understaffed. On the other hand, I've worked my ass off all year and earned the vacation time, right? I'll probably be off a lot after this week and just be "on call" for emergencies or something.

What else? the Roommate is doing his best impression of Joyce, the former roommate. Lots of small things pissing me off- i probably Just won't put up with much after Joyce.

Christmas Cards. I decided against them. Just something else to stress me out.

It's always something, ya know?

Peace & Junk


Back and Stuff

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My vacation was mostly fun. A bit long with periods of boredom ( which i am not used to ) but it was good. Spent quality time with family and old friends.

Friday night out with Mike, Jermey, Tony & Crew was a blast.

My flight back was excellent. A mostly empty plane and an entire row to myself. the space waitresses didn't even bring the carts out, the would just pop by ever 15 minutes or so and ask if we needed anything. I even dozed off a few times ( ME? Sleep on a plane? )

TanQ was very glad to see me and has kept very close to me. Constantly purring.

I didn't get much sleep last night. Too wired or something.
Work at the mall tonight and tomorrow night. 2 nights in a row is rough.

all in all glad to be back.



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Still in Iowa, was at a local watering hole with some Sean, Mark & Bridgeette.

My dad was out of town but I got a panicked cell phone call from my mom around 12:30(am). she sounded scared and said her heart was racing and couldn't breathe.

I literally raced home ( it took 12 minutes ) and we went to the Emergency Room. She was pale, shaking and disoriented.

It soon passed and they hooked her up to machines and did tests for 3 and a half hours.I got to take her home and she seems fine now.

It was very scary. I had a hard time sleeping - I went to her room a few times to listen to make sure she was breathing.

I feel terrible that I live 1500 miles away.
This was a rather eye opening experience. It's easy to function while assuming that life is fine and everyone is healthy, but I now realize that both my parents are 65 and life gets complicated at that age.

anyway, thanks for reading. Heading back to Minneapolis in a few minutes and Flying back to Seattle and my real life Saturday afternoon.


Your Weekend Update....BBRRRRR !

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It's Saturday Nov 27th ( 2nd Saturday of Midwest invasion 2004 ).
I've just arrived back in Minneapolis at my brother's house.

This week has been plum full of Iowa. PLUM FULL !

Of, course got the Airline cold and felt like I was going to die. Spent lots of Quality time with Family. Also time with many old friends. Friends from High school and much drinking of cheap beer and making fun of the people that could never excape the gravitational pull of my old home town. Hung with Darling Sara, Missy Skippage, Mark the Mess, Amy & Travis, Scoottage Bootage, Jacula, errrr...Jessica and rebonded with a friend from "Diamond Dave's", Bridgette Porter - Who will now and forever, of course, be known as "Brigeette - that Crazy Beetch!".

Also got to spend time with my dear friend, Shannon - that now lives in Reno, Nevada. We discussed getting Amy & Travis to move closer to NV, OR or WA so we could all get together more often. We've all been friends for around 18 years.

Had a small confrontation with my Ex who now bears a startling resemblance to Fabio. Things were said like "how dare you come to this bar" and "you ruined my life" to which I replied "Yeah - Whatever". Barely avoided another confrontation with a crazy former stalker girl.

Heard way too much heavy metal and usher and destiny's choad and avril le-vag.

Lounged around at the cool Bed and Breakfast that My friend Mark lives in/manages. It's all decorated like it's from the victorian era...and actually quite creepy. Mark says it's haunted. It's easy to see that as a possibility.

anyway, it snowed today just as I left Iowa and transported 2 of my nieces back to their actual home in Circle pines. How can a 7 year old talk so much? blah blah blah and then blah blah blah.

Holy cow. Zip it, Already.

Thanksgiving was nice. Too much food and too many kids. I was zonked out asleep by 10pm.

I miss Seattle. My friends and my cat. It's a good feeling because it makes me realize that I really do like my life ( for the most part). Of course been talking to Steve and UM almost daily. TanQ is fine and bossing the other two kitties around. UM has not burned down the house yet.

I'll get through another week here somehow.

I had forgotten how GREY it is in the midwest in the winter. Way more depressing than Seattle. BLEAK is a better description.

See my parents house this morning HERE
See my and my snowman HERE ( follow the arrow the snowman )
See a close up of the amazing snowman HERE


Up Up and Away

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Bear and Sydney were very concerned about TanQ's arrival. it was KITTY CIVIL WAR!

Pat dropped me off at the airport and it was very empty and deserted. It was really creepy.
Going through security I was behind this tall thin woman. in her early 40's. I noticed very quickly that she STANK to high hell. and she had huge clumps of dandruff in her hair.

I was quietly disgusted.

Of course i also had the pleasure of sitting next to her on the plane!
I must have gone through 4 pqacks of listerine breath strips....eating them temporarily overtakes all your sense...whenever her smell got to be too much, I would pop one.
She asked if I was addicted to them.

She was perfectly nice., I feel bad ripping on her, but YACKKKK!

The chichuahua ( Bella ) is in heat. she has a small homemade diaper on. it's hysterical.

I'm going to bed.


as of 7:30 pm Pst

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I am on vacation.
I haven't had more than a couple days off all year...last christmas to be exact.


It feels weird. i am very nervous about leaving my job for almost 3 weeks, but I deserve the time off. It's not like I didn't earn it, either.

Going back to me roots! back to Minneapolis and Mason shitty. Should be fun. and RELAXING. Low key and inexpensive fun.

Lots of my favorite people, including family, are still there.

I'm leaving TanQ with steve and Pat. and BEAR and Sydney. I'm sure the cats will all hide from each other and be pissed about another cat in the house. TanQ usually hides up high in steve's closet.

There's only dogs with the family. BIG dogs...and a chihuahua. oh, and one pissed off little white devil kitty that bit me and left permanant marks 2 years ago. El Blanco Gato Diablo.

nothing exciting to report.

