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James Robert Baker is probably my favorite autor. His books are nasty, violent and wicked satire on America and pop culture. Sadly, He commited suicide in the 90's so there's no future of new material from him. My favorite book by him is called "Tim and Pete", but recently another book of his called "testosterone" was made into a film. I actually bought the dvd back in like february or so, but hadn't gotten around to coralling Consuello and Harriett into watching it with me ( as we had all read the book: consuelo and I loved it, harriett was "eh" about it )

well, the movie Sucked Ass with too much teeth. a Very LOOSE adaptation of the book, it was a laughable cartoon of an intense book. it was very sad to see them butcher it that way.

I don't think i could honestly advise anyone to sit thru this film ( although part of make wants everyone to suffer like we had to, especially after I shelled out $29.99 for this piece of shit )

Mall in T minus 26 minutes.

Looks to be Hot today and tomorrow. Enjoy it.



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June 21 - July 21

"Just when you might have thought that the whole world was turning on you, dear Cancer, things are starting to come back around. You will find that you don't need to hide behind your shell. In fact, the more that you let your true spirit emerge, the more allies you will gain in your army. Your secret ambition to take over the world is becoming a much more attainable goal than you might have first thought."

Well, this is perfect - I could always use more allies in my Army of Evil and I was Getting HELLA tired of waiting to take over the Wworld. What the hell is my true spirit, though?


this is cool

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This is such a cool picture of Allison Goldfrapp - I wish I had it on a t-shirt, black, size XL.

Just kidding, Dawn.


Crazy Dreams

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I had a dream last that I was visiting consuelo in new mexico. we were in some beat down little town with stone streets. we got kicked out of some bar and then I found my money clip ( which I broke yesterday ) stuck in the sidewalk. then I wanted to go home so consuelo and her brother Joe let me use their uncle's beat up truck from his beat up used car lot, and the seats were all wet and moldy and consuelo and joe were laughing at me and wouldn't let me use a towel or anything to cover up the seats. So, then I went into a convenient store to buy a towel and some freaky skinny black woman was bugging me and telling me that the Apocalypse was coming and we looked out the window as consuelo and joe came in and sure enough this huge dust storm rolled into town and we were stuck in the convenient store with the crazy lady.

the end

I've never been in new mexico.
I'm not aware of consuelo having an uncle who sells beat up trucks.
I have only met Joe once for about one minute.
the convenience store looked like one from a small town in Iowa I used to visit as a kid.

what does it mean?


Someone I Love

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This is Cassandra Peterson and this is Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark. They are the same person. I've been a fan of her off kilter humour and wicked personality for over 20 years. She helped me get through high school ( however inadvertantly ) and for that I will always be grateful.


Most Pleased With Her Lou

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Here is Consuelo as posted on our fave Celeb gossip site, pink is the new blog

if you don't already read it daily, you should.


Most Fantastikal

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Saw fantastic four with consuelo and harry sunday night. we weren't expecting much since we had all read pretty bad reviews, but everyone was still saying to go see it.

It was Really dumb and Retarded but quite fun.

Weekend was low-key, which means I worked and hung out at steve's and did laundry.

beat that!


Holy Shit: My Pathetic Life

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Friday, July 22nd 2005

as usual, I didn't sleep well so I had a hard time getting out of bed and thus was 30 minutes late for work, arriving promptly at 9am. Turns out Jenn ( Temp turned FVP assistant to be ) was in a car accident ( she's fine ) and thus would be a bit late. No problem except that there's a career seminar at 10:30 and I will need to get everyone registered, set up, yada - which I really have never done before.

Somehow I get it all taken care of and jenn arrives mere seconds before my head Explodes.

Consuello snubs me for lunch and this is AFTER my pal Darlene also blows off our lunch date at the seastar. Two snubs in one day : HARSH.

So then I'm all irritated and starving because nothing within walking distance sounds decent and if I leave the parking ramp I'll have to valet park when I get back which I hate because there are two fucking many people working in our building and not enough parking spots. I fucking hate hate hate all the techie yuppie scum idiots that work in my building. Sorry, - SO, I just decide to be pissed off about it instead of eating. I found a sprite in my fridge and decided that was lunch.

Luckily, there was some sort of indy contractor advisor meeting and they had a catered lunch and they put their left overs in the kitchen for all us Saddo's to consume. SO I did end up having decent lunch of some sort of chicken fettucine thing and a Caesar-ish salad and these huge dry rolls. better than starving...oh, I forgot about the can of sprite.

anyway, cleaned some cubicles, set up some headsets, messed with someone's printer, spackled a hole in an office and yeah - that was today. And then at 5:30 I drove over to the mall.

and I fucking forgot to drop off my dry cleaning AGAIN.

the mall was some boring shit. Read 2 issues of people and generally hated life. Pats called and mentioned going to Victoria a weekend in august. sounds good, if I can get out of the mall ( that will be three weekends in a row ), which I will - I've worked there almost 4 flippin' years - you'd think I'd have some say? tommy text'd and said "let's get drunk" Saturday night. Sounds good to me ( see previous post about wishing I had a drinking problem )

came home ( after working 12.5 hours with a 7 minute lunch break ) , Fed TB and joined "battlestar galactica" in progress. I love this show. loved it as a kid and totally dig this souped up revamped new version. I have to admit this is the only show I watch regularly, I barely watch TV anytmore. ok, like not at all. Once in a while I'll catch "south park", or whatever steve is watching if I'm at his house. drank one of UM's busweisers whilst watching, wanted another but there was only one left and you know you go to hell if you drink someone else's last beer.

went downstairs at 11 and surfed the net and listened to some postal service mp3's I downloaded last night.

kinda tired and should go to bed but feel too pathetic to. Mall again tomorrow at noon.

this is my life?

it's now 12:06 am and you are up to date.


