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Kylie Minogue turned 38 on Sunday.
I still love ya ,kylie - just won't be flying to Australia to see you again any time soon.


your weekend update

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Friday: Saw Xmen 3 - Loved it! Walked past a bomb scare in downtown bellevue. Steve and Doug-e came over and we hung out and drank wine until mess came home to have "earth shaking dance party".

Saturday: Malled until 3, then to Marika's BBQ. Hung there with those peeps until around 10, then went to Kyle's friend Robert's house and hung there for a bit. met some interesting people there, including a gentleman named Jay harry Cox. Nice!

This robert guy is also a friend of Harriett's so we called Harriette over. then we all walked a few blocks to a small cool little bar nearby called "Sun Liquor" ( photos above )

: the usual La Coq for Lunch then went back a few horus later to meet steve, doug & jenny. then went out to Purr with those three later that night. Doug sang "killing me softly" at karaoke in his best barry white voice.

And let me just say this about karaoke : to those people that spend all week practicing to sing at a karaoke bar - FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK OFFFFFFFFFFF! especially the showtunes queens. Fuck them!

Monday: Breakfast at Coastal Kitchen with Kyle, Marika, Racheal and Cheryl. the waiter sucked ass. I guess don't go there for breakfast as we never have problems at dinnertime. rude! went home and went back to bed with a snuggly TanQbaby. had a late lunch at the deluxe ( pretty gross, actually ) with steve and doug and their excessive PDA's. then over to cc's for a pitcher of beer with kyle and marika, back to my house to sit on the deck in the sun for a bit.

you are up to speed.



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Siouxsie Sioux, Easily my all time favorite Singer/performer (since 1986) turns 49 today.
I'd like to write something profound about her and her music with the Banshees and Creatures, but ......Let me just say that it was music that got me through a lot of hard times over the years and hers was always on top of the list. I've seen her live 7 or 8 times (chicago, minneapolis, seattle) and my mom always asks "did she play THAT song?" (cities in dust) which I drove her crazy with during high school.

Happy Birthday, Siouxsie. Cheers!



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this is footage from Rupaul's new movie Starbooty: reloaded


Bellevue Bombs

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This happened today less than a block from where I work. Harriette and I were walking over to the theater to see X3 when one of the bombs went off.

we were all annoyed because the streets were closed off and there were cops everywhere. we were just trying to get to our damn movie!


Crazy Cat Lady

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see them all HERE


"Ooh La La" from the Showbox

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can you hear us screaming?



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The first song I ever heard by Goldfrapp and still my Favorite. It is also the point where their videos went from pretty bad ( "lovely head" ) to tremendous.

Sadly, they didn't play it at the show last week.


TAB...the Return

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i have many a fond drunken memory related to Tab. back in Minneapolis, my friend Nick Aka DiDi7 ( or jennifer 8 according to UM ) woudl carry it around with him to bars, claiming it was all he could drink.

In Iowa city, we would pick up Tab 6 packs before after parties, but not share them - as they were very rare at the time. i think i had a tab tshirt at one time as well.

So, Tab is back as some sort of energy drink. Think watermellon jolly rancher flavoured Redbull --- Which was kinda shocking considering i was expecting a diet soda.


Augusten Burroughs

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Here's Consuelo with Augusten Burroughs last night. he looks terrible in this picture - he looked fine in person, though. He read a chapter from his new book "possible side effects" and then took questions for 30 minutes. HILARIOUS.



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That I'm becoming a Lesbian?

Somehow it has finally occured to me...after years and years and years of Nothing, Nada, Zip as far as any sort of fullfilling Long term relationshits...err, Ships with boys.....I just wasn't meant to be a Gay man.

Men don't seem to like me...at least not the ones I want to like me. Girls, on the other hand, seem to love me.

And so....Lesbianism.

"is this your girlfriend?"
"Yes, isn't she lovely?"
"Oh, so you're straight?"
"No...I'm a Lesbian! How dare you! DYKE POWER!"