UM and I are going to go watch bad gay karaoke at the timberline. and have some cocktails.
I'm on Vacation, DAMN IT !

Enjoy it!



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It’s a strange day
No colours or shapes
No sound in my head
I forget who I am
When I’m with you
There’s no reason
There’s no sense
I’m not supposed to feel
I forget who I am
I forget

From "Utopia" by Goldfrapp


Tuesday Woo Whoooo

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Today started out Stupid.

I only had one shirt pressed as the others are dirty or in Dry Cleaner Jail. Of course, it was my dark Gray/charcoal shirt that only goes with two ties. Of course Robert (Ultimate Mess) had taken both of them to work. SO went to work with no tie and received many a "no tie glare" from the boss-folk.
Gonna have to have the come to Jesus tie chat AGAIN. Seriously, is it wrong for me to expect my clothes to be there? I think not.

Then my car decided to die in the niddle lane of I90 in 65 mile an hour traffic. It was fun coming to a slow complete stop with all the cars and their little pissed off driver peeps beeping their horns and flipping me off.

Then there was various work related bullshit that I won't discuss here. Over 2 hours on the phone with help-desk people. That was totally fun.

I realize that i skipped bloggin' about Halloween weekend in all the election drama but it just doesn't seem all that relevant now. But it was a swell time, I assure you. No Drama - even! Lots of friends, good times & great oldies. HERE is what I looked like on halloween. I look kinda stoned but I assure you - just a little cocktailed.

Enjoy it.



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Ok, Not Really.

I'm in ultimate Bitch Mood today and not really sure why.

I'm tired but actually slept pretty well. went to bed at like 10:30. Oh, now I remember - I woke up to the pretty sound of wretching cat at 1:30 and couldn't get back to sleep.

Worked at the mall on saturday and then went over to the swenty's for dinner. Pat made an amazing prime rib. it was delicious. and she also made her famous Garlic bread which is the tastiest treat on Earth and I had a few slices. Pat, You DEVIL WOMAN! She made me cheat on the diet, I swear. it was worth it. Then Me, Gergg & Steve went to Manray. "The wild bunch" was there and we hung with them, even though the bar was as crowded as hell ( because you know Hell is crowded....with Republicans!). Someone was cranky and got a little Belligerant and we moved on to the Full Biz. But the Draggies had taken over for the evening and I wasn't in the mood. And Let me remind that Seattle's Drag scene is rather Unsavory - Tired Show Tune HELL. I miss the good time drag scene in Minneapolis.

Somehow, even with the cheating on Saturday - I'm down another 3 pounds - which makes 33 !

and i have to say, back when i was rather slim-ish in college - i weighed 225. Lord, grant me the strength to continue this quest for slimness. :P


Religion Rant Addendum

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As a side note to my earlier rant about religion and politics:

I've always looked at religion and/or spirituality as personal, something best kept to yourself. I don't believe it has anything to do with a church or a priest or the people that go there, which is why I always hated church and catechism and was bored to tears by both.

If you have some sort of personal relationship with God, or a multi-armed elephant or a 6 armed indian dancer of the universe or even the Devil - I consider that YOUR business and I for the most part don't want to hear about it.

I have religious beliefs and I keep them to myself. I feel that isntilling some aspect of Religion in children is important - when their brains begin to process information on their own they can decide what to believe.

...and this is why I find mixing religion and politics so vastly offensive. Using legislation to push your beliefs on other people that don't share your way of thinking is WRONG. This forces opposition and villifies organized religion. Think of how furious The democratic party is with conservative bible votin' people right now.

...just like pushing your beliefs based on a Book ( written by Men and not GOD ) that so many in our society now feel free to pick and choose what rules and regulations they will follow from said Book is absolute Bullshit.

You can't pick and choose what fits your life. And then try to force that on others.

There are many excellent aspects of many religions. The desire to live in harmony, love and Peace is a wonderful goal.

Prosecuting those that disagree or fail to follow your guidelines is not a wonderful practice.
It's very unGodlike in my Humble, Yet Correct Opinion.


Overstating the Obvious

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Look HERE and Then HERE



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Yesterday, In the parking ramp @ work - someone felt the need to remove my "defend America : defeat bush" bumpersticker.

Wasn't that thoughtful of them?



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Mostly I'm wondering WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?

When I woke up this morning after almost zero sleep - I felt lost and confused. How the hell did this happen? What country did i live in? I thought America was the land of the free, not the land of the Sheep.

What happend to the millions of new, young registered Liberal voters? The Millions of Minority voters? The Angry Elderly pissed off about sky rocketting medication prices?

Did they all turn into "Security Moms" worrying about terrorist attacks in rural Kansas? ( Because Kansas has so much to worry about ).

for the most part, It really comes down to big city VS small communities. CA, NY, IL, PA - even WA ( Barely - we have a lot of small towns here ) bent to Kerry solely on the votes of the big cities. Although, Texas, Florida, Arizona have bigger cities they have the elderly excuse or, in the case of Texas, the pledge alliegence to the Shrub because he was spawned there.

...and let me touch on these smaller Americans Communities. SO many of them vote republican because that party is more "religious" or they vote on a single subject - abortion or gay rights - things that really don't even affect them. are they thinking of having an abortion? are they gay and want to get married? DOUBT IT.

they have APPARENTLY paid no attention for the last 4 years and vote on what their church tells them. Because "If You're Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Attention!"
This is what you might call “religious manipulation"* - The Shrub won over the simple mostly Ignorant folks through FEAR and HATRED - cashing in on their basest fears - terrorism, abortion and those Damn Homosexuals!

all 11 states voted in favor of banning gay marriages - I would really like to know EXACTLY how many marriages in America have been threatened and/or weakened by the fact that those gays can get hitched up in Mass. Oh, NONE? Cute. Gald we banned it from happening elsewhere, then. WHEW ! I feel better about my Parent's marriage now.

