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I've wanted it for a while and I finally broke down and bought the friday the 13th boxset. I only contains the first 8 movies ( there were 3 others ) and it was fun watching a few of them again. it's funny ( or Sad ) how edited the versions on the set are. a lot of effects and gore I remember seeing on cable have been trimmed. I saw parts 5 and 8 in the theater as a teen. These weren't oscar winners by any strech but these are still a blast to watch. I still jumped a few times, too.

my mini reviews.
part 1: low budget and actually quite scary. twist ending. excellent kevin bacon death scene.

part 2: Lower budget sequel. lots of throat slashing.

part 3: in 3d!
the 3d doesn't help this stinker. the hockey mask arrives too late to save this worst entry.

part 4. the final chapter. corey feldman ask a freaky kid. pretty tame over all. cripsin glover dies. clearly no final chapter.

part 5. A new beginning.
this one's ok. suprise twist ending. or not.

part 6: Jason lives. this one is a fan favorite but I don't see why. same old. jason as super zombie. get's chained to the bottom of a lake.

part 7. the new blood. Telekinetic girl vs jason. A greta zombie jason but the telekinetic girl is dumb ( even though my friend mike loves this one ). it's a nice twist.

part 8. jason takes manhattan .jason on a crusie type ship. fun for it's different setting but the NYC ending ( actually ancouver Bc )( is pretty lame. Toxic waste? seriously.

( Other movies not included )

part 9. Jason goes to hell. jason is blown to bits and his soul jumps from body to body. Pretty awful in general.

part 10. Jason X.
jason in the future on a space ship. as dumb as it sounds but really fun and watchable. some great deaths and rather funny.

Jason VS Freddy.
A long time coming and worth the wait. great effects and a cool ending and great to see a destiny's child girl get killed.


spice up your life

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Mel C is blocking the reunion of the Spice Girls, group's former manager, Simon Fuller, has claimed.

Fuller says they are planning to return "with a big bang," which will include a world tour but no new material.

However, Melanie "Sporty Spice" Chisholm is apparently uncertain about getting involved while she continues to pursue a solo career.

Fuller commented: "All of the girls are up for it and the reunion will definitely happen in the next 18 months. The only person showing any reluctance is Mel C. She thinks her solo career is bigger than the band, which is just not the case. She needs to wise up and realize a reunion would be amazing for everybody concerned.

"Emma [Bunton] and Geri [Halliwell] are meeting her soon to discuss everything and convince her to finally sign a deal."

Fuller suggested the return of the Spice Girls would not mirror that of fellow '90s U.K. pop stars Take That, which saw them claim a Brit Award ast week.

"They all lead very separate lives now," Fuller explained. Victoria [Beckham] is moving to L.A., Geri and Mel B go over and back to the States a lot, and Emma is pregnant, so a Take That-style comeback wouldn't be practical.

"The girls never wrote their own songs like [Take That's] Gary Barlow, so it wouldn't make sense for them to record a new album or anything. The Spice Girls will come back with a big bang; they'll do a whirlwind tour for six months and they'll be gone again, he told The London Standard.

courtesy Yahoo news


your weekend update

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friday night I cleaned my apartment. it's so clean now that i would even let my mother come over.

saturday Malled and then went out to some bars with steve. manray, madison pub, cuff and such. we were experimenting with cabs and it was a success. getting to cap hill might have been harder but we nabbed a ride with bree, cali and jeni - who we then went to the broadway grill and had breakfast food and cocktails.

Sunday Hungover. lounged and then went to steve's for Oscar watching. I haven't seen any of the movies ( believe it or not ) but I'm glad the queen and pan's labyrinth won awards. Ellen was fun but stiffled.



I Said HA

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I love that even though madonna was not nominated or even at the Oscars, she is still Oscar related news.

because bad actress or not, she is Madonna.



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I spent the evening cleaning my apartment and listening to patsy cline. I found my bedroom floor after many months of searching. i left the picture huge so you can laugh at my bookcase full of gay shit.

I also stepped on TB's bad paw when I got home so she hates me now.

and YES, that is a geri halliwell Biography on the shelf. i have two different ones. so there.


New Kylie

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"White Diamond" ( produced by the Scissor Sisters )
this is Live and not the video, just some concert images. Fun song, though. I bet the studio version will be killer.



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.01 TanQ baby - Rubber Of All Table Legs
.02 Favorite shirt - Look right up my nose!
03. My car was not please with last year's rude snowfall
04. Mt Rainier from a plane.



