32 thousand Feet and 542 miles an hour

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Back in seattle last night.

I had a great time and saw family and seldon seen friends. Missed a few but it's hard to coordinate schedules, etc. there's always next time, right?

I also managed to drive over a thousand miles going back and forth to minneapolis, cedar rapids and des moines. I don't think i can do that anymore either. It was worth it to me but it sure annoyed my parents.

I don't think I will do a full 2 weeks again. It's too hard to put your life on hold for that long.



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my christmas cookies including:

monkey santa, crazy gingerbread lady, blind snowman, fatally wounded gingerbread man, albino speedo gingerbread boy, crazy ghost lady angel, black satan snowman and many more.

Obviously, cannot decorate cookeis the way a normal person would.

Enjoy your day!


Friday the 23rd!

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low key vacation. Driving around the midwest in a gray mini-van!

"Mini-van, Mini-van - does whatever a mini-van can!"

traipsed down to cedar rancid and had dinner with my dear friend Jay. mark rode with me for shits and giggles. Dinenr at olive garden did not sit well with me and I ended up losing it at 6am. Delciious!

Going out tonight with mike, the van bue's, karie. etc. hope to see mizz brown as well. have had a headache everyday since i've been here. what is that about?

Yesterday I bought and watched "the brothers grimm" = Holy waste of money!

I'm leaving it here for my sister's family to all suffer through!


1. Hank, my sister's 13 yr old golden retriver

2. General grievous from revenge of the sith ( xmas present from Mike - THX!)

3. General Grievous and new best friend, Hank.


KING KONG The White Man Done You Wrong

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Mark and I went to KING KONG tonight.
Was it good? VERY
Was it 3 Hours Long? Seriously.

the bug scene alone is worth seeing it for. Your skin will seriously detach itself from your body and try to crawl away.

On a somewhat related note, when i was a kid ( make that over 25 years ago ) I had a record called "Goofy Gold" - on this record was "King Kong Your Song" i think it was by Bobby "Boris" Picket of "Monster Mash" fame, but I could be wrong.

This song has randomly popped into my head hundreds of times over the years so I thought I would share what I remember of the lyrics. Keep in mind a late seventies semi-disco feel and you'll get the idea. LOVE IT!

:On an island with a mountain in the shape of a skull,
There lived natives in a village beneath a towering wall.
A giant bolted door stood over half a mile tall.
Behind it lived the mightiest creature of them all!

King Kong! King Kong!
The white man done you wrong!
And so we sing this song to you.
Mighty Kong Kiiiiiing Kongggggg!
Hunga Hunga Hunga Kong!
Get a load of mighty Kong!
Million Natives can't be wrong.
Hunga Hunga Hunga Kong!

and on and on.

i need to find an mp3.

that is all.


Pre-Teen Drama Queen

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This is my 8 yr old niece, Leah.
I saw her Christmas musical/play on Sunday.
She's rather hilarious.
that's because she was born on the bathroom floor on April fool's day.


More Randomness From The Frozen Landscape

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01. My Cute 99 yr old Raisin Grandma, "eedie"
02. El Gato Blanco Diablo ( the white devil kitty ) So cute! So Evil!
03. My Sister's 72 inch tv! Who the Fuck needs a movie theater?

Having a nice relaxing time. Very bored, and that's peachee.

more later.


Baby It's Cold Outside

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my view this morning in Inver Grove heights, Mn.



isssh Ckreeeeshmus tyme

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Lil' Syd under the xmas tree
TB in her Secret hideout Fortress high atop the entertainment center.


Last Night Of Mall-Hell

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This is me leaving the mall last night at 11-ish. It looks like the Fog is coming to get me!

I'm done with the mall until the 30th. Will be in the midwest from thursday till 2 thursday later. (15th-29th)

Retail is Hell during the holidays. I keep telling myself that this year will be my last! Maybe this year! Yes Yes! Why do Ii have two jobs anyway?

I'm sure I'll be blogging from the freezer...errr, midwest.

Happy Whatever!


you need a mint

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I spent 40 minutes looking for a parking space today. it was very hard for me not to say "fuck it" and drive home.

there is no free parking in bellevue and i'll be damned if I'm paying for my own parking.


weekend update

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01. Blyss and Colony
02. Daisy and her arm-pillow
03. Opening presents. yay!

friday: went to harry potter 4 with steve, dougie and brian. Loved it.
saturday: mall until 8 then to re:bar to see harriett pottress perform as Blyss.
someone had brought their 4 week old kitty who was wearing a pink sweater. her name was daisy and she decided she loved me and took a nap on my lap for the rest of the evening.
Sunday: lunch at La Cocina with harriette, steve and dougie. a disco nap for me and then steve and doug came over for snacks/dinner.

