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here's a pic of me with karie & jeremy from a couple years ago at JetSet in Minneapolis. How exciting.

I've had Connie Francis' "I'm gonna be warm this winter" stuck in my head all night. Trying to find a more irritating song has failed to loosen it's grasp and so I think you should listen to it and feel my pain! Suffer !


little miss smartie pants

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"the girl and the robot" from Röyksopp's new album "junior".


[ Eh Eh ]

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a lot of things are not going well. there's a ridiculous pile of crap I could bitch and whine and moan about. if you go back a few years on this blog you can see that I used to do exactly that, but I no longer see the point.

On the plus side, I have Jeff who never fails to put me in a better mood and help me put things in perspective. he is amazing and he completely overshadows the rest of that noise. Sadly, we work completely opposite schedules and our time together is short. So....not really a complaint but more of an FYI.

FYI - have I ever mentioned how much I loathe corporate speak? Just an FYI, what's on your plate? is that a "must do" or a "nice to do"? what are your challenges and opportunities? Honestly, I think more people should be stabbed in the head in the workplace.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is, really. I don't have a lot to say right now which is why I've just been posting pictures and random youtube videos.


Who Watches The Watchmen ? I Doooooo

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I'd heard a lot of mixed reviews of Watchmen in the week before I managed to see it. awesome or terrible were the only answers. there is a lot to pay attention to, a lot of dialogue and with 2 hours and 45 minutes of those two - it looses a huge chunk of film goers. I must say that the director clearly worships the subject matter , because the movie is often a shot by shot adaptation of the comic. there are a couple changes - one that makes the ending more coherent - but it's all very faithful and completely on target.

Don't believe all the negative hype - This movie is awesome. Yes, it's long, yes, you have to pay attention, yes, there's about 2 minutes of a faint blue cock, yes, some of the fighting is in slow motion, yes, it's pretty violent, yes, there's sex. yes,yes,yes. I will totally see it again in the theater and buy the dvd...Watchmen is the best movie I have seen in ages.


cute shit

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hey... that plastic cat looks like tanq!


and This...

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... is what I look like when forced to witness karaoke.


File Under "What The Hell"?

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Deichkind "Luftbahn" - Really cool German song with a ridiculous video chocked full of muscly Elf looking models that take their shirts off, paint each other, dance in doorways and have a tug of war for good measure....and if that weren't enough, it gets really strange during the last 25 seconds or so. I love it. "Deichkind = Dike Child?"


Rupaul's Jack In The Box Commercial

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Cougar Barbie

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