Why are you still in the bed?

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as much as I want to hate these, this one ( Othello ) made me spit out my soda. I have seen othello 5 or 6 times, so it's pretty ingrained in my brain.

"some guy ends up with your handkercheif so your husband gets to murder you?"


let me see your pussy, show it to me

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ok, I love this lords of acid song


teddy bears attack

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I find this endlessly ammusing


you turn me upside down

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Alphabeat "hole in my heart" - I am loving this song .

here's the live version :

the really cute video is here because some people are anti-embedding. Seriously?


I've lost the use of my heart....

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SADE puts out an album every ten years or so and they are generally loaded with songs that speak to key moments in my life and that is some damn good song writing in my mind. the first time I heard this song...well, I was quite taken back.

"soldier of love" video

and a lovely live version on Letterman

I love that she still wears those gigantic hoop earings.