whoo hoooo


Your Week In Review

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- dinner with Pat & Brian - thanks top P for slaving away. Cards and cocktails with consuelo's sister, brother and dad and thier spouse-i. thanks for the scoobi snacks, Joe - and stop being such a crazy republican - you're too young to be that insane. Dawn, teach doug the difference between patti smyth and siouxsie sioux. consuelo - buy a better stereo! thanks!
Friday - very boring work. no one was there.
Saturday - Mall. crazy but not quite as i expected.
Sunday - Mall again.
...tried to clean my room all weekend but really just ended up moving things around.
had THOSE leg pains again fri and sat ngihts - expected to wake up paralyzed again. NICE!!
Monday - work and dinenr with harriett P at la Cocina. whoo hooo
Tuesday - work and a quick pitcher at manray with UM. Tommy needs a Siouxsie dvd (but who doesn't?)
Wednesday - work and mall. Ho Hum.
Thursday - 8:50 am and it's snowing. gross.

will have to deal with enough of that when I'm in the midwest for the 2 weeks over Xmas!

that.....is all.


is it ?

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is this a picture of UM with his closet friend, Gin and Tonic?
NO - it's picture of Tommy with Um and GnT in the way.



Support This

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Crazy Jesus cookoo Satan woman

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Harry was telling me about this Crazy Jesus Cookoo Bitch he saw on trading spouses.

you have to watch the video HERE

I think she is the devil.


ME 1992 or 93

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Apparently I'm Selling This Car

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Like 40 people have called me looking to buy this 1990 red geo metro.

Usually they don't speak English so they can't tell me where my phone number is listed.

And this is why I don't ever answer numbers I don't know.


that is all.



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why do they have their own dating site?
They shouldn't be allowed to reproduce!


Where Would Jesus Shop ?

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Go HERE for more fun Jjesus shopping!


Many Several A Lot

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Jen & Pat wishing the beans would go away.

an uneventful weekend, low key and calm.
Friday night - took a nap, farted around
Saturday - lunch with steve & harry, laundry
sunday - pat's birthday - went to chili's with steve, jen and pat and ate way too much.


as good as it gets

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Depeche Mode at key arena.

Honestly, I only took the bottom picture.

We actually had great seats with no one in front of us - this pic doesn't do it justice.

they played mostly new stuff but managed a few of my favorites like personal jesus, enjoy the silence, question of time, behind the wheel and never let me down again.

good times.


Big Deal On Madonna Street

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Madonna's new album came out today. It's very good - dancey Disco. I think I prfer the more message oriented stuff as this is kind of fluffy, but it's good for what it it. Whatever the hype, she does make great music.

Love her or hate her - there's no one like her. I love that everything about her is a spectacle.


depeche mode

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Seeing Depeche Mode tomorrow night at Key Arena with Tommy.
No one ever wants to go to shows with me except Tommy - screw them anyway!
I've seen DM several times and they are always fabulous. The Raveonettes are opening but they do nothing for me.



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I often find myself
thinking about
where I am and how I got here
the decisions I have made
and opportunities
missed or
Not taken
the many "what if"s and "If Only"s
not really regrets
but I wonder
and the wondering makes my brain race
and I stress
and I'm sad
and I'm depressed
and lonely
and yes, there's no going back
I should
accept reality
grow up, deal with it
make the best of what I have
grow up
aspire to be more
watch out for those speed bumps
live life to it's fullest
make every day and every moment count
stop worrying about bills
and jobs
and money
if only
I could find a way
do that



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Today was my best friend's Birthday. Steve and I go to La Coccina every sunday so today was no different. We were joined by a small group of friends and it was nice. we all had to wear sombrero's. Hit several bars and ate and drank too much. what else is there to do on a cruddy sunday afternoon? Consuelo was supossed to show up but she snubbed and therefore she is disenherited.
01. Brian listens to Harry explain the wonders of craig's list.
02. Me and steve in the pink.
03. Alma breaks out the Sombrero's.
04. Birthday boy in his Sassy gold trimmed sombrero.


blah pictures

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01 - u cannot see that grid in the real world
02 - my tie is red, not my face



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I haven't slept fer shit all week.
I went to the doctor thursday am.
The Doc says my thyroid is going cookoo again.

I am so fucking tired.
Plus another 65 hr week,

I need a dirt nap.

I'd like to sleep all weekend.
But I'm sure UM and "Dance Party USA" will not allow that.


Camera Phone

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not bad for a little phone camera? This is BEAR - steve & Pat's fatso.



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After the last ROUGH few weeks at work.....No details necessary...I got home around 7:15. Really needed a target, but instead popped in UNDEAD. A wacky haustralian horror comedy with a touch of sci-fi thrown in.

because sometimes I just need 90 minutes of mindless brain splattering zombies.

I'm in a much better mood now, though I still need a target.

that is all.


Pumpkin MURDERS !

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Someone killed our pumpkins - pushed them off our porch to their untimely doom.

I think it was Um in a drunken stupor or perhaps the lesbians upstairs? I noticed their's weren't smooshed.

Steve's somehow survived with just a head wound.