so cute you will BARF

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they are holding hands and it's so cute you will just barf.



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I used to actually write posts. lengthy posts. about what not.

It's not that I don't have anything to say it's just I am blog-lazy.

the kid that just walked in the store had a big head and ridiculously hairy legs.

sometimes I catch myself being overly aggressive and almost cranky to customers.

do you really need to come in here and look at garlic presses for an hour? really?

This sounds paranoid, I realize. People stare at me. random people on the street. in the elevator. people I work with. people in the mall. in traffic.
I told you it sounds paranoid. then I start to worry...is there a booger hanging out of my nose? ketchup on my chin? did I spill grape juice on my shirt? did I Pee my pants?

my friend julie once told me I look like a cartoon and people think I look funny and just have to stare.

when i mention this to other people they laugh and say "NO..you don't look like a cartoon". still. I wonder....

Do you think i don't really listen?

a few weeks ago I gave a good friend some serious advice and she agreed with me and then she went and did EXACTLY what I told her not to do...the very same day!

my friend Bree moved into my building. she's super fun and we bond over rare Madonna tidbits. TanQ likes to visit her apartment.

at three o'clock every day we have "tea time". except I don't drink tea.
I should and I don't NOT like tea but I'm generally never chomping at the bit for a sip of tea. but, there's usually cookies or something like that. oatmeal and white fudge and cranberries.

so much for a real post.


Oh Sam

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Not Ignorin'

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i'm not ignoring you. i just don't have anythign to say.



stealer face

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I'm Bringin' Sexy Back

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I had heard years ago that this lesser known marvel comic character was getting his own movie. it apparently went straight to cable and I recently found the dvd in the bargain bin.

I had zero expectations going in as I had heard terrible things about it and mostly saw marvel's "Man Thing" as a rip off of DC's "Swamp thing". And I LOVE the Swamp Thing Movie. You know anything with Adrianne Barbeau in it is excellent, right?

the premise finds a new young Sherrif arriving in a small swamp town after a series of grizzley murders has made the old sherrif run out of town. A environment killing company is destroying the swamp. drilling for oil maybe? it's never made clear.

Of course, you don't actually see the Man Thing till much later when it is revealed that he is the Guardian of the swamp, seeking revenge on the humans who are destroying said swamp.

it sounds retarded and well, it is. but it's fun, the effects are decent and the gore is good. the sherrif is cute and the swamp thing..ERRR...I mean Man Thing is pretty Cool. there are some decent frights as well.

i give it a B

Definitely worth a rental.


Speaking of Celebrity Dolls...

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Can you also believe that they made Kylie Minogue barbies as well?
You best believe I have both of them like the good gay that i am.


Muskratt Love

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I read somewhere that the Barbie type doll of toni tennille ( of the Captain & Tennille Fame ) made by mego in the late 70's is the Only celebrity doll to ever be manufactured without ears.
I saw the doll on a shelf at a comic store in madon city and I could not see any ears.

or shocking that someone found her a big enough celebrity to make a doll out of her?

it makes me want to go out and find a Captain % Tennille cd.

"Do that to me one more time..."


Hasta Mañana ( ABBA and kangaroos ))

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i love this song, even though it was originally performed by debbie Boone and better performed by Army of Lovers.


Morrissey, Whooaaa

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I used to worship Morrissey. First the Smiths in 1986 and then Morrissey on his own in 88. I've seen him live 3 times and he gives a great show. This continued through the mid 90's when i got bored with his newer output and moved on to mostly club music. However, his last couple of albums are quite good and caused me to revisit most of his catalog. He'll be in Seattle May 6th and I can't wait to see him again.

My bud, pete is flying in from SC to see him as well.

mark HATES Morrissey. he does an amazingly annoying version of "tommorrow"


Neighbourhood Nightmare

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I stole this from Gavin.


