Wednesday of the lou lou

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it's 10:57
i'm in my office eating a maple scone and drinkign a diet coke
i'm not listening to anything

i've "temporarily" absorbed another person's job as we struggle to rehire for that position.

i'm pleased that it's now falla nd the leaves are turnign and the weather is more bearable. BEAR!

my cellphone is broken. the piece that my charger plugs into has fallen into the phone - so i can't charge it. I'm sure it will be an arm and a leg to fix it or get a new phone. my contract is up in july so I don't want to re-sign with them - I hate sprint.

i'd like to have a camera phone. even my mom ahs a camera phone!

I've had the last few weekends off and it's been strange. I'm not used to having 2 days off in a row. we're talkign over 4 years of not having more than one day off a week.

Last weekend was fun but spent too much time drinking...and we've discussed drinking habits and PROBLEMS before here. My friend steve has a new boy and I spent some quality time with them shopping, hanging out, etc. Even fed some crazy ducks on sunday night.

was given an ultimatum by my landlord and after careful consideration - we are re-signing the lease. greta palce, cheap rent, very easy to deal with neighbours and landlord. don't have 2k to find a new place right now, roommate is gainfully employed, HATE HATE HATE moving and i am totally picky about where I live. so, i'm staying put for now. might do a minor remodel or paint job to liven things up.

that is all.



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I haven't been blogging
because I don't have anything to say

Or because anything I DO have to say
involves a person, a situation or something else
that would cause problems and/or strife and Drama

Let me just say
that I am not happy
with certain persons, places or things

and I am planning
and/or endeavoring
to alter such relationships and/or situations

thank you



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I just wrote out checks for over $1000 in bills.
DoO you know how that makes me feel?
It makes me feel poor!


Job Frustration

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Bored To Tears

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just now, I couldn't decide if the lingering oder in the elevator was perfume or farts.

Maybe it was a combination of the two ?


Should We Have A Holiday ?

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Rolled out of bed around 10. Steve came over and we went to La Coccina for lunch. Then walked around broadway. I bought a couple of old grace jones cds for 2.50 each and steve bought an old Smiths cd. SO many freaks and trash on broadway as usual.

this one Freak gets up as we are walking by and says "I'm gonna get a drink and you fuck yourself in the ass" to his friend. Steve and I go over to Strabucks and this same freak comes in and turns to grab steve's arm or something and steve says "hey, don't touch me" and the Freak says "How about if I hack your head off" at which point steve says something about police and the little starbucks workers are all over this Freak in a second. It was all very embarassing.

went back home and watched a couple episodes of OZ.
and listened to the smiths. Then steve's friend Jenny called and we drove over to Hellevue and met her at rockbottom for cocktails and darts.

Showed steve my office and then went over and fed consuello's grays. they were happy to see me but terrified of steve.

then drove to two more starbucks looking for the "leopard Bearista Bear". GAY much? why not? Found it at the Madison park one. I wanna live in madison Park again!

that is all.


50 Tidbits About Walsh

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01. I call all animals CUTIE
02. I over emphasize words with CAPITAL letters too often
03. I like to pretend I'm a huge Elitist snob, but I'm really a big softie
04. I can't stand confrontations
05. I can't stand people who don't answer their fucking cell phones
06. I hate how my best friend never answers his although he flips out if I don't
07. I honestly believe everyone is stupid until they prove otherwise
08. Someone once told me I look like a "Cartoon"
09. I believe people are always staring at me because I look like a Cartoon
10. I am totally vain but have a very low self opinion at the same time
11. Every morning I tell myself How fat & gross I am
12. I think about winning an insane amount of money ALL THE TIME
13. I spend too much time doing random thing for other people
14. I feel terrible that I live so far away from my parents
15. I rarely buy anything not on sale or at least used
16. At the same time I don't care about saving a few pennies here and there
17. I know an exorbitant amount of cooking info but rarely do so
18. I hate having to rely on anyone for anything
19. Asking for favors gives me hives
20. When I have nothing looming on the horizon I feel like I have nothing to live for
21. I don't understand how most people make it thru the day
22. I am a big kid and wouldn't want to be any other way
23. I have a severe internet addiction
24. I like silence even more than I love music
25. I am somewhat obsessed with collecting things I lost as a child
26. I am even more obsessed with collecting things my parents wouldn't buy me as a child
27. I'm down to a very small list of things left to acquire
28. I will not share that list with you
29. I will do anything for my friends which unfortunately includes letting them walk all over me
30. I am terrible with names and details
31. However, I remember prices easily
32. I spend a great deal of time deciding on how to NOT be bored
33. I am very anal about my freetime
34. I am even more anal about my "things"
35. Mostly because I've had so many roommates who liked to borrow my things
36. I really enjoy buying things for family and friends
37. Often I will find something and try to think of someone to give it to
38. My favorite holiday is Halloween because there's very little pressure
39. My least favorite holiday is Christmas because people are evil and stressed out
40. I hate feeling helpless
41. The last 2 weeks of me without a car was sheer hell for me
42. sitting in traffic makes my blood boil
43. sitting and waiting for phone calls or people to show up drives me crazy
44. I talk to my parents now more than I did when I lived with them
45. I hate messy people but cannot keep my room tidy to save my life
46. I worry about my cat running away while I am at work
47. My roommate openly wishes she was dead - so I have good reason to worry
48. I feel Lost Several times a day, Randomly
49. I wish I had someone but I sabotage every relationship before they start
50. I think I live my life Vicariously thru my friends