Unhappy Hump Day

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It's Wednesday and I've been just *%$#! pissed all day.
No idea why.
Ultimate Mess moves in today. Joyce is GONE. HOO-FLIPPIN'-RAY !

Having to cough up extra deposit money so it looks like I'll be completely broke for October. NICE.

I'm tired and cranky and I feel like crap. And there ya have it.

Well, let's say it was a LONG LONG LONG weekend.
It was great to have Mark here and the shows were all excellent.

The Scissor Sisters are my new favorite Band. I had only listened to their cd a few times before the show, but now I am hooked. Especially a song called "it can't come quickly enough" which i had not heard before the show and it was just amazing. totally kicked my ass.

Bjorn again was fun as well. But the crowd was strange and Graceland is gross. Why the Hell do so many people know all the words to neil diamond "classics"? ODD!

Saturday we went to "chappel" which is a cool space but sucked otherwise. all sorts of really stupid people who thought they were cool and 'sex and the city' rejects. we went back to manray and drank too much and spent too much money.

the SIOUXSIE concert was everything I expected. We waited in line forever after some homless guy tried to rip us off at the parking lot. the showbox was PACKED and yet it was freezing cold in there. Went with UM, Mark, Eddie, Tommy, Harry & Kyle. Bought a really cool black shirt with gold lettering. She played a mix of new and old and the crowd was very responsive.
3 encores.

then we went to manray and hung for a bit.

Monday was pretty mellow.

and guess what? I didn't throw up once and didn't get kicked out of any bars.

also, I've lost 20 pounds since the beginning of September.


it's a fine day

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actually it's gross and crappy out. seattle winter has arrived.

Mark arrived late last night and we were up late chatting. Only working till noon and then we'll eat and shop. Of course, TanQ remembered Mark and was all about him. She slept with him and didn't even come to visit me this morning. Barely got off the couch when I poured her food. What a cat-whore!

Seeing the SCISSOR SISTERS tonight. Finally got the cd from Eddie on Monday so at least I'm somewhat familiar with the music now. it should be fun - Ultimate Mess and Harry are also going. Maybe Eddie.

My appartment is trashed with Joyce's crap all over the place in boxes. I told him it had to be gone by Sunday morning when i start cleaning up for the Siouxsie Pre-party at my place.
we'll see what actually happens.

Looking forward from some time away from AEFA - back to work Tuesday. i do work at HK on Saturday 12-6 but that is no biggie.

Ciao for now. Enjoy it.


Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

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Kristine W was great. Got several autographs from her, she's very sweet.

I had too much to drink and will not go in to details. A lo carb diet and alcohol are incompatible. I have learnt me a lesson. I'm totally embarrassed and disappointed, as well. I'm grounding myself.

Dr appt today for stomach issues follow up at 3 today. yee haw.


Friday Blah & More Blah

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'twas a blah day. Did a little shopping ( to waste my Belle Square Gift Cert ) and bought 2 pairs of work shoes & a belt, also some cologne - kenneth cole "reaction". The cologne came with this really cool HUGE watch with ugly green numbers on it. it's as big as Kansas!

But I was mostly bored. Seems like my job these days consists of waiting for people to call me. Or waiting for something.

it's now 6:49 pm and I am waiting out the traffic. Last night's commute was one hour and fourtyfive minutes - Not kidding.
It's pouring rain and no one knows how to drive in the rain because it hasn't been raining in Seattle since the beginning of freakin' time.

I was suppossed to go to the timberline with steve & pal - but I haven't heard from him and I do know that it's country night and I'm not in the mood to hang out with cranky dykes that think we hijacked their bar.

Ultimate Mess called, he's already on his way to CC's to start his weekend the right way.
Not in the mood for that noise.

Saturday mall 12-6 and then Kristine W at Neighbours. I don't like that bar but I love her, so ....should be fun, sounds like many of my cohorts will be there.

Ciao 4 now!


Let 'er Rip

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I ripped my pants AGAIN! that makes 7 times. My pockets catch on the arms of my chair at work and rip. Thrown away 4 pairs of perfectly good work pants.

I want to go home. I'm tired and cranky. it's 3:50 - I'm leaving at 5. There's a stupid mariners game so traffic will be Hell.

complain complain complain!




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It's Wednesday and an utterly boring day.

Two hour lunch @ Cheesecake factory for Colleen's birthday. I had lovely meatloaf and veggies! Then everyone had cheesecake and I had a tiny sliver.

Working at the mall tonight.
In the immortal words of Steve : "RAH!"


The Passion of the Tuesday

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MSN tells me that Shrub is gaining in the polls.