Connect the Dots La La La

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filling in the blanks
went to goldfrapp with Tommy and his friend Joseph, Kyle and his bevy of babes (marika & rachel), Harriette & His Kyle and his Kyle's Bf.
I said it was a blast. i was hungover til saturday from that.

was off work ( cuz I'm smart like that )
my friends from Minnesota, Amy & travis, were here. we did lunch, did some shopping, ate some more and drank some more. Ok, Really we just ate all day.
It was great to see them. Was seriously hung over all day.

hung out with harriette and then went to Erasure with Mike & Percy and
Mattress. went out afterwards and was out way too late but ran into some seldom seen friends so it was of course worth it.

got up earlyish and went to target. whoo hooo. lunch with harriette and then down to steve's for laundry, simpsons and kitties. went to walmart hellfor a few things and then home to attempt to clean my room. why can't i keep my room clean? it's a sickness! how will i ever be able to proudly show my room to a future husband when it's always a disaster area?

I didn't get any sleep because I was stressing about this and that which again gives me agiant migraine and I'm up all night.

tonight, going to a reading by Augusten Burroughs at elliott bay books. I enjoy him but consuelo worships at his alter. that should be fun.

i never know what to say when meeting "celebrities". i froze up and couldn't speak with siouxsie and pet shop boys. i was a drunk mess for kristine w ( the 2nd time. the 1st time I was cordial and respectful, mind you.) I shouted "i love you" at allison goldfrapp.

Ahhhh Me.



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Saw Erasure at the showbox saturday night.
It was an acoustic show and I was quite reluctant to go after buying the very "country-fied" album. But the sound actually worked really well live and I had a great time. they played a lot of old favorites and gave them a country feel. the best numbers were full on Ho-Down.

Sorry, I haven't found the setlist or any pics yet.

good times
followed by some upsetting boy related drama at manray and bus stop.



Goldfrapp, finally !

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We saw Goldfrapp thursday night at the showbox. it was Fabulous but far too short!

they opened with Utopia and the vocal operatics where absolutely chilling!

she had these fans blowing on her the whole show and her hair was flying up.
the crowd was great, LOUD and very appreciative...except during "Deer Stop" where no one seemed to quiet down.

during "ooh la la" i went to the restroom and the restroom door is just opposite the stage stairs. they were all coming off stage and i had to wait for them to pass. She is Teeny Tiny. I said "I love you, Allison"" and she smiled and said "thank you, dahling"

It was probably the most amazing show I have ever attended.

the setlist:
Lovely Head
Slide In
You Never KNow
Deer Stop
Fly Me Away
Satin Chic
Ride a White Horse
Ooh La La
Black Cherry
Number One
Strict Machine

photos by Ruwenda


Why Is That Sprocket All Wet ?

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One of my favorite bands ever, TOAD THE WET SPROCKET, have reformed and are playing here in August. They broke up like 10 years ago and I have never seen them live.

Of course, no one wants to go with me. I might have to wrangle Consuelo, since she still owes me for weasling out of SIOUXSIE. see, I forgive but I don't forget.


timo the hutt

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i'm eating a lot of oatmeal because I am starting to look like jabba the hutt.
also, I've gained like 8 pounds in the last few weeks. and I'm really happy about that. ok, not really.

don't you sometimes wish your friends actually would tell you when you look terrible?
"hey, you're looking a little bloated. Are you retaining water?"
"Well, yes, thanks for asking, HARRIETTE!"

Sad times

goldfrapp tomorrow night.
also, my dear friends amy & travis fly in tomorrow night for the weekend.


cinco de blah-blah-o

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we had a pot luck at work. a taco bar - fittingly, for cinco de mayo.

SO - now my digestive sytem is all in turmoil. enough said?

Watched "war of the worlds" tonight. I couldn't wait for that annoying screaming little girl to DIE! Of course, she didn't - so I Hated it.

a close so-worker was fired this week. It caused quite the little soap oper all around the office. this was someone i consider a dear friend and i have worked with her for the last 6 years as well as sharing an office with her for the last year.

SO, for the last few days I felt like my arm was cut off....something missing, oddly quiet, etc etc. Obviously, she's not dead....but it seemed to come out of nowhere and was a bit of a shock.

zero plans for the weekend. cuz I'm old.


Dannii - So Under Pressure

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Today Sucked

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ok not so much

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this is me - South park style.

and if I had more hair. Sums it up quite nicely, though I think.

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