Happy Hump Day

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you'd think I'd have something to say:

1. I am enjoying the new car immensely.
2. Taking consuelo to the airport shortly, looking after her grays while she is away.
3. Malling 3 of the next 4 days/nights, but looking forward to the weekend.
4. TanQ is throwing up a lot. Must be the food.
5. Mother Nature is a terrorist, clearly.


New Car Smell

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After a ROTTEN experience with Saturn and a somehow worse time with Jeep...i drove my barely functioning "Betty" down to Renton to the Mazda dealership- where they were very nice people and not giant assholes and I expected to buy something "used but liveable" but walked away with a brand new 2005 Mazda 6 and a smaller payment than I was expecting on something used. Sunroof, sweet 6 cd stereo, lots of ooopf. Zoom Zoom, indeed.


Since I have Nothing Constructive To Add

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here's my apartment and all my shit.
Hopefully, I will have some sort of good car news related post tomorrow.


Not Bitter

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I had a lovely weekend doing NOTHING.

How anyone lives without a car is beyond me. I can't stand having to ask for favours or counting on other people. It's a real issue for me. CooKoo.

Didn't get to see RuPaul in Portland, obviously. I would have gone on my own if I could.

And we go on...but I'm not bitter.

That is all.


Gyrate Till You've Had Your Fill!

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The Last few weeks I have been all about the B-52's.

01. Still Undecided on the car scene.

02. Working a lovely 7:30am to 9:30 pm double shift today. and 9am to 4pm tomorrow, too.

03. Thanks again and again to Consuelo for playing Taxi.

04. My sunburnt forehead is peeling and it looks like I have giant chunks of dandruff or LICE in my hair. SWEET!

05. Should I go see Gwen with Tommy in a few months? I'm weary of the "Tim Concert Curse!" Oh, what the fuck, right?


High Class Hilarity

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Please Go HERE to read Neil's hilarious "Madonna and the Killer Devil Horse" story.


Car Talk V.2.0

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01. Mazda 3 ( smallish and cute )
02. Volkswagon GTI ( very small and cute - really comfy )
03. Mazda 6 ( same as above but bigger and classier )


Car Talk

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SO, yes - buying a new car soon. like SOON.

Under consideration:

01. Toyota Corrola ( Probably the smartest option )
02. Saturn VUE ( fun and reliable little SUV )
03. jeep liberty ( cute, fun but gas hog )
04. Saab 9'3 ( dreaming, but not out of my price range )

all of them BLACK, maybe Silver. New or used? SO many companies have the employee discount now, there's not a massive difference between new and slighty used.

I don't know. I've driven nothing but shite my whole life and really want something I'm going to love. My only real requirements are : Leather Interior, killer stereo and moon/sun roof. and a serious warranty. The rest is negotiable.


All The Small Things

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it's 8:07 am.
I am in my office and listening to mandalay "solace", which I found at easy street for 2.99.

I'm wearing my blue tie with the little palm trees on it that cost me 3 dollars last year when I went shopping with my mom in mason city at yonkers the day after thanksgiving.

funny the stupid things that stick with you over the years - like how much I pay for things. it bothers me how important $ is to me but that's because I don't have any.

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I felt like I could sleep all day. Probably not since I had to lock TanQ out of my room because she was whining whining whining all night. Carpooled with Consuelo again because my car is on it's death bed. Big Ups to Consuelo for going out of her way to play "timo-taxi". I will compensate her somehow - when she least expects it.



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01. Victoria! The bay and the Empress Hotel
02. The Parliament building lit up at night
03. Sunburnt Lynn & Steve on the Clipper home
04. The Dragon Boat races ( the reason we were there )
05. The Empress Hotel. Huge and Lovely

Spent Sat & Sun in Victoria BC. Took the clipper ferry up - so much easier and more comfortable than driving up. Had a lovely, warm and relaxing time. Steve is on the SBUX dragon racing team and they were having a festival for it there.

Mostly hung out with Pat and ate ( GREAT FOOD ! ) and drank Belini's and an excellent local Hefeweisen. they had a gay bar but I wasn't aware of this until sunday afternoon, even though it was right on the main drag which we walked up and down several times. I should have asked our cute cute waiter "Skye" where it was.

I had a great time.
I am seriously sunburnt.
I look like a Lobster.

Thanks, Pat!

oh, and my car broke down today. Nice!


Friday - Mellow but Busy

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I'm posting these new pics of Siouxsie Sioux for shits and giggles - and because I adore the woman.