Time Away Review

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I flew out at 1am trapped between a large white haired man who reeked of whiskey and coughed constantly and the tallest man in the world who didn't speak english. It was an exit row so i should have had extra legroom but the tall guy took up a good half of mine. It's hard to sleep in the middle seat. I dozed a few times, head back but I woke myself up with my snores. ( sometimes I snore. Deal with it. ) Still, I think red eye flights are the best. lights are off, everyone is sleeping and the baby noise is at a minimum. it's pretty calm. it works for me.

I screwed up the times and arrived an hour earlier than I thought ( 5:50am, not 6:50 am ). My sister got there within a half hour, though. While I waited, I grabbed a blueberry scone and a hot chocolate from Starbiz., and that was some damn fine hot chocolate. these sad looking woman in shorts looked at my chocoa longingly. I offered to buy her one but she politely declined. and looked embarrassed.

My sister arrived and dropped me off at her house. I got reacquainted with Her various pets : Giant newfie Zoey. Senior citizen Golden retriever Hank, and fluffy cat Jasmine. I then took a brief 2 hour nap on the giant couch in the basement.
It was some weird partial day for her kids, so I picked up luke at 10:15 and Tom at 2:30. Between those pickups, I ran downtown and had Lunch with my old pal Paul at chipotle. we caught up and I managed to NOT get a parking ticket.

We had pork chops for dinner and then watched one of the various CSI shows. I went to bed early but had a hard time sleeping, as always.

got up early and went down to the basement and lounged on the giant couch and watched Batman Begins on the giant tv. I enjoyed it immensely, but had a tediously slow beginning.

Around noon I filled up the truck and headed south to my parent's house. Arrived 2.5 hours later to the house I grew up in to find it half empty. my parents were glad to see me but a little alarmed by the weight loss. my parents had been making off with every this and that. the knick nacks were gone and all that was left was the furniture. We packed up a trailer my dad had borrowed and took a trip over to the new house.

i had seen pictures so I knew what to expect. it was roughly three times the size of the old house AND it had a full basement ( unfinished but HUGE! something my dad will spend the next few month's working on ). Ginormous kitchen, which I'm sure convinced my mom to buy it in the first place. huge master bedroom. new houses all around them and no one living in them. Giant 3 stall garage with plenty of room for all my dad's toys.

Drove to a small hub town and had fried chicken. there was a bar and small children and everyone was smoking. It made me want to scream "you have a baby. In a bar!"

Went out with Markie and Scoottie to Toast. drank too much and then went down to Laredo's and drank more. Blah.


More Moving including the Giant Hutch you see in photos below. It comes apart but a still weights a lot. at one point it suddenly landed on my foot which is still black and blue. Lunch at Wendy's with parents. did some mason shitty shopping with markie. the dollar store? went and hung out with mark's mom, Cheryl and listened to her stories. Mark dug out an old comic book that he and I used to draw together. it was fun. bitchy superhero drama full of swearwords.


More moving! Yes! it's true. did 4 or 5 loads. my sister, Teri and her husband, pierce and my bother, Tony and his wife, Tammi and their youngest daughter Leah showed up around 9:30pm ( they are all in MN ). there was family chit chat and snacks and then everyone went to bed.

everyone Up Early and Moving. a mini van, 2 SUV's, 2 pickups and a trailer. 4 trips. everything done by 2pm. unpacked and napped. Dad took us all out for an awesome steak and it was Divine.

markie called and we went out to some place having 80's night and a 10 dollar keg cover. It sounded awful but end up being pretty fun. Jacula showed up with her skinny ass looking fab and Mark's cousin, Andrea was there as well. Mark calls her ANGRIA when she gets tipsy. Angria's fab mother Charlotte was there as well.

