Pour Favor

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I bit into a tomato slice on my burger and almost barfed.
( is barfing a recurring theme with me?)

How difficult can it be? I even ask for no tomato in Spanish!
No Tomato, Pour Favor

they do it just to spite me!

it's the little things that ruin your day.



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it's Tuesday, the blah-est day of the week.
Have to work at the mall tonight and get ready for 4 new employees starting tomorrow.

tired but this time blame it on my cat who was extra whiney and needy last night. i was so tired and she was hiding somewhere close but out of sight and screaming "MEWWW!"
I tried to kick her out twice but she hid...just to torment me more!

this morning she was all love but just wanted wet food - can't be bothered with the dry stuff.

Bjork's new album came out today but I can't buy it - THANKS, U-haul! Nor can I get my dry cleaning out of jail until Friday.

Frustrating. I'm to old to be this broke. and that on top of working 2 jobs. Double Frustration.

The roommate is moving out. this is good and bad. finding a roommate is going to be a pain in the arse. Ultimate mess can move in but I will have to pay to help him break his lease where he is now. also will have to help him come up with a deposit.

there goes my Freakin' Vacations this year.

I don't want to live with a stranger - too many bad thievery experiences over the last few years. there's really something to be said about not worrying about your things being stolen, used or destroyed in your absence.

I miss living alone. miss my cool apartment on lake washignton. don't miss the $1000 in rent, though. I mean, let's be serious.

Go here to laugh your arse off ( "Alien" & "Jaws" are the best) :


Tell it like it 'tis

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I am so behind on this blog thing.
It's now Sunday. it was a rather uneventful week for sure.
went out Friday night as usual to CC's & the Full Biz. Got pretty Loopy but not as bad as a few weeks ago. Wrote myself a note as to where I parked my car - See, I leant me a valuable lesson.

it was a dumb drunken evening. woke up with a pounding headache and suddenly realized that I was going to Yak. Joyce was in the downstairs bathroom so I ran up stairs but unfortuantely Missed the bathroom. Good thing we have hardwood floors. A disgusting way to start my saturday, for shooooo.

Worked at the mall feeling like refried crap on toast.

went home and lounged. still felt like crap.
turns out most of the people involved in Friday night stayed home. Even Ultimate Mess!

Sunday had lunch with Steve at Applebee's in Tukwilly and did Laundry.
Steve's mom bought me these excellent $110 set of white sheets for my new bed. Ok, Ok - she didn't pay that much but some fool probably did -

came home and saw my Landlord moving these cool looking old chairs into the garage. he said I could have them If I wanted. and YES - I wanted. they are very cool, kinda Goth, antique with black leather seats. they look very cool in my entry way. See them HERE.

cleaned my room. put away laundry. Cleaned the bathrooms.



Everyday is Like Sunday

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Sunday, SUPRISE, I got nary a wink of sleep but around 8 am finally passed out from exhastion.

Got out of bed and went over to steve's. I wanted to mess with his two laptops as they both have dvd burners on them. Alas, they were not as cooperative as I had hoped and my dream of SATCH as a DVD is tempoarily dashed!

we then got into a discussion about how hard it is to find someone. Almost everyone we know is single and the ones that aren't have the same old hokey advice - "you'll never find love when you are looking for it", "You'll never find love in a bar", Etc Etc Barf Barf.

There is so much attitude in this community. Ok, in any community these days. it's this generation. my friend Sara called it a "Crisis of our Generation" and i think it's true.

i don't know exactly what has altered people's thought process but the idea of a committed long term relationship is almost utterly taboo to so many young-ish people these days.
there are so many lonely people out there and it seems impossible for them to find each other.
And I'm not talking about the Trolls or Dregs of society here. It's all encompassing. I think we have built up such impossible and unrealistic standards that so many of us will NEVER settle for anything less.

Some people really have a hard time with this. It's a cripling and utterly paralyzing condition...a fear that one might be alone forever. I don't see it that way but understand how someone might. I can admit to being lonely and would like to have someone to share my life with and all those cozy things but I can't seeing myself wallowing in self pity ( any worse than I already do ). Sure, I'm jealous of some people who have found their soul mate or perfect partner or what-have-you but I can't believe for a second that having a partner is any sort of judgement of who I am. THAT would drive me insane and I would be speed dating like a Mad-woman.


anyway....THEN we went ot the University of MINNESOTA Alumni association annual picnic and sat around and ate and chatted with Alumni from Steve's College. Most of them, ok ALL of them, where much older and mostly pretty conservative, but Pat was there to help me enjoy it ( and make fun ) and the hostess ( and friend of Pat & Steve ) is a scream. As she got a little tipsy her patience wore a little thin and I think we escaped before she took her wrath out on anyone. But allow me to quote: "Can you believe those Fucking Bastards want Coffee?" Love that woman!

So, tipsy Steve and I went back and continued the previously mentioned conversation and how it effects day to day living and one's outlook on the future. A very dreary and depressing time.

Then we listened to some fun James Bond film music - Good Stuff. But who's idea was it to let A-Ha do a Bond theme?

I went home and couldn't sleep - my brain going in a million directions.

Oh, that And the fact that I was sleeping on concrete!


Saturday Night Forever

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tried to sleep in but I was totally uncomfortable in the new bed. It felt like a layer of padding over concrete. I knew it would take a few days to break in and that's why I wanted it on Friday night.

Anyway, worked at the mall with Colleen and we mocked as many stupid Bellevuians as possible.

Met Steve & Brian out at Rose Bud and then we went over to Manray. I love ManRay but was apparently too cranky to be there. Steve and I Just made fun of everyone. Brian was miss social. Tommy wasn't there so the little vj was playing really awful Britney shit.