The Sheep-like qualities of half of this country are very alarming. "Obey! Follow!"
"Bush-Cheney 2004! Shut Up! Stop Thinking!"

A dull week. lots of last minute emergencies at work.

Happy Birthday to someone but I won't say who.

I'm seeing 4 live shows in 8 days. 3 of them are favorites, including THEE Favorite.
This Saturday it's Kristine W at Neighbours. Dance diva with lots of club hits. Great voice.
Next Thursday it's the Scissor Sisters. Not too familiar with them but I like what I've heard.
Next Friday Bjorn Again at graceland. They are the official ABBA impersonators - they look and sound just like ABBA in their heyday and they are a blast.

And Finally, Sunday the 26th, it's An Evening With Siouxsie. ( Siouxsie Sioux - Siouxsie & The Banshees - the Creatures) Siouxsie stands as my all time favorite singer/performer. Have been a Fan for 18 years, have everything she has ever released and have seen her live 7 times.

I know a lot of people that are going, so I'm even having a pre-show party at my house. I actually looked into flying to L.A to see her perform there but the whole JOYCE Crisis put the Kabbosh on that.

Going to the show are Steve, Consuelo, Harry, Ultimate Mess, Eddie, Kyle, Dylan, Tommy...and many more !!! Even my good friend/little brother Mark is flying in for the shows.

Good times, Great Oldies!

That is all.


Who is that..... Joyce?

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Because Joyce needed to take 45 minutes in the bathroom this morning, i was 35 mintes late to work and got written up.

Thanks a lot, Joyce, you stupid piece of dirt.

I can't even fucking WAIT until you move out...or Die or whatever.


Emergency Room Drama !

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Last night I left work late ( 730-ish ) went home and put laundry away, etc.
by 8pm my stomach was killing me and by 830 i was throwing up again - violently.

Could It be food poisoning AGAIN? Same batch?

Hoping to ride it out I spent the evening and well into the morning vomiting, not as bad as monday night but still bad. Around 5 am it turned very bloody and i called the swedish-dial-a-nurse. She said it could be many things but blood with food poisoning didn't sound right and told me to get my butt to the emergency room.

SO, off I went. sat in the waiting room over an hour because apparently no one works there.
My doctor walked in around 6:45 and took me back. Had me force myself to throw up in a cup and that was neat. He also took a blood sample for some reason.

his immediate explanation was that i hadn't worked the food posioning out and something else I ate triggered another reaction (Damn las Margaritas ! )
But the bigger issue is that my stomach is extremely sensitive. I'm always ahving internala ches and pains. Steve calls it my "Daintly little stomach". I've already had an mini-ulcer and a kidney stone. Doc says it only gets worse. Possibly More Ulcers!

He gave me this giant horse pill that will help clean out my system - along with 7 million glasses of water. He also advised I eat nothing solid until after 7pm. so, let's say I'm starving.

Of course, I got the "eat more healthy you stupid shit" talk. he also reminded me that according to the governement, I am cliniclally "obese". That made my day.

He very much scolded me and asked why I hadn't taken his diet advice from a few months ago.
He reminded me that my life was in my own hands and that I could find any million excuses to stay unhealthy and die an early death.

I got home around 8:30 and was exhausted but couldn't sleep.

think think think

Doc told me to stay home and rest but couldn't get out of working at the mall, so went in to aefa around noon.

Mark's letter with the check he sent me hasn't arrived yet. If I don't have it by tomorrow I won't be able to get him a decent priced plane ticket to come and see Siouxsie. Not the end of the world, but disappointing for sure.

Oh, yeah. and I'm dying.

grocery shopping is on my agenda. there's no way to eat out and be healthy.


It's Your Weekend Update

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Out the door at 5 on the dot as I checked the WSDOT website and saw no traffic - on a Friday? I can't be!
Took the 108th ave short cut to Bellevue way and saw a truck in flames blocking southbound B-Way. Suckers!
Somehow zipped across I90 and hit I5 to find a cop blocking northbound traffic behind when I was merging. STRANGE - but it took me 12 minutes to get home...did I mention it was Friday?

Consuelo & Dawn & Steve came over. We drank beers and listened to music and chatted. Then we went to Bill's off Broadway for appetizers.
Bad service, ok food. Siouxsie & Shirley Bassey on the Jukebox.
Walked over to Manray where it was packed with lesbians for some reason. Stayed 20 minutes and then went home.

Saturday malled it and then up to Bothell for Rob & Terry's party. Fun in the sun, Erin's passion party show and a stripper for Rob's party. Absinthe is disgusting. Rasberri Absolut gives you a stomach ache. Drunkeness abound-ed.
The republican was there. It's hard for me to not yell at him. I usually just ignore him.