This is not a generalization.Millions of these people voted this year.one exit poll in Ohio had over 90% of Bush voters saying they voted for him based on his religious beliefs alone. "How would Jesus Vote?" Jesus Can't vote, Moron. Fuck You and keep your keep religious beliefs to yourself!

the separation of church and state seems to be going out the door.

I fear for our supreme court. Shrub can now stack it with Idiots happy to play out his Wrong-wing Ultra-Conservative agenda. Goodbye abortion rights and goodbye any equal rights advances.

....besides the fact that our supreme court is about to be stacked with right wing nut jobs - If Hillary decides to run she is DOOMED. If all the young new voters failed to get Kerry into office how would we fair against a legion of Clinton Hating Bible Beaters?

I am Seriously Disgusted.

* this is a borrowed concept :P


Election Day

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I could blog all about my interesting weekend but I'm too freaked out by the election to think about it. Another day.

you better have voted !


The Earth Continues to Turn

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i have to work in 30 minutes at the mall but it's been a weird day.

My landlord is renovating the apartment in front of mine and began hammering away at about 8:30. My bedroom ceiling shares part of that space so I couldn't stay in bed.

Mattress called at 10 to remind me that people are going out tonight for halloween
...oh, and it's his birthday. Hint?

Steve called around 10:30 to tell me how Gross portland is.

11:30 my dad calls and tells me my mother is in the hospitol. While he's telling me what's going on I all but book an emergency flight ...but he forbids me to come home and tells me everything should be fine. Apparently her heart was racing out of control for more than an hour and she finally called a neighbour and went to the ER. My dad was way up north on a fishing trip and he dropped everything and raced home. My heart absolutely sunk when he first told me. That horrible "helpless Oh My God" feeling. the worst feeling ever. EVER.

I was so flipped out my this call ( can you blame me? ) I couldn't sit around home with the noise so I went to easy street records and snooped around. I bought "best of the motels", "Best of M People" and Goldfrapp "Twist" - I am presently all about Goldfrapp. I know a lot of people that like them but only kneow one or two songs that I did like but hadn't really given them a chance. But now I have and I'm seriously hooked.

Now I'm sitting in my office farting around and killing time before going to work at belle square.

Good times, great oldies. I bought this great "costume" for tonight - just doing some bar hopping. I'll try to get a picture taken so I can share.

Happy halloween !



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SOME SICK FUN - I Stole this from So-Nay.

Warning - If you are LAME, you will be offended - However, if you are Lame - what the Hell are you doing reading my Blog ?




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Haven't been in the mood to Blog.

Nothing going on but the rent, really.
Oh, and car disorder and utter financial ruin.
Same old same old same old.

been having lovely intense headaches lately. Stress Kills!

i've lost 30 pounds but I'm stuck there - but I shouldn't complain. a mere 35 to go!

halloween potluck at work tomorrow. close at the kitchen shoppe on saturday and then suppossed to go out - but I don't know.

Steve is off to portland to visit his boy. brava for him.

i'd rather curl up with a book and tanq baby and hibernate all weekend which is what i think i intend to do.

happy halloweenie!

oh yeah...


Can I Just Say....

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....That I AM SO FREAKIN' HUNGRY???????

This diet allows me to eat a lot but i am never full and I just want to eat and eat and eat. I had a mushroom burger with no bun and a side of 'slaw and i feel i could have eaten 6 of those burgers. the weight loss is nice and i feel healthier but WOW- DO I ever want to eat my arm off !

it's a pretty nothing week. The various car insurgencies of last week has left my poor bank account bone dry. And that is frustrating. it's frustrating to be as HELLA old as I am and actually be broke.

I'm planning my MIDWEST INVASION 2004 for November 18th thru the 3rd of Decemeber. It will be weird to be away from both jobs for over 2 weeks but I seriously need the time away. Will be good to relax and re-connect with the family. And also see old friends like Sean & Jay, Mike, Markie et all.

I'll be all nervous about TanQ the whole time, though. Ultimate Mess does not take care of her. Maybe she can stay with steve the whole time?

It's Tuesday. Boring day. Cruddy weather. Yippee & RAH !


The Parking Ramp Murders !

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Yesterday some Jackass tried to murder me with his planet sized SUV - speeding along in the parking ramp and on the wrong side of the drive. had he not noticed me and slammed on his brakes i probably would have been killed in my little tin can ford. Then he has the BALLS to get out and yell at me for not paying attention. he didn't want to hear that he was going 40 in a cramped underground parking ramp and on the wrong side of the drive because he didn't want to drive over the speed bumps! SO we exchanged some choice words and he drove off...and guess what the fucking AssFace had on his bumper in huge letters? BUSH 2004. SO, that clearly proves it - Bush supporters are assholes. :)

that's like the 3rd confrontation i've had in the parking ramp in 3 months. People in this building are assholes. the first was I apparently parked too close to this womans beemer ( and it was the cheapest beemer that everyone drives ) and she happened to be there when i got to my car and she tried to rip me a new hole but i told her to act her age. Another crazy old woman screamed at me because she didn't like my anti-shrub bumper sticker. i tried to be rational with her but once she started swearing at me and telling me I didn't know anything and didn't deserve to vote i called her a "raving cunt" and told her to fuck off - as politely as possible, of course.

I've been up since 3:30 because that's when TanQ decided to blow chunks on my rug. after cleaning it up i went and had a glass of fake milk ( Chocolate "Carb Countdown", Thank You! ) and then i couldn't get back to sleep. SO - I did some reading, surfed the internet(s)...got to work at 7:30. I'm kinda tired but I feel like i've accomplished a lot already today ( it's 11:17 now ).

what else? i hate my bank but then i will always hate my bank - no matter what bank it is.

i'm leaving early. This I promise myself!