At least they had my fave beer on tap - red hook blonde. Deee-liteful.

Home to bed and no sleep YET AGAIN.


Bedtime Story

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Friday August 20th, 2004 -

I've been complaining about not being able to sleep on my piece of crap Ikea mattress so Friday night I finally bought one. Sam's club. Queen - pillow top. Great deal. Had to rent a cargo van from Uhaul because who the HELL owns a truck in Seattle?
That's right, No one.

SO, Ultimate Mess and I haul ass down to Renton in this Gigantic van - I drop UM off @ Steve's and pick up Pat ( steve's Mom because she's got the Sam's club membership). Robert & Steve sit on the deck and cocktail while Pat and I do the Sam's club thing. So, we get to sammy's and the little employee people have to get out a fork lift to get the matterss down that I want. YAY for me - it's a hundred bucks cheaper than it was on the website.

SO, anyway - we buy it & slam it in the truck and fly back to steve's. UM and Steve convince me that it's early ( 7pm ) and that we should just hang out for a bit. They get tipsy and I drink sprite because driving that van is freaky.
at 8:30 we leave and head back to my apartment.

Low and behold, after 30 minutes of struggling with it - we fail to get the box spring into my apartment. it will not fit down the back stairs ( although my old one did with no problem ) and obviously it will not fit down the spiral stairs in the living room. it's now almost 10pm. Sam's club is closed and I have to have the uhaul van back by 7:30 am. the dilema being that I will have to return at least the box spring and go buy a split box spring / foundation. then, I had a thought. Steve had a similar situation many years ago and bought a split box spring and he now lives in a big house with no problem moving a box spring in and out.

I call Steve and he agrees to trade me.I drop UM off in the ghetto as he had to get pretty to go out. Drove back to Steve's and made the switch. Drove back to my place and easily installed the box springs.

Dropped off the truck and noticed that I had gone 72 miles - and that's 72 bucks! ( remember this amount)

went out briefly to the full biz with UM & Eddie and then went home to sleep on my new bed.
Oh, did I say "Sleep"? Not a Wink!



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another lengthy blog eaten by this site. I'm too disgusted to re-write it.

to sum it up

01. i hate everybody
02. people should do their jobs
03. i smashed my finger in the door
04. i totally blew my diet as i was in such a bad mood. ( cheesecake factory is the Devil )
05. mattress on the floor idea did not work at all.




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I wrote a long blog but the system ate it as I tried to post it.

My Pearls of wisdom lost forever in the void of the internet!

I don't do re-writes.


I Can't Get No Sleep

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I haven't been sleeping for shit lately. Not that I ever do, but my bed seems to be the most uncomfortable place on Earth the last few weeks. Tonight, I'm throwing my mattress on the floor and seeing if that helps.

My eye hurts. My contact lenses seem to self destruct right at day 14. like I can't even keep my eye open it hurts so much, but if I take it out, I'll be partially blind. Oh well - only 90 minutes left of this work day anyway.

Today was crisis day. Everyone had some little end of the world crisis. And you know how I love solving other people's problems. It's SO rewarding!

Don't say RETARDED, Say SILLY! it's nicer.

wednesday night - laundry and to bed early, I hope!

Ciao. Sleep well.


Carb Junkie

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Hello, My name is Tim and I'm a carb Junkie.

It's Tuesday -
I'm drinking Diet Rite cola because it has no Carbs and no Aspertame ( which inhibits weight loss! ) and yet I still managed to eat 10 tootsie rolls and 2 crispy cremes!

I'm weak. A dieting failure. I know what needs to be done but cannot re-arrange my thinking. When I should be thinking salad, I'm really thinking Taco-flippin'-bell! "Hay, Mang - drop the challupa!"

Consuelo and I are going to go find a salad. Lendy's has decent salads. maybe we'll sit on the Veranda deck in the sunshine behind Key center and eat our fabulous and exciting salads. I can hardly wait - I'm peeing myself with anticipation as I type this! At least there will be a few meanwhiles* on the Veranda deck - there always are.

the thought of my salad lunch is blowing my freaking mind!

................................................................................shoot me now.

*meanwhile - a word that alerts others to an attractive person in close proximity.


Weekends and Walmarts

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a busy but unfulfilling weekend.

FRIDAY- worked, saw Alien VS Predator ( Dumb but Fun ) went home and picked my nose.

SATURDAY - worked at the mall, went out with Ultimess Mess to CC's & the Full Biz, drank way too much. Lost my car, did some drunk dialing and threw up in a bar. Shots are Bad, MMM'Kay? A good time was had by all.

SUNDAY - suprisingly NOT hung over. went to Alki with Consuelo. lunched at the lighthouse grill and walked in the water. We decided we need some sort of boat.
i mean, who doesn't? SERIOUSLY!

Also went to steve's but he was sleeping so i just hung out with BEAR! and pat for a bit.
then i went to Mal-Wart to get catfood and I should know better because everytime I go there I swear I will never set foot in there again - a million people that don't speak English and every one seems totally disoriented and confused - like they just arrived here from a foreign Land. it's absolute CHAOS and very frustrating. what should have taken 8 minutes took 45 - most of that involved standing in line. If I wasn't such a calm person my head would have exploded.
Also, someone called me a "Honkey" in the parking lot. FER CUTE.

didn't sleep much but had a sad dream about my cat. She was not amused by the extra love she received this morning.

it's now MONDAY afternoon and I'm so happy to be working. Nothing going on and So-nay and I are excited about the staples order that should be arriving anytime now.
How BEYOND sad is that?


it's all about me

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it's all very nifty. Let's hear it for my cat.