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no more cowgirl blue. kyle ( aka martha stewart ) helped me paint.

My dear Frien Mike made this interesting point:

"Aside from Lance "coming out", what about the morons on the Washington State Supreme Court? They justified their decision to disallow gay marriage, since the purpose of this "act" is to procreate. I ask you this: What about the women who can't conceive? The men that are infertile or sterile? Or the couples that do not want children? Should the court nullify their marriages or will future couples have to go through a screening process? And what about those "procreators" that do have children but put them up for adoption? What does the court have to say about that? Whatever happened to seperation of church and state? If heaven is full of these types of "christians", then count me out."

My take on it is this: I was hoping they would wait until after the election to even make an announcement. Had they legalized gay marriage in WA it would have been like handing the WA senate and congress seats to conservatives in November. I think the present US political landscape is too divided and too right wing for gay marriage to be even be the table.

I do think that the wordng of the WA supreme court's ruling is very loose, though. Almost as if they put this out just to satisfy conservatives and at the same time set up more lawsuits ( do you have to procreate if you're married? does that make people who do not or can not procreate second class citizens, too? )

I think now is the wrong time to pursue legalizing gay marriage. It's creating more enemies than allies.

But I do believe it will happen: it's just a matter of time.

the best thing about Lance Bass from Nsync coming out is going HERE and reading several thousand comments from an embarrassingly huge number of DUMB DUMB DUMB IGNORANT MORON AMERICANS.

I just read a lovely post thanking god for Aids! NICE!

Also, a great deal of them are also comletely RASCIST and anti-Jewish. Not suprisingly, these are "Decent Christians" posting this Hateful shit.


and That......is Bullshit.



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in case you can't see it - the photo is of the dashboard in my car ( grace jones ) declaring the temperature outside : 104 degrees!

friday HOT
Saturday HOT and worked and went paint shoppign with pat. Lowes was all out of air conditioners.
Sunday HOT and a patato salad competition at a co-worker of Kyle's in seward park. it was super fun but nightmare hot.


DOMO KUN : Hilarity

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Best Album Covers Ever

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Thanks, Steven.

If you were alive in the seventies you probably remember the Lawrence Welk show. It was this sort of old people swing variety hour and it must have been on before somethign I actually wanted to watch like "Wonder Woman" or "Dukes Of Hazzard" because I only ever remember seeing the closing credits and hearing this stupid song that gets stuck in my head now and then...almssot 30 years later!

Here are the Lyrics to the closing theme:

Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you
Here's a wish and prayer that every dream comes true
And though it's always sweet sorrow to part
I know you'll always remain in my heart

Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you
Here's a wish and a prayer that every dream comes true
And now 'til we meet again

Adios, au revior, auf weidersehen.....Good Night!



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In loading up My Zen last night, I rediscovered this Album. SUPERSTITION is Siouxsie & the Banshees 1991 Euro-pap album. A lot of their fans hated it as it was a pretty big departure from their gothy-alt-rock sound. It was produced by Stephan Hague who had previously produced Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and New Order - Three of my favorite bands. ( SO you can see why I enjoyed it so Much ) SUPERSTITION yielded Siouxsie's only US top 40 hit, "Kiss Them For Me", which garned heavy rotation on MTV and stands as the album's finest moment.

With a handful of exceptions, SUPERSTITION is pretty dated pop. But it does have a few gems, some of Siouxsie's finest vocals and she certainly looked great with the toned down makeup and curly 'do.

Also, the summer of 1991 was a very memorable time for me, SO, This album along with Morrissey's "Kill Uncle" and REM's "Out of Time" ( which were all released very closely together that summer )will always have a special squishy little place in my heart. or something like that.

HERE ARE THE VIDEOS from "Superstition"
"Kiss Them For Me"

"Shadow Time"

"Fear ( Of The Unknown )" ( Extended version )



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My sister, Teri, got me this mp3 player for watching her kids a few months back so she and her husband, Pierce, could jet off to Italy for a much deserved vacation/break/late-honeymoon. It's a Creative Zen vision:M.

It's pretty darn cool. It holds like 15,000 songs, videos, pictures, all that. My nephews helped pick it out because they are techno-smart like that.

I spent a few hours loading cds onto it last night. It has like 14 hours of playtime and I'm totally impressed with the sound quality, too.


WERD verification

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Sorry, But I had to turn it back on again. Was slapped with 93 anonymous spam comments today.