Steve is going away for the weekend to Portland and UM closes every night. I want to go to the timberline super late saturday night to see my bud Eda dance ( at like 3 am! ).

Lord, I am Bored. Fer days!


Let Me Whine

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I reckon I spend about 8 hours a week in traffic and/or commuting. Roughly 400 hours a year and almost 2000 in the 5 years I've worked in Bellevue. INSANITY !

I'm not an impatient person but NOTHING pisses me off more than waiting for someone - especially if it's a whole Bunch of someone's that have no freaking concept of how to drive. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. Isn't that fair?

The primary reason I would love to work in Seattle-proper instead of Hellevue is traffic. imagine a 10 - 20 minute commute? I can't imagine anything more glorious! the very thought brings a tear to my eye.

Tonight is low key. Going to curl up on the couch with TanQ and watch a bad old horror movie hosted by Elvira. And I'm talking OLD - 1950's old. "House on haunted Hill" or maybe "Night of the living Dead" - the Originals.

It's fun to watch these lame old films and imagine how shocking they were when they were released - people's brains weren't quite as warped and jaded then. there weren't countless web sites that ruined the "shocking" suprises. I bet people then had a really different sense of wonder and amazement.


These Things Take Time

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I've been very restless and not sleeping lately. I feel like I'm missing something or I'm forgetting to do something. I can't quite place it but it's frustrating.

the weight loss is coming along nicely but i'm hungry all the time and cranky.
Oh - when am I not cranky?

Been really missing my family lately, too. Probably because I haven't seen them since 2003 ?
I was off work today and felt out of place. Like "how can I possibly NOT be at work?" I've forgotten how to have time off and forgotten how to relax. And that sucks hardcore.

I feel old. I have random aches and pains. I'm falling apart.

I watched "the day after tomorrow" tonight....and It made me miss home. Dumb movie, though.
Ultimate Mess was watching "Fahrenheit 911" last night but I couldn't watch. The sound of George Bush's voice makes me want to throw up.

for some fun polical humour, go to www.jibjab.com and watch "this land". HYSTERICAL!


Snooze Button

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Tuesday and still getting over this cold, which for some reason is keeping me awake at night now. Even with a healthy dose of nyquil. Ultimate Mess is slowly getting his crap squared away and the apartment smells and feels different now that Joyce is gone. much more clam. and clean. did I mention clean?

TanQ is not pleased with her new roommate. they hiss and scowl at each other whenever they are close. He needs to ignore her the way Joyce did.

Weekend was brief and mellow. didn't do much at all. went to Alki with Pat on Sunday and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

I don't wanna be at work today, I just want to sleep. Definitely need a haircut. Today. it's gross.

Wednesday Night at the mall I very suddenly was slammed with a cold and itchy throat. Ended up croaking and hacking all night long. Stayed home thursday and layed in bed. Hacking and croaking.

Ultimate Mess's lovely friend who was going to help him move somehow "Forgot" and Robert and I ended up doing it ourselves. he borrowed "Dean the mess"'s car and it only took two trips.
Dj Dave from the Full Biz is helping move the bed and then he's done.

I should have been resting instead of running around and now, of course, i feel like she-ite.

Again with the financial ruin, I'm spending all weekend in bed.

enjoy yours.


Unhappy Hump Day

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It's Wednesday and I've been just *%$#! pissed all day.
No idea why.
Ultimate Mess moves in today. Joyce is GONE. HOO-FLIPPIN'-RAY !

Having to cough up extra deposit money so it looks like I'll be completely broke for October. NICE.

I'm tired and cranky and I feel like crap. And there ya have it.

Well, let's say it was a LONG LONG LONG weekend.
It was great to have Mark here and the shows were all excellent.

The Scissor Sisters are my new favorite Band. I had only listened to their cd a few times before the show, but now I am hooked. Especially a song called "it can't come quickly enough" which i had not heard before the show and it was just amazing. totally kicked my ass.

Bjorn again was fun as well. But the crowd was strange and Graceland is gross. Why the Hell do so many people know all the words to neil diamond "classics"? ODD!

Saturday we went to "chappel" which is a cool space but sucked otherwise. all sorts of really stupid people who thought they were cool and 'sex and the city' rejects. we went back to manray and drank too much and spent too much money.

the SIOUXSIE concert was everything I expected. We waited in line forever after some homless guy tried to rip us off at the parking lot. the showbox was PACKED and yet it was freezing cold in there. Went with UM, Mark, Eddie, Tommy, Harry & Kyle. Bought a really cool black shirt with gold lettering. She played a mix of new and old and the crowd was very responsive.
3 encores.

then we went to manray and hung for a bit.

Monday was pretty mellow.

and guess what? I didn't throw up once and didn't get kicked out of any bars.

also, I've lost 20 pounds since the beginning of September.


it's a fine day

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actually it's gross and crappy out. seattle winter has arrived.

Mark arrived late last night and we were up late chatting. Only working till noon and then we'll eat and shop. Of course, TanQ remembered Mark and was all about him. She slept with him and didn't even come to visit me this morning. Barely got off the couch when I poured her food. What a cat-whore!

Seeing the SCISSOR SISTERS tonight. Finally got the cd from Eddie on Monday so at least I'm somewhat familiar with the music now. it should be fun - Ultimate Mess and Harry are also going. Maybe Eddie.

My appartment is trashed with Joyce's crap all over the place in boxes. I told him it had to be gone by Sunday morning when i start cleaning up for the Siouxsie Pre-party at my place.
we'll see what actually happens.

Looking forward from some time away from AEFA - back to work Tuesday. i do work at HK on Saturday 12-6 but that is no biggie.

Ciao for now. Enjoy it.


Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

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Kristine W was great. Got several autographs from her, she's very sweet.

