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it rained here last night and i took a short walk in it. it was very nice. also, it cooled off considerably and I woke up freezing. and that was refeshing.

apartment is almost done and i am enjoying it. pics soon, I promise.


Dedicated To Mark

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Mike and I used to use this sarah brightman song to Blast MARK out of bed when he slept until noon back when we all lived together in minneapolis.

I'm sure he misses it to this day.



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this is me at the company picnic on friday. Badly in need of a haircut and holding a baby italian greyhound named Killer.

Mostly tried to get my apartment arranged. it's taking forever, BTW.

Went out saturday night with Tommy and drank several blueberry stoli and sprites. dee-lish.
Suday dinner at Pat & Steve's. Deelish again.

that is all.



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Scary As Hell.



WOW...Please Remind Me

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a guy I very briefly dated in '99 stopped in the store tonight. His name is Matt ( steve dubbed him "mattress" ) and he had moved to Miami and is back visiting family.
So, what does he say to me?

"Wow - you sure have packed on the pounds, Jared. You're Huge!"

"Wow, thanks, nice to see you, too."

HI, Jack ass. I have feelings. Seriously, I got all pissed and fumed and even got a little choked up. Now I sit and wonder how people see me.

Whatever, Mattress.



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Moved saturday with help from Harry, Doug-e and Steve. TB seems pleased with new digs.

More pics as soon as I get the shit put away.


No Caption Needed

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Kyle Mocks me for loving Geri Halliwell. He mocks me for liking the Spice Girls. BTW, his last name is very Spicey so he is Shaming the entire spice family.

AND he defends the hateful existence of Kelly Clarkson.

SO, to spite his un-spiciness, here are 3 of Geri's fabulously cheesy and utterly delicious videos ( and 3 of my favorite songs of all time ). Uk cheese is much tastier than our very bland and not attractive American version. Clay Aiken, anyone?


BAG IT UP ( featuring crazy hot guy )



Kelly Clarkson

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that is all.



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Instead of bashing crap music I will attempt to educate. here are 3 videos from late 90's electronic groups Olive and Mono. Neither are around anymore and that is sad. I guess people were too busy buying Britney Spears records to notice.





Crazy Toliet Flusher

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Vacation Snaps

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01. Sister's cat Jasmine in the garden. More Jasmine on TB's Blog.
02. My Sister's View, south of St.Paul.
03. My Parents driving. Mike's on the phone, Blanche is bored.
04. Me, First day in Iowa. MELTING!


Vacation Snaps 2

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01. My Grandmother's Farm; my favorite place on earth.
02. "Mrs. Pail" at the farm.
03. A Full Moon at my parents' house.
04. Midwest summer heat looks like Steam on the corn.


MADONNA is 48 today

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she's 48 and still making great music and still pissing off church groups everywhere.
Well Done, Madge.

My friend told me he just doesn't care about her anymore. That's sad. Who else is there? Britney? Christina? Jessica? Pink? Fergie? Kelly Clarkson?
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? These new diva-wanna-be's are so uninteresting.
Especially kelly clarkson. I think my loathing of her deserves it's own post.




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there were always cats on my Grandma's farm. my mom says there was never a time that they lived there that there weren't loads of cats, including at least one inside cat.

So It was very fitting when the cat above ran up to the casket just as the pastor was about to say AMEN and let out a howl. It was as if all the cats that had lived on her farm over the last 80 years sent her to say "thank you". it was very fitting.



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My sweet, adorable 99 year old raisin Grandmother, Eedie, passed away on Saturday night. She turns 100 on the 26th. She was still very "there" for her age and had a great sense of humour. I will miss her terribly.

I'm flying home Monday night for her funeral and will be in the Midwest for a week.



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Terrence & Phillip "Uncle Fucker"

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A Late Weekend Update:
went to the Starbucks Summer picnic at a park on lake Sammammish with steve, doug, Jenny and her sister. It was a pirate themed BBQ and Yes...pirates showed up. SInging pirates, no less. it was fun.

Later that night I went to my former co-worker's wedding reception with Heidi, Neil, Consuleo, michael and Louisa. that was a good drunken time, as you can see from the pictures.

01. Me & Kina dancin'. Is she short or what?
02. Me, Joy, heidi, Consuelo and Michael.
03. Joy and peter
04. me and Consuelo. Tipsy.

Sunday had lunch with Harritte at la Coc and then on a shopping trip with Kyle to outlet malls north of Seattle. He bought a suit.



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The Mothman : this 7 foot tall winged creature was seen 100's of times in west virginia in the 60's. It inpired the movie "the mothman prophecies"

The Jersey Devil: This small,winged horse headed creature has been spotted over 2000 times around southern New Jersey since 1859.

Bigfoot: This Furry creature has been spotted all around North America since the mid seventies.

I've been fascinated with this stuff since I was a wee lad watching "In Search Of". I'm sure the majority of sightings are bogus, but you never know. There's also the minor fact that there are only actual photos of bigfoot and those look pretty fake.
But it's fun to wonder and speculate.

i really enjoyed the Mothman Movie, especially since it was basically a 2 hour Xfiles episode and I lovs me some Xfiles.


Do You Ever Wonder

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if there is such a thing as a soul mate? or a single person that we are "meant" to be with? I was reading a friend's letter and she referred to him as such.

i hear people talking about these things and I wonder. Have I met my soul mate? Did they walk in and out of my life already? Is it someone I know now?
Do i even believe in such a thing?

Another odd question. Do you ever think of someone you slept with or dated or almost slept with or almost dated and wonder how your life could be different because of it?
It seems like almost everyone I know has a "one that got away" and do you wonder what your life would be like today if they hadn't got away?

what's mildly funny is that I met Kyle like a year and a half ago but at the Goldfrapp show started chatting more, but HYSTERICALLY, I thought he wasn't interested in me so I went home with someone else I was interested in ( nothing happened, BTW ) and I saw that guy the other night and he thought it was hilarious that I am now "seeing" Kyle. As in hilarious how things work themselves out.

just rambling.