Some napoleon dynamite looking geek with no chin said something to mark about sucking cock and all hell came close to breaking loose. All these people were going to kick Napoleon's ass and it was a little surreal for a small town like that.

of course, We then had to leave and went to the most revolting bar on Earth, sportsman's. why I allow mark or any one ever to take me there is beyond me. Seriously, I feel like I acquire a new disease every time we go there. mark stayed to catch diseases and I went home. home to the empty old house where I slept on a futon on the floor. it was a bit creepy.

woke up and drove over to the new house. we had breakfast and then headed back to old house to clean out the garage, which we had forgot. in the attic of the garage we found a plethora or forgotten toys, including a ventriloquist dummy who's body had magically disappeared ...like totally missing. I kept the head and brought it home, even thought that thing always scared me to death. Everyone left around 5 and I napped. I then drove 45 minutes to my brother's as they Had forgotten a cell phone and Hung out with them for a few hours. My legs weren't really working and my Nephew Mason had to pull me up off the couch. I stood after that and felt fine after a bit...
Home and to bed for a decent night's sleep.

some early morning shopping with Blanche and headed back to MN around 1. stopped for some shopping in roseville and then to the other brother's for a bit. did some shopping with them and then down to downtown and stopped at Jeremy and Tony's for chit chat and a couple cocktails. It was good to catch up. I'm finding it impossible to see all my friends each time I'm in MN and will have to settle for alternating friends, I guess. Back to Teri's and Watched "creature" - a bad but fun early 80's ALIEN ripoff.

up early and watched Man Thing ( which I will review later ) and then joined my friend dave for lunch and shopping for a MPLS Starbucks mug for steve and cheese curds for Pat. found both and then dave dropped me off at the airport.
Flight was ok, and a co-worker was a few rows away. sat with a really cute guy and a nice lady from Indianola, Iowa. Steve and Jenny picked me up and went back to steve and pat's to tell TanQ we were leaving. i don't think she ever wants to leave that place. it must be like a resort to her or maybe rehab.

when we got home she just howled and howled as if to tell me how much she hated me. She got locked out of my bedroom as well around midnight.

I'm glad to be home but I did have a good time. Iw as very pleased that my siblings were able to show up and help as well. I think it meant a lot to my parents.



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Me, Mess and Jay - Mark's B-day party, march 1998, Uptown, Minneapolis.



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01. Parent's New Giant Kitchen
02. Cute Parents
03. Parent's New Living Room
04. Straight River. are they sure?
05. Parent's New House



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01. parents new living room
02. sister's cat, Jasmine aka jazzy B
03. Me and Blanche
04. me and dad
05. my neice watching tv on the counter cuz the furniture was gone


Vacations Snapage

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01. Over the midwest
02. my parent's new backyard
03. me and Mark's Mom
04. Driving to Iowa
05. Mom in the giant storage room


the Pipe People

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snapped these pipe people after lunch today.



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you thought I was kidding?


My Various Drug Problems

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I am no longer on the experiental thyroid medicine. My doctor took me off it ( with the advise of portland doctor ) because my white blood cell levels were 1 half that of a normal person. most thyroid drugs block the production of white blood cells, but this one seemed to be killing them off.

I feel pretty gross today.

when i get back from my trip they are putting me back on the original drug I was taking when all this shite started. AND i still get paid for being on the experimental drug.

I rule.


Memories...of the phone booths on my block

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My parents bought a new house and are moving next weekend. I'm flying home next week to help them move. They bought the house like 40 years ago and I am going to miss it. It's teeny tiny, 3 bedrooms and 3 stories but it always seemed huge to me and is my favorite place on earth. also, it only has one bathroom and a shower in the basement!

I'm excited for them to move, though. the new house is much bigger and laid out flat on one story ( there's a huge basement but everything they need is on the main floor.) and there's room for all their cars and all my dad's toys like the boat and the camper.

Still, I'll be sad to not turn left on 13th and then left on jeffereson ave to the little blue house where I spent the first 18 years of my life and many hours since.

I'm actually just going home to make sure they don't throw any of my stuff away without my prior approval!


Australia Revisited

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I had a dream about me & steve's trip to Sydney and thought I would revisit some of the pics. I want to go back.


Let's Get Unconcious, Honey

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