Let's Talk About Those Gays Gettin' Married

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Gays should be able to get married. It's simple. It doesn't effect anyone else's marriage. what's the big Fuckin' deal, bitches?

and then I will marry Paul Walker.


Do You Know What They Do To Poor People ?

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because of the Earth's alignment with jupiter or mars or the nebula galaxy or maybe just due to the odd placement of my last 2 checks, I've been totally poor for the last full month. REALLY looking forward to Friday's check to get some bills and debts paid. whoo woooo!

This is really frustrating when I work two jobs. what the hell kind of life is this?

also, I just learned that Saturn finally moved out of Cancer into Leo after 2 1/2 years of HELL! It won't be back for 27 years.* This Explains the rather trying last 2.5 years of my sad little life.

* Thanks to my Siouxsite pal Glaukus for that bit of info.


Have You Ever seen....

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1. my view of bellevue from day job
2. consuelo's bumper stickers
3. el kitchen store aka "the mall"


Busy? I'll Show You Busy !

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last week was dumb as far as work goes. The mess continues into this week.

the weekend was lowkey. didn't go out or anything. hung out with steve briefly on sunday but it was crazy hot. took a long nap sunday afternoon and thus slept nary a wink that night.

went for a nice logn walk monday night with steve and pat. slept like a rock monday night.

I'm busy but unfulfilled. I don't have any real hobbies.
I barely even drink anymore. It just seems like such a waste of time.
- Look at me wishing I had a drinking problem?

I just wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their Hellish crusade.


Today Sucked Ass, Laugh At This

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Me Today

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so freakin busy at work



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Frappez Vouz

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How Freakin' Cool is this picture of Allison Goldfrapp?

new Goldfrapp album in August.


The Week I'm Having

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Who Wouldn't Need One Of These ?

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I'm hoping for a low key weekend.

Been too busy, too rushed, too tired - continuously lately.

Was going with a bunch 'o folks down to Tacoma tomorrow night to a club to see Kristine W, Tiffany ( ha! ) etc, but it seems like a lot of work and it's $20.

Not, that I don't love Krissie, I'm just too tired.

Must be something about never having a full weekend off in 5 years?

Tonight, I'm going shopping with Brett, the Opinionated-Pseudo-Republican-Gym-Rat.
Our interactions have all been on the phone at this point and we'll see how well or bad it goes in person.

I hope to be home and in bed ( alone! ok, with TanQ Baby ) by 9:30. SNORE.



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I busted TanQ drinking out of the Toilet.

All this time I thought she was above such things - but she really is just another...

Dirty Toilet Drinker!

Ok, I really just wanted to share this pic of her pretending to be one with the towels.


Birthday & Reality Check

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Birthday was fun. Consuelo and her little bro, steve, Mike & percy, Eddie and Brian all came over. Girls upstairs had a party and after they calmed down with their water balloons and food fights, we all co-mingled. Thanks to COnsuelo for her enormous financial investment in the party. Very fun, much needed and appreciated.

On the flip-side, I've had a weird stomach ache the last few days. Sometimes faint and sometimes aggonizing. I don't recall if I posted about this, but due to the anti-thyroid medication I'm on - I have a white blood cell deficiency. Which means - if i get seriously sick, I don't have the white blood cells to fight it and will have to be taken off the thyroid medication so I can start producing WBC again, which would then bring on the ugly hyper thyroid symptoms froma few months ago. Follow?

Anyway, I woke up this morning at like 5 or so and was sure I was about to give birth. Decided to go to "the Lab" and have my blood taken as I was advised to do whenever I feel sick. While I was there of course I had to run into my doctor who proceded to rip me a new asshole about not seeing him on a monthly schedule ( Hello? it's $200 out of my own pocket everytime I see him because Endocrinology isn't covered by my Insurance) and how I need to take this White blood cell thing very seriously because I could end up DEAD. "Serious Life threatening Illness" and "Compromised Immune System" are some of the big doctor terms he used.

When he gets the results back he'll decide what to do. In the mean time, I'm down to one pill a day which will allow WBC production again but doesn't really stiffle the thyroid.

then I came home and took a nap and dreamt about another hospitol where the people were extra weird and one nurse was Prince. I'm so tired these days.


Happy Barfday To Me

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it's that day of the year again where the entire nation celebrates my birthday.

I never understood why the other kids didn't get fireworks or even sparklers on their cakes.

Some people are coming over tonight for beer and fireworks. it's a recipe for disaster, I know.
I'm going to keep it low key so hopefully everything will be peaches.

Enjoy it.

That is all.