I had too much to drink and will not go in to details. A lo carb diet and alcohol are incompatible. I have learnt me a lesson. I'm totally embarrassed and disappointed, as well. I'm grounding myself.

Dr appt today for stomach issues follow up at 3 today. yee haw.


Friday Blah & More Blah

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'twas a blah day. Did a little shopping ( to waste my Belle Square Gift Cert ) and bought 2 pairs of work shoes & a belt, also some cologne - kenneth cole "reaction". The cologne came with this really cool HUGE watch with ugly green numbers on it. it's as big as Kansas!

But I was mostly bored. Seems like my job these days consists of waiting for people to call me. Or waiting for something.

it's now 6:49 pm and I am waiting out the traffic. Last night's commute was one hour and fourtyfive minutes - Not kidding.
It's pouring rain and no one knows how to drive in the rain because it hasn't been raining in Seattle since the beginning of freakin' time.

I was suppossed to go to the timberline with steve & pal - but I haven't heard from him and I do know that it's country night and I'm not in the mood to hang out with cranky dykes that think we hijacked their bar.

Ultimate Mess called, he's already on his way to CC's to start his weekend the right way.
Not in the mood for that noise.

Saturday mall 12-6 and then Kristine W at Neighbours. I don't like that bar but I love her, so ....should be fun, sounds like many of my cohorts will be there.

Ciao 4 now!


Let 'er Rip

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I ripped my pants AGAIN! that makes 7 times. My pockets catch on the arms of my chair at work and rip. Thrown away 4 pairs of perfectly good work pants.

I want to go home. I'm tired and cranky. it's 3:50 - I'm leaving at 5. There's a stupid mariners game so traffic will be Hell.

complain complain complain!




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It's Wednesday and an utterly boring day.

Two hour lunch @ Cheesecake factory for Colleen's birthday. I had lovely meatloaf and veggies! Then everyone had cheesecake and I had a tiny sliver.

Working at the mall tonight.
In the immortal words of Steve : "RAH!"


The Passion of the Tuesday

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MSN tells me that Shrub is gaining in the polls.

The Sheep-like qualities of half of this country are very alarming. "Obey! Follow!"
"Bush-Cheney 2004! Shut Up! Stop Thinking!"

A dull week. lots of last minute emergencies at work.

Happy Birthday to someone but I won't say who.

I'm seeing 4 live shows in 8 days. 3 of them are favorites, including THEE Favorite.
This Saturday it's Kristine W at Neighbours. Dance diva with lots of club hits. Great voice.
Next Thursday it's the Scissor Sisters. Not too familiar with them but I like what I've heard.
Next Friday Bjorn Again at graceland. They are the official ABBA impersonators - they look and sound just like ABBA in their heyday and they are a blast.

And Finally, Sunday the 26th, it's An Evening With Siouxsie. ( Siouxsie Sioux - Siouxsie & The Banshees - the Creatures) Siouxsie stands as my all time favorite singer/performer. Have been a Fan for 18 years, have everything she has ever released and have seen her live 7 times.

I know a lot of people that are going, so I'm even having a pre-show party at my house. I actually looked into flying to L.A to see her perform there but the whole JOYCE Crisis put the Kabbosh on that.

Going to the show are Steve, Consuelo, Harry, Ultimate Mess, Eddie, Kyle, Dylan, Tommy...and many more !!! Even my good friend/little brother Mark is flying in for the shows.

Good times, Great Oldies!

That is all.


Who is that..... Joyce?

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Because Joyce needed to take 45 minutes in the bathroom this morning, i was 35 mintes late to work and got written up.

Thanks a lot, Joyce, you stupid piece of dirt.

I can't even fucking WAIT until you move out...or Die or whatever.


Emergency Room Drama !

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Last night I left work late ( 730-ish ) went home and put laundry away, etc.
by 8pm my stomach was killing me and by 830 i was throwing up again - violently.

Could It be food poisoning AGAIN? Same batch?

Hoping to ride it out I spent the evening and well into the morning vomiting, not as bad as monday night but still bad. Around 5 am it turned very bloody and i called the swedish-dial-a-nurse. She said it could be many things but blood with food poisoning didn't sound right and told me to get my butt to the emergency room.

SO, off I went. sat in the waiting room over an hour because apparently no one works there.
My doctor walked in around 6:45 and took me back. Had me force myself to throw up in a cup and that was neat. He also took a blood sample for some reason.

his immediate explanation was that i hadn't worked the food posioning out and something else I ate triggered another reaction (Damn las Margaritas ! )
But the bigger issue is that my stomach is extremely sensitive. I'm always ahving internala ches and pains. Steve calls it my "Daintly little stomach". I've already had an mini-ulcer and a kidney stone. Doc says it only gets worse. Possibly More Ulcers!

He gave me this giant horse pill that will help clean out my system - along with 7 million glasses of water. He also advised I eat nothing solid until after 7pm. so, let's say I'm starving.

Of course, I got the "eat more healthy you stupid shit" talk. he also reminded me that according to the governement, I am cliniclally "obese". That made my day.

He very much scolded me and asked why I hadn't taken his diet advice from a few months ago.
He reminded me that my life was in my own hands and that I could find any million excuses to stay unhealthy and die an early death.

I got home around 8:30 and was exhausted but couldn't sleep.

think think think

Doc told me to stay home and rest but couldn't get out of working at the mall, so went in to aefa around noon.

Mark's letter with the check he sent me hasn't arrived yet. If I don't have it by tomorrow I won't be able to get him a decent priced plane ticket to come and see Siouxsie. Not the end of the world, but disappointing for sure.

Oh, yeah. and I'm dying.

grocery shopping is on my agenda. there's no way to eat out and be healthy.