Cowgirl Blue

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My new apartment is cowgirl blue. Now, cowgirl blue is a pleasant enough color. however, It does not go very will with my whorehouse red sofa and purple chaise.

So, we'll be repainting. I'm thinking somehting mustard-y. I like the exposed brick. I wish the whole apt was that way.


Japanese Addams Family Honda Commercial ?

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Don't Put It All Out On The Storefront

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Went out saturday night with Chris (moby) & co and met up with Tony and later Kyle at the cuff. It was a good time. Peach stoli and sprite. dee-lish.

Sunday went to La Coc with Kyle and Harry and then Kyle and I went down to a comic store in the market. Anyone that knows me understands that I hate downtown, especially the market. this is mostly because I hate people in general, especially stupid sheep-like tourists. And it was hot. I hate hot.

I am just a hateful old thing.

went home and took a much needed nap. Did some packing and laundry.

Here's TB enjoying the sunshine.



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Go HERE to make your own superhero.




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Kyle bought me this for my birthday. I had been a fan of King's forever but felt he Had lost his way ages ago. That said, I really enjoyed this book.

"Cell" is about a "Pulse" sent through cellphones that wipes out the minds of anyone that hears it. This creates a world of "phone crazies" - the insane, zombie-like pulsed" people, and the "Normies" - the shrinking minority that managed to not hear the pulse. It's sort of a zombie story ( and you know I love zombies! ) but these zombies are actually still alive and become a mind controlling telepathic hoard who consider themselves the normal people and the normies as insane.

I had read many reviews whining about the lack of a real "wrapped up in a bow" ending. (Spoilers) Can clay revert his phone crazy son back to normal with a second blast of the now mutated pulse? Will our heroes aver regroup? Will Tom the homo even see his cat again? Can society rebuild itself? And just who the hell designed, programmed and sent out the pulse? ....I don't mind this kind of ending. I don't need everything spelled out clearly so I don't have to do anything thinking on my own.

My absolute favorite King story, "The Mist" had a similar ending. They are currently making that one into a movie and I hope they keep the original vague ending. I think "Cell" would make a great movie in the right hands.



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Siouxsie Sioux Dancing at a recent London Pet Shop Boys show.
2 great tastes that taste great together!



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I LOVE this video. I watched it over and over. It's such a strange scenario - you don't know what the people are going to do - i was expecting them to beat up the Tranny.

And this one is also Fabulous.

was turned onto this band by Harriette although I have owned their new album for like 3 months but never bothered to listen to it.


Birthday and Stuff

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Had friends over for the 4th ( and my 35th birthday ) and it was great fun.

I was feeling better but was overheated all night - like I was sweating when everyone else was borrowing my sweatshirts!

UM found a freakin' seat out of a plane on the street and we carted it up to the house. It was the centerpiece of the party. Lots of dear old friends and several new ones.

Very little drama except for when the lesbians decided that shooting powerful fireworks out of a treestump was a good idea....

Thanks to everyone that made it and here's to next year!


4th O' July Party Pics

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01. Steve, Gigee and UM
02. Doug-E, Kevin and Eilene on the Plane seat
03. Mikey and Justin. and Justin's mom
04. Fireworks - very Matrix-y
05. Fireworks again


Some More Birthday Pictures

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01. Devon and Heidi - plane seat
02. Tommy is HUGE
03. Tony, Sean, Me, Kyle
04. Kyle, Me
05. Steve, Devon, Tommy - Drunkies.


More Birthday Pictures

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01. Sean and Me switchiggn partners, apparently
02. Mike Burns, Kevin, Suzanne and Dan - crackheads
03. Sean and Tony - they merely look Sober
04. Devon, Tommy and Moby...I Mean Chris Glow!
05. Heidi and Murray - Cleavage in the Kitchen!



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for the last few days I've had a very painful stomach issue - It's a bit embarrassing so just take my word for it. Above is me collapsed on the floor at work today. I'm Super Duper Whiney and I just don't understand why Kyle can''t just hug me and make it better.

Having a 4th party tomorrow so I am praying I will feel better.

Carrie and Lou-Lou at work got me this cool cupcake-cake for the bday, too bad I can't eat any of it yet. Oh, Well - I enjoyed sharing it with the handful of office mates that actually came in today. Also, my old friend and very distant friend Pete gave me a very very rare siouxsie record. Thanks, Pete!

Have a happy fourth!