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I had Molcajete for dinner at Azteca with hariette tonight. It's this sort of spicy broth soup with steak and veggies in it. out waiter was lame and failed to bring enough water to counteract the spice.

It's been a busy week and now our receptionist is on vacation and we were not allowed to get a temp so now we are all covering the front desk. I hate playing receptionist.
seriously. we all do, though.

last week i got my annual bonus so I did a little shopping.
a new digital camera, actually 2 as the first one sucked.
some dvd's and a few cds. Used, hello?
a really nice white dress shirt with faggy french cuffs.
a couple new south park figures for my display at work.
some work clothes, including a gorgeous silver tie that I failed to notice was by donald trump. SHAME ON ME! I cut the tags off as soon as i realized my error.
also some cats toys and a new brush for said cat.

I hardly spent any of it though. Tax return on the way, too. Having money stresses me out. seriously.

I still need to buy one of those airated water things for TB. maybe then she won't drink out of the toilet. probably not, though.

can someone tell me why she continues to sharpen her claws on my leather chairs even though she has not had claws in over 9 years? she has "phantom claws". maybe.

now she is attacking a box of sominex on the floor. she must be tired, too.



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look at this picture of me and Bree, taken a few weekends ago. She knows how to pose. I look like a dork. No, I look like a sharpei. cute on dogs, not on tims.

I have too much skin or something. what the fuck is my neck doing? ( Please note the 18 year old siouxsie catwoman shirt )

I feel like I am wearing someone else's skin

Seriously. and that is a freaky fucking feeling.



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when I was a kid in the late 70's a local theater would have cheap matinee's for kids during the summer. One of my favorites was INFRA MAN. it was hilarious super hero action badly dubbed into english.

It was only recently released on dvd 21 years after it's release.

Enjoy the trailer.


Oh My Gawd CUTE

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I'm really into Jamiroquai right now and here's 5 reasons you should be, too.

(Don't) Give Hate A Chance


Space Cowboy ( David Morales Classic Mix Edit )

Canned Heat ( used in Napoleon Dynamite )




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For Mark

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Rogue is a comic book heroine and part of the various Xmen comics and films. She is probably my favorite and has been since she appeared as a villain in an Avengers annual in 1981.
She’s mostly a bad ass although she was portrayed as a little wimp in the Xmen movies.

I have various action figures and dolls of her.

I have read Some of Mike’s and Kyle’s but haven’t bought any comic books since 1989.

Besides, there are like 10 different Xmen titles, storylines and universes now. Who the hell can keep up?



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horror valentines from campblood.org



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1. Movie poster
2. parker and Dominic
3. Ryan Reynolds
I finally watched Blade:Trinity. I’ve owned it for quite a while but never got around to watching it. I have to say I LOVED IT.
Ryan Reynolds steals the show as an Uber-Campy ( and frequently shirtless ) Vampire hunter with all the best lines.
"unlike most vampires, her fangs are in her vagina" and "you cock-juggling thundercunt!".

Parker Posey is great as Danika, Queen Vamp. Her posse digs up the original Dracula, Played quite well by the Very Manly man, Dominic Purcell. He’s probably the most strikingly handsome actor to ever play Dracula.

Anyway, it was a good time. “Blade” himself was more of a background character. Jessica Biel also stars as one of the Vampire hunting “Night Stalkers”.

Did I mention the vampire Pomeranian?

It’s definitely worth a rental.



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thanks, mark.



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You know when I bash on Religious Coo-koo's that I mean Coo-Koo's and not every Religious person in the world.

so there.



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last night I got home from work at 4:30. I have a terrible cold. and I'm taking various cold medicines.
the thyroid drug I am on cannot be mixed with other drugs other than asperin, advil, etc. SO, I am temporarily off the thyroid drug per doc's orders.

anyway, I was having terrible legs pains. freaky shooting pains. Called my doc and he told me that the drug could be mildly addictive ( I new this ) and my Body could be freaking out after 3 days off the drug. that is a little bit scary. I decided to go to the ER and get my levels checked, but by the time I got there and parked and everything, I felt fine. SO I went out with marika, Rachel and Bree and had a couple beers ( because that's what yopu should do when you have a cold. ) I met a girl ( jenny ) that was at the same creatures concert in chicago 1990 that me and pete went to.

and I was in bed by 11.

I feel ok today.
just a little stuffed up.