It's Your Weekend Update

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Out the door at 5 on the dot as I checked the WSDOT website and saw no traffic - on a Friday? I can't be!
Took the 108th ave short cut to Bellevue way and saw a truck in flames blocking southbound B-Way. Suckers!
Somehow zipped across I90 and hit I5 to find a cop blocking northbound traffic behind when I was merging. STRANGE - but it took me 12 minutes to get home...did I mention it was Friday?

Consuelo & Dawn & Steve came over. We drank beers and listened to music and chatted. Then we went to Bill's off Broadway for appetizers.
Bad service, ok food. Siouxsie & Shirley Bassey on the Jukebox.
Walked over to Manray where it was packed with lesbians for some reason. Stayed 20 minutes and then went home.

Saturday malled it and then up to Bothell for Rob & Terry's party. Fun in the sun, Erin's passion party show and a stripper for Rob's party. Absinthe is disgusting. Rasberri Absolut gives you a stomach ache. Drunkeness abound-ed.
The republican was there. It's hard for me to not yell at him. I usually just ignore him.
I left around 2 am after drinking water for two hours.

Sunday......ummm. lounged around and napped until 4. went to the BB&B clearance sale with Pat and got some great fun stuff for cheap. None of which will see the light of day until Joyce is gone, thank you. Hung out with Steve when he got back from Bumbershoot - some idiot did a u turn and ran into steve's car, cutie. He took a swing at steve and took off, somehow leaving his Driver's License with Steve. Nice.

Monday - Lunch and shopping with Steve & Pat ( it was clearly a steve weekend ) - ate at applebee's. Had a burnt steak - and exactly WHY I would order steak in Washington when i say time and time again that it's shit compared to Iowa beef is beyond me!

the rest you already know.......


Continuing The Theme

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Got a nice case of food poisoning from applebee's monday night and was up all night "evacuating" from both ends. Good times.

finally felt better around 3:00 in the afternoon - as in the dry heaves have stopped.
TanQ was happy that i was home all day - she was glad to have someone to sleep with.


Beautiful day. Too bad I couldn't really enjoy it.


Friday Blah

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Can I Just say something?

You can never have enough hats, gloves & shoes.

That is all.


Joyce and the Missin' Kittin'

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Wednesday night I went to bed early, expecting to get a glorious full night's sleep.


Joyce came-a stumblin' home all sorts of drunk and turned on every light and made as much noise as a heard of elephants. I have to leave my door open so the cat can come and go as she pleases.

After about a half hour i went to turn off the lights as Joyce had gone to sleep but left all the lights on. Then I went upstairs to check if TanQ needed food. Well, she didn't need food BUT she was nowhere to be found. My apartment is big-ish but there's nowhere for a big fat black cat to hide.
THUS, Joyce let her out for the 76th time in a year. Because she's so small and invisible and fast as a ninja, she can slip out undeteced in a nano-second. ( read: Sarcasm )

You really just have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT and leave the door wide open for a few minutes and she will casually stroll out.

SO I went looking for her. As You might know, she looks like THIS and all that Black makes it QUITE difficult to find in the dark and pitch black of mine and neighbouring yards.

Looked. didn't find her. of course, she was just sitting somewhere mocking me. but I didn't find her until 3am, when I caught her sneaking towards my door. She was spanked severely and is now totally mad at me. OH WELL. Oh, she also threw up grass all 0ver my rug.

she can't be outside for several reasons:
1. She could get killed.
A. she is totally declawed. don't blame me - she was given to me that way.
B. She is missing one of her fangs. It grew all crazy long and then it fell out.
here's right before it fell out.
C. there are several wild cats in my neighbourhood. i hear them wickedly fighting at night.
D. the front of my house sits on a very busy street. SMOOSHED kitty.
2. She has had worms and fleas on two occasions and it was a NIGHTMARE.
Fleas are a pain in the ass to get rid of on cats.

maybe this is extra sad to you that I worry about my cat so much, but she is presently all i have - so SHUT IT!

Had lunch with Mel, who is back visiting her man. Also, Hiba G and Steve joined us.
Good times.

Consuelo's sister Dawn is visiting and she brought this amazing chocolate monstrosity cake.
it was heavenly. I had to go to church after eating it. it was that Sinful. thanks, Dawn.

Nothing else. no plans for the eve.

My friend Harry is performing as his tranny alter ego tonight but I'm working late. He didn't tell me until today so I can't really be blamed, Correct? Still - there's nothing worse than a Tranny scorned.

that is all.


Hump Day

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it's Wednesday and that means I am totally bored.
Malled it last night and was too wound up to sleep. was still awake around 3am.
TanQ seems to love it when i can't sleep. That somehow tells her that she should be all lovey and sleep on my pillow. Or maybe she does that every night and I snore and it drives her away?

Anyway, got up and drove to work - landlord calls just as i hit Hellevue and wants me to come back and meet with him and my roommate over the pending moving of the roommate ( Joyce )and the even more pending of Ultimate Mess moving in.

The word of the day is "Pending", as in : My Death of Boredom is Pending.

Work has been quiet and slow today.
Consuelo and I had lunch at Rock Bottom and it was unfulfilling. there was a Cute waiter but not ours. Ours was good until our food came and then we didn't see her for 1/2 hour. I suggested she was getting some lunchtime action in the restroom.
I though Consuelo was going to sprout demon wings and breathe fire.

I, on the otherhand, have come to expect sucky service and try not to get upset about it. Still, I told half of my office about it.

Isn't it strange how things we dislike or are upset about or far more likely to inspire us to share?
the service at lunch sucked and I told about 20 people ( and even wrote about it here ). The new bjork album is terrible and I'm embarrassed for her and I've shared that with several friends.
On the other hand, things we like or enjoy are only shared a fraction of that time.
I really love Vanilla Bean frappacino's at StarBiz and recently watched an old favorite movie, "class reunion", ---- but probably told all of 1 person that info.

