Vacation ... All I Ever Wanted

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Today is the trip.

This is the very vacation I've taken since a family trip to a resort in 1991. Long overdue.

Looked up our itinerary on travelocity and the site said it was "cancelled". Pat called India/Guadal canal/Turzbekistan and they figured it out. Then I called to make myself feel better and got other trip numbers to use in an emergency.

I'm sure that to people that travel abroad a lot this is all Cake - but I'm stressed fer days.

14 hours on a plane ( actually 16.5 ) each way.


the carry on includes:

22 fave cds, mostly comps. & disc man
book "light before day" by christopher rice
a couple magazines
a few reader's digests that a Pat gave me ( disposable )
obviously, prescription drugs

my travel companion will sleep the whole trip.

we leave LA at 830 pm wed night and arrive in Sydney at 6AM friday. lose a whole day on the way but arrive back in Seattle an "hour" after leaving Sydney ( leave 1:25, arrive 2:33 ).

TanQ is very upset now that the suitcase has come out. She walks all over it and in and out of it and sharpens her invisible claws on it and yowls.

she's staying with Pat, who she pretends to hate. She'll just hide from BEAR and Sydney but sneak around and eat their food and play with their toys.

Obviously, it's better than leaving her with my roommate - because he would murder her.

Send me some good vacation Karma.


Day After Day

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Over the last few weeks my commute has gotten worse and worse. Every morning I leave a few minutes earlier and every morning I find the bvackup at the I90 bridge closer and closer to my home.

weekend was unexciting.

we leave wednesday afternoon.


The Force Will Be With You....Always

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Saw Star Wars Episode 3 : Revenge Of The Sith yesterday.
I enjoyed it immensley but found it somewhat UNDERWHELMING.

Probably because I've been following this series since I was a Wee tot and saw the first film at the drive in in the late 70's. I knew what was going to happen and when it did I was like "well, that's that..."..maybe i'm a little sad to see the whole story tied up in a neat little bow?

For the most part, it was very satisfying. I Love the hype and hoopla. I love seeing all the merchandise and tie ins - I love that you can get little starwars happy meal toys at burger king. Steve has been buying the action figures. it's cool. it's like living the excitement of being a kid over again.

And then there are RETARDED people like UM and Consuelo who have never seen a star wars film and never plan to and just don't see the attraction. RETARDED.

I do want to say that a lot of the fun and excitement of movies is spoiled anymore. tv, internet etc have totally ruined any suprises. ah well....

and that ...is All.


There Be Bumps In The Road

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Since I'm having my own little Health issues on this road of life with various interesting twists, turns, breakdowns and bumps in the road I fully realize how your health can de-rail your entire life.

Our trip to Sydney was mostly based and built around a once in a lifetime chance to see Kylie Minogue perform in her home town. She announced yesterday that she has early breast cancer and has cancelled her tour. Now, obviously we are totally bummed. But we're not going to cancel our trip as some people have suggested (Sillies!).

Clearly we wish her the best and a fast recovery. The tour is officially "postponed" so I doubt we can get our money back for the tickets. We actually have 4 tickets - and I tried to sell two of them on ebay last week ( what a nightmare setting up an auction is - wasted at least an hour setting that beast up )! But no one was bitting, I have a feeling that maybe rumours were swirling around about cancellations?

Maybe as the resceduled shows get closer we might find cheap fares - especially if we have a good time next week. We shall see what happens, you know?

I was actually really irritated for a few minutes before pulling my head out of my ass and seeing how selfish that was. It's not a huge crisis but it did sort of knock the wind out of sails.

I'm sure we will still have a great time. A vacation for me is LONG overdue.

That is all.


Something Isn't Always Better Than Nothing

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it's BEAR!

There was a song lyric stuck in my head all weekend. of course, now I can't remember it.

My friend Mike had to go into a court ordered De-tox ( Long story and hardly Scandalous ) so we had him and his BF and our friend Matt over for Beers on Friday night. Also Steve came over. the Lesbies from upstairs came down. It was nice and low key.

I can't remember the Fucking Lyric to save my life. Whatever it was - I applied my own life to it - as you can do with all well written songs - and it was upsetting.

it will come to me at a random point and I'll post it here.

I was in a bad mood all weekend. A little black cloud following me around.

BEAR ran away briefly on saturday and it really iriitated me. Cats should just stay the fuck in the house forever. whenever TanQ tries to get out or jumps out the door i scream at her to get the fuck back in the house. she always does. Of course, if she gets out while I'm not home, which isn't often not that Fucking JOYCE is long gone - I had to be all nice when i find her "Oh, I'm so glad to see you" She's not dumb.

to finalize. Cats = In House=FOREVER.

that is all.


Lost In Translation ?

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I haven't blogged in a while, been rather busy or too tired ot annoyed to bother.

Last Thursday was an odd day. I got home late and felt strange. Jittery and cranky.

I didn't want to be at home and I couldn't get ahold of anyone. It was the day before payday so i was pretty broke. I felt really LOST. I was having all sorts of weird thoughts.

So - the best thing to do when youy're broke? Go shopping! Why not - cqna't spend any money? So I went to easy street and tower. Just wandered around and looked thru the used stuff. Saw this really cute blonde guy at easy street. we were both loooking thru the bargain bin. it was cute. he laughed a couple times at the things i picked out and i scolded him "hey, it's all crap - why else would it be in this bin - but there are degrees of crap, obviously" and he replied "one man's crap is another's celine dion?". it was cute. I waved at him as i left.

And then i went to tower and was looking thru the used stuff and he came up next to me and asked "where's the 99 cents bin"? again, it was cute. every time he found something for 99 cents he held it up and asked if i needed it. he all the sudden got a phone call and he walked outside to take it. he came back in suddenly and said "I'm Blaine, I gotta run - was nice shopping with you". I told him my name and said I hoped we could do it again sometime. HeI winked and ran off.

It left me feeling all smooshy inside. And then all I heard was Steve's voice in my head saying "You let THAT get away"?


I drove home and went to bed because it was almost 11pm.


Cinco De Blah-O

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It's Thursday.

A doctor Appointment at 9am and my Doctor never bothered to show up. he didn't call and they couldn't get ahold of him. I could have seen another doctor but he didn't know anything about me and what is the point of explaining something to someone and maybe screwing it up.

I did have to get a little irrate about paying $35 plus parking to be there.

worked in the Sseattle office for a little bit but there's no room for me with a full staff now, so I headed back over to Hellevue.
Work at the Mall tonight but would aahve enjoyed going out for Cinco de Mayo.

I'm totally stressed. More than usual. Not sleeping.