I'm sayin'

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Even More of My Religious Intolerance

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"Prosecutors in Amsterdam said they would not take action against the singer Madonna over charges of alleged blasphemy during a concert tour in which she underwent a mock crucifixion. Young people belonging to the SGP, a small deeply conservative Protestant party, called for her to be prosecuted after she gave two concerts last September in Amsterdam during which she knelt and took off a crown of thorns while a crucifix was projected behind her. 'The pop singer Madonna will not be prosecuted for blasphemy and insulting faith,' the Amsterdam prosecutor's office said. The so-called crucifixion scene 'can lend itself to different interpretations,' the office said. 'The prosecutor's office believes that through her show, the singer on all the evidence tried to express her frustrations about certain situations in the world....it is not a question of contempt for God.' 'Furthermore, Madonna did not discredit Christians as a group.' The office said the plaintiffs could appeal."

It's a little ridiculous. I was led to believe that the Netherlands are rather progressive. Perhaps this is a case of being overly progressive and protective of minorities? Explain this to me, Christopher.

I probably shouldn't go there or I'll be arrested in the street.

I do wonder how long before this hits the states. Does "freedom of religion" include freedom from religion? Can someone sue me just because I disagree with thier belief system? many religious people ( and especially "christians" ) are the first to disparage other faiths and things they deem "lifestyles". Seems only fair they should be able to take it as well as dish out their bullshit.

making fun of crazy religious people is a God given right! ( pardon the pun...or don't )

source: yahooooooo news


Silly Sisters

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I recently read a Jake Shears quote where he said the latest scissor sisters album had tanked, bombed, etc.

it certainly doesn't help that their last single ( land of a 1000 words ) and their next single ( she's my man ) are the worst tracks on the album. Obviously, this is just my opinion. So, take it or leave it.

with their first album, they released 5 great singles. Hopefully, it's stupid record company politics that has them releasing such instead of stronger tracks like "kiss you off" and "the other side".Or even "I can't decide".

Silly Sisters.


RIP Anna Nicole Smith

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Through thick and thin, trainwreak after trainwreak, lawsuits and ultimate tragedy - I loved Anna Nicole Smith.
I was very sad when I heard that she had died. Although, it's not terribly suprising. It was verys ad when her young son died of drug related causes - so it would suprise me if her end was of the same sort.
Still, she was a good time. So dramatic. So scandalous.
When i was in college (year 2) - i met a girl named Cathy Jo Countryman. She idolized Anna Nicole Smith ( and the carpenters ). I don't know whatever became of Cathy Jo. I've haven't talked to her in 10 years. I've hunted the internet for her to no avail. I've called her mother and siblings, and they were crazy rude!
But that's besides the point.
Rest In peace, Anna Nicole.


a non-hateful post

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Inspired by Consuelo:

( In NO Particular Order )
01. TanQ baby
02. My Closest friend, Steve
03. My immediate Family & Their offspring
04. My Car
05. Siouxsie Sioux
06. Dirty Harriette Pottress
07. My parent's old House
08. My friend Pete in SC
09. My Sister's Giant TV
10. My Sibling's pets
11. My grandmother's farm
12. Memories of Cedar Falls
13. Memories of Iowa City
14. My "Wife", Consuelo
15. My Little Bro', Markie
16. Sydney, Australia
17. Elvira, Mistress of The Dark
18. Hot Australian Guys with that Accent
19. My Big Sister, Chrishiqua
20. My Other mom, Pat
21. BEAR & Sydney
22. Oscar RIP
23. GiJoe
24. Easy Street Records
25. Pay Day
26. Aliens ( the movie )
27. Horror Movies In General
28. Mexican Food
29. Italian Food ( any )
30. Broadway Wok-n-grill (awesome mandarin Food )
31. Drinking and listening to fab beats with UM
32. Feeling good
33. All Of My Friends in General
34. Sigourney Weaver
35. Scissor Sisters
36. My Pal, Tommy
37. My Building Mates, Past & Present ( thank You, KiKi )
38. Mercedes, the Building Cat
39. Seattle in general
40. Minneapolis
41. Portland
42. South Park
43. The Munsters
44. battlestar Galactica ( new and old )
45. Army of Lovers
46. Madonna
47. Diet Pepsi
48. manray
48. My Work Friends
49. la Coccina, Especially Alma
50. Blueberry Stoli
51. The Cuff
55. My Friend Brian aka Moonboots
56. the Addams Family ( tv and films )
57. Mike, aka Mega Bitch
58. Jeremy, Aka Ultra bitch
59. The Transformers
60. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
61. Chipotle
62. Goldfrapp
63. Tiki things
64. Cocktail Shakers
65. My Dirty friend, Heidi
66. My Sweet Friend, Louisa
67. My Protege, Jay. So proud of Him!
68. Pet Shop Boys
69. Pizza. Any
70. my grandmothers, Marge & Edie. RIP
71. My Dear friend Sara, without an H
72. Crazy Sarah with an H
73. The Private Eyes, Movie
74. National Lampoons Class Reunion
75. My Parent's New House
76. half price Books & records
77. My Zen mp3 player thing
78. Halloween
79. Tim & Pete by James Robert Baker
80. Anne Rice Before She Found Jesus
81. the Smiths and Morrissey
82. The Minogues, Kylie & Dannii
83. Quantas Airlines
84. Depeche Mode
85. Erasure
86. Fucking ABBA
87. Sean Skippy tekippe
88. Friday the 13th movies
89. Sarah Fucking Brightman
90. All Kitties
91. My Gorgeous Supermodel Friend, Karie
92. My High Scool posse - Amy, Shan, Hannah, Meg
93. Pee Wee Herman
94. Fresh Bread & real Butter
95. My friend Dave. Mortensalt
96. Paul Walker
97. Hot, Muscley blonde Guys in general
98. Parties at Mike & Percy's
99. Disco
100. Eartha Kitt