Am I just a Big Fat Negative Nancy or Are ALL Humans ( or just Americans ) this way?


And in the immortal words of Mizz Sandra Bernhard :

"Who is that...Joyce? FUCK HER! I never want to speak to her again!"

"My Big Fat Negative Nancy!" Tuesdays on Fox!


Pour Favor

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I bit into a tomato slice on my burger and almost barfed.
( is barfing a recurring theme with me?)

How difficult can it be? I even ask for no tomato in Spanish!
No Tomato, Pour Favor

they do it just to spite me!

it's the little things that ruin your day.



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it's Tuesday, the blah-est day of the week.
Have to work at the mall tonight and get ready for 4 new employees starting tomorrow.

tired but this time blame it on my cat who was extra whiney and needy last night. i was so tired and she was hiding somewhere close but out of sight and screaming "MEWWW!"
I tried to kick her out twice but she hid...just to torment me more!

this morning she was all love but just wanted wet food - can't be bothered with the dry stuff.

Bjork's new album came out today but I can't buy it - THANKS, U-haul! Nor can I get my dry cleaning out of jail until Friday.

Frustrating. I'm to old to be this broke. and that on top of working 2 jobs. Double Frustration.

The roommate is moving out. this is good and bad. finding a roommate is going to be a pain in the arse. Ultimate mess can move in but I will have to pay to help him break his lease where he is now. also will have to help him come up with a deposit.

there goes my Freakin' Vacations this year.

I don't want to live with a stranger - too many bad thievery experiences over the last few years. there's really something to be said about not worrying about your things being stolen, used or destroyed in your absence.

I miss living alone. miss my cool apartment on lake washignton. don't miss the $1000 in rent, though. I mean, let's be serious.

Go here to laugh your arse off ( "Alien" & "Jaws" are the best) :


Tell it like it 'tis

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I am so behind on this blog thing.
It's now Sunday. it was a rather uneventful week for sure.
went out Friday night as usual to CC's & the Full Biz. Got pretty Loopy but not as bad as a few weeks ago. Wrote myself a note as to where I parked my car - See, I leant me a valuable lesson.

it was a dumb drunken evening. woke up with a pounding headache and suddenly realized that I was going to Yak. Joyce was in the downstairs bathroom so I ran up stairs but unfortuantely Missed the bathroom. Good thing we have hardwood floors. A disgusting way to start my saturday, for shooooo.

Worked at the mall feeling like refried crap on toast.

went home and lounged. still felt like crap.
turns out most of the people involved in Friday night stayed home. Even Ultimate Mess!

Sunday had lunch with Steve at Applebee's in Tukwilly and did Laundry.
Steve's mom bought me these excellent $110 set of white sheets for my new bed. Ok, Ok - she didn't pay that much but some fool probably did -

came home and saw my Landlord moving these cool looking old chairs into the garage. he said I could have them If I wanted. and YES - I wanted. they are very cool, kinda Goth, antique with black leather seats. they look very cool in my entry way. See them HERE.

cleaned my room. put away laundry. Cleaned the bathrooms.



Everyday is Like Sunday

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Sunday, SUPRISE, I got nary a wink of sleep but around 8 am finally passed out from exhastion.

Got out of bed and went over to steve's. I wanted to mess with his two laptops as they both have dvd burners on them. Alas, they were not as cooperative as I had hoped and my dream of SATCH as a DVD is tempoarily dashed!

we then got into a discussion about how hard it is to find someone. Almost everyone we know is single and the ones that aren't have the same old hokey advice - "you'll never find love when you are looking for it", "You'll never find love in a bar", Etc Etc Barf Barf.

There is so much attitude in this community. Ok, in any community these days. it's this generation. my friend Sara called it a "Crisis of our Generation" and i think it's true.

i don't know exactly what has altered people's thought process but the idea of a committed long term relationship is almost utterly taboo to so many young-ish people these days.
there are so many lonely people out there and it seems impossible for them to find each other.
And I'm not talking about the Trolls or Dregs of society here. It's all encompassing. I think we have built up such impossible and unrealistic standards that so many of us will NEVER settle for anything less.

Some people really have a hard time with this. It's a cripling and utterly paralyzing condition...a fear that one might be alone forever. I don't see it that way but understand how someone might. I can admit to being lonely and would like to have someone to share my life with and all those cozy things but I can't seeing myself wallowing in self pity ( any worse than I already do ). Sure, I'm jealous of some people who have found their soul mate or perfect partner or what-have-you but I can't believe for a second that having a partner is any sort of judgement of who I am. THAT would drive me insane and I would be speed dating like a Mad-woman.


anyway....THEN we went ot the University of MINNESOTA Alumni association annual picnic and sat around and ate and chatted with Alumni from Steve's College. Most of them, ok ALL of them, where much older and mostly pretty conservative, but Pat was there to help me enjoy it ( and make fun ) and the hostess ( and friend of Pat & Steve ) is a scream. As she got a little tipsy her patience wore a little thin and I think we escaped before she took her wrath out on anyone. But allow me to quote: "Can you believe those Fucking Bastards want Coffee?" Love that woman!

So, tipsy Steve and I went back and continued the previously mentioned conversation and how it effects day to day living and one's outlook on the future. A very dreary and depressing time.

Then we listened to some fun James Bond film music - Good Stuff. But who's idea was it to let A-Ha do a Bond theme?

I went home and couldn't sleep - my brain going in a million directions.

Oh, that And the fact that I was sleeping on concrete!


Saturday Night Forever

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tried to sleep in but I was totally uncomfortable in the new bed. It felt like a layer of padding over concrete. I knew it would take a few days to break in and that's why I wanted it on Friday night.

Anyway, worked at the mall with Colleen and we mocked as many stupid Bellevuians as possible.