I was having car problems last night. I hate car problems, and since my car has been so very trouble free for the last 6 years - it just seemed that much worse.
ANGRY! and then I was irritated with every little thing after that and ended up so pissy that I didn't sleep a wink. I finally got up around 6 am, got to work by 7:15 - lovely traffic at 7am, I might add.

Long day + mall tonight. Heading to Victoria with Pats bright and early tomorrow AM to watch Steve do his rowing thing. Although he has been a GIGANTIC BEEE-OTCH for the last week, we will still have fun. I've been to BC, but not to Victoria. We're taking a ferry and just spending the night. I'll take pictures, of course.

It's been a busy little August for me. And summer, really. I haven't really had a fun-busy summer since college, so this has been nice. As an adult, in the working world, it's hard to be more active in certian seasons when you are working all the time.

I don't really consider myself an adult, though. I'd rather just be a big kid. I lose sight of that sometimes.

Still want to do Portland and Rupaul next weekend, but no one seems terribly into it besides me so it prolly won't happen.


Up A Freakin' Mountain

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Tuesday we trekked to Mount Rainier National Park.
Then we walked 3 miles UP FUCKING HILL to the White River Basin. After walking 3 hours up hill, it was a little underwhelming, but quite breath taking.
The best thing about a three hour uphill hike is the 50 minute downhill trek.

it was cool. Fresh air at it's finest, even drank from the crystal clear cool babbling brooks. Lots of frogs, too. And flies that bit.

Not in a hurry to do it again, though. My neck, back and legs are killing me a day later.

01. Timo and Nature, and a serial killer not far behind me.
02. The strange white "ghost water". we didn't drink ghost water.
03. Lovely. We never seemed to get any closer to the ice caps, though.
04. Pete hating life and Chantele loving it
05. Breathtaking. And only another hour uphill for the same shot!


Sundee Mundee

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my friend Pete and his wife chantele were here saturday thru wednesday and they ahd a great time - managed to have near perfect weather.

They did all the sights on their own and then sunday we went to the Zoo.
the zoo was fun, but of course reminded me why I don't like being around children. SHUT UP!

and then I took them to the double decker Target, where they were Fascinated by the escalator.

But then WHO isn't?


Saturday Flambouyant

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Saturday, Me & Steve & Brian went on the Queen city Cruise. Steve has gone like 5 times, this was my 3rd time and Brian's 1st. Basically it was a saturday afternoon cruise on an argosy boat full of drunk homos and drag queens.
Tommy was there and so were Gene and Tracy.

Of course, we had a blast.

Drunken, sunshine insanity!

Here's to next year!

Pictures at ttca.org


"Where's Bizzy Bee?"

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It's been a Nutty 5 days and I have lots to post ( even pictures! )

...But I'm Too Freakin' Busy!



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1. Busy Assed day

2. Snubbed for the 5th consecutive day for lunch by Consuelo, who is on Lunch probabtion

3. Will kill the next person who barges into my office and leaves the door open

4. TO DO:
grocery shop for visiting friends pete & chantele
Get me car washed
buy a new toilet seat. some fat ass broke ours. ok, I did.
try not to murder anyone
work at the mall tonight instead of tomorrow

6. Tacky Tourist cruise tomorrow. should be fun. Must remember sunblock.
Consuelo got me this great t-shirt to wear that says "MANWHORE" ( thanks, Dawn! )

7. I've had this song stuck in my head all week, mostly because of the following My-Life-Relevant lyrics:

"Heaven And Hell (Being Geri Halliwell)" by...duh?

Have a drink - alcoholic
Grab a coat - shopaholic
Grab a bite - anorexic
Intellectual? I'm dyslexic
Feeling happy - could be gay
Maybe but not today

( and Timo's own Life shopping list )

Get a job
Get a car
Get a life
Get a face
Get a god
Get a man
Get some love AND lose some weight

........................................................and that is all.



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How FREAKIN' Cool are these Rupaul dolls? I want them all ( there are 3 ) - of course, at $60 a pop, it doesn't have much chance of happening.

I'm hoping to drive down to Portland on the 20th and see her perform.

But then you know all about me and my luck with concerts, don't you ?


The Rage, Part 2

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If I hear the words "Cost Benefit Analysis" ONE MORE FUCKING TIME today

I will have to kill someone.

that is all.


Rage Day

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Today, I am all in a RAGE.

it must be stupid little things, I can't follow directions, I am fucking helpless and pretty much mindless and I am better than you and don't care about your issues or problems DAY.


Maintenance Post

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pay no mind to this post !

my image storage server is worthless!