I'm on a roll but this took forever. Don't Judge if I forgot anyone.


And Here's That Damn Song!

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Surely You have This Problem, Too?

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Randomly and not quite daily, a disney song will pop in my head. I want to blame my neice, Hannah. i spent many hours with her from when she was a wee lass watching the little mermaid, aladin, lion king, pocahontas, etc and the songs have become ingrained in my very wiring. I also blame my friend Mike, who had this bizarre Disney Song Dance mixes cd.

But also, when i was a wee tot, I had all these records that were short audio versions of the disney classics like cinderella, sleeping beauty, the lady and the tramp and 101 dalmations.

it's all some sort of fiendish mind control plot by Disney. it's programming. brain washing. Mid Control! because you bet your Ass I hunted down that disney Dance Mix Cd and Yes, I Do Play it quite often!

Stuck in my head all morning - "look at this trove..treasures Untold! How many wonders can one cavern hold?"


I Love This Picture

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Ewok Kitty

from StuffOnMyCat.com


Werd Verification

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Sorry to turn it back on. been getting slammed with Ads.


Monsters & Angels - voice of the beehive

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an oldie mark pointed out to me in '96. check out the singers doll-face covered dress.



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1. karie, UM, me 98?
2. me with hair, 94


Just Like Old Friends Do

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mike, jeremy and me. minneapolis 1997 or so.

we were all about cosmopolitans then.

and what's with my bad skin?

mike is two fisting. we did that alot back then. we're time savers.


it bothers me

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it bothers me that I have difficulty remembering names.

tonight it took me almost an hour to think of the name of someone I consider the great love of my life.

Often when I am speaking in front of people I cannot think of a cewrtain word. that word might be something like "umbrella". i can see it but I can't get the word.

I'm losing my mind.

I've become very forgetful.

and I'm extra crabby on this new medicine although i actually feel pretty good.

except my balance is all out of whack. so i keep walking into door frames. and I totally cracked my head on the roof of my car.

I've been sleeping better but tonight ( this mornimng ) I'm wide awake. it's 1:52 am.

it bothers me that I worry about money constantly. However, I do realize that even people with excessive amounts of money are probably also worring about it constantly. I'd like to not worry. I'd like to enjoy my greasy burger and onion rings at broiler bay with my work crew and not have to mentally take not of the state of my bank accounts.

it bothers me that i can't eat at night. like most people, I love food. I get ridiculous cravings at night and have to drink glass after glass of water to fill myself up. which keeps me running to the bathroom throughout the night.

it DOESN'T bother me that I have a sense of humour. I'm actually quite proud of myself that i haven't let my crazy thyroid thing DESTROY me like so many people I have met and read about.

the new drug i am on makes me a little dizzy but I feel pretty good. My three drug test counter parts are all having terrible migraines. i have had the migraines throughout this bullshit trip but not recently.

it bothers me that TanQ can fall asleep in mere moments and seems quite proud of it, especially when I am up at 1:59 am.

that is all.