Met Steve & Brian out at Rose Bud and then we went over to Manray. I love ManRay but was apparently too cranky to be there. Steve and I Just made fun of everyone. Brian was miss social. Tommy wasn't there so the little vj was playing really awful Britney shit.

At least they had my fave beer on tap - red hook blonde. Deee-liteful.

Home to bed and no sleep YET AGAIN.


Bedtime Story

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Friday August 20th, 2004 -

I've been complaining about not being able to sleep on my piece of crap Ikea mattress so Friday night I finally bought one. Sam's club. Queen - pillow top. Great deal. Had to rent a cargo van from Uhaul because who the HELL owns a truck in Seattle?
That's right, No one.

SO, Ultimate Mess and I haul ass down to Renton in this Gigantic van - I drop UM off @ Steve's and pick up Pat ( steve's Mom because she's got the Sam's club membership). Robert & Steve sit on the deck and cocktail while Pat and I do the Sam's club thing. So, we get to sammy's and the little employee people have to get out a fork lift to get the matterss down that I want. YAY for me - it's a hundred bucks cheaper than it was on the website.

SO, anyway - we buy it & slam it in the truck and fly back to steve's. UM and Steve convince me that it's early ( 7pm ) and that we should just hang out for a bit. They get tipsy and I drink sprite because driving that van is freaky.
at 8:30 we leave and head back to my apartment.

Low and behold, after 30 minutes of struggling with it - we fail to get the box spring into my apartment. it will not fit down the back stairs ( although my old one did with no problem ) and obviously it will not fit down the spiral stairs in the living room. it's now almost 10pm. Sam's club is closed and I have to have the uhaul van back by 7:30 am. the dilema being that I will have to return at least the box spring and go buy a split box spring / foundation. then, I had a thought. Steve had a similar situation many years ago and bought a split box spring and he now lives in a big house with no problem moving a box spring in and out.

I call Steve and he agrees to trade me.I drop UM off in the ghetto as he had to get pretty to go out. Drove back to Steve's and made the switch. Drove back to my place and easily installed the box springs.

Dropped off the truck and noticed that I had gone 72 miles - and that's 72 bucks! ( remember this amount)

went out briefly to the full biz with UM & Eddie and then went home to sleep on my new bed.
Oh, did I say "Sleep"? Not a Wink!



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another lengthy blog eaten by this site. I'm too disgusted to re-write it.

to sum it up

01. i hate everybody
02. people should do their jobs
03. i smashed my finger in the door
04. i totally blew my diet as i was in such a bad mood. ( cheesecake factory is the Devil )
05. mattress on the floor idea did not work at all.




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I wrote a long blog but the system ate it as I tried to post it.

My Pearls of wisdom lost forever in the void of the internet!

I don't do re-writes.


I Can't Get No Sleep

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I haven't been sleeping for shit lately. Not that I ever do, but my bed seems to be the most uncomfortable place on Earth the last few weeks. Tonight, I'm throwing my mattress on the floor and seeing if that helps.

My eye hurts. My contact lenses seem to self destruct right at day 14. like I can't even keep my eye open it hurts so much, but if I take it out, I'll be partially blind. Oh well - only 90 minutes left of this work day anyway.

Today was crisis day. Everyone had some little end of the world crisis. And you know how I love solving other people's problems. It's SO rewarding!

Don't say RETARDED, Say SILLY! it's nicer.

wednesday night - laundry and to bed early, I hope!

Ciao. Sleep well.


Carb Junkie

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Hello, My name is Tim and I'm a carb Junkie.

It's Tuesday -
I'm drinking Diet Rite cola because it has no Carbs and no Aspertame ( which inhibits weight loss! ) and yet I still managed to eat 10 tootsie rolls and 2 crispy cremes!

I'm weak. A dieting failure. I know what needs to be done but cannot re-arrange my thinking. When I should be thinking salad, I'm really thinking Taco-flippin'-bell! "Hay, Mang - drop the challupa!"

Consuelo and I are going to go find a salad. Lendy's has decent salads. maybe we'll sit on the Veranda deck in the sunshine behind Key center and eat our fabulous and exciting salads. I can hardly wait - I'm peeing myself with anticipation as I type this! At least there will be a few meanwhiles* on the Veranda deck - there always are.

the thought of my salad lunch is blowing my freaking mind!

................................................................................shoot me now.

*meanwhile - a word that alerts others to an attractive person in close proximity.


Weekends and Walmarts

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a busy but unfulfilling weekend.

FRIDAY- worked, saw Alien VS Predator ( Dumb but Fun ) went home and picked my nose.

SATURDAY - worked at the mall, went out with Ultimess Mess to CC's & the Full Biz, drank way too much. Lost my car, did some drunk dialing and threw up in a bar. Shots are Bad, MMM'Kay? A good time was had by all.

SUNDAY - suprisingly NOT hung over. went to Alki with Consuelo. lunched at the lighthouse grill and walked in the water. We decided we need some sort of boat.
i mean, who doesn't? SERIOUSLY!

Also went to steve's but he was sleeping so i just hung out with BEAR! and pat for a bit.
then i went to Mal-Wart to get catfood and I should know better because everytime I go there I swear I will never set foot in there again - a million people that don't speak English and every one seems totally disoriented and confused - like they just arrived here from a foreign Land. it's absolute CHAOS and very frustrating. what should have taken 8 minutes took 45 - most of that involved standing in line. If I wasn't such a calm person my head would have exploded.
Also, someone called me a "Honkey" in the parking lot. FER CUTE.

didn't sleep much but had a sad dream about my cat. She was not amused by the extra love she received this morning.

it's now MONDAY afternoon and I'm so happy to be working. Nothing going on and So-nay and I are excited about the staples order that should be arriving anytime now.
How BEYOND sad is that?


it's all about me

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it's all very nifty. Let's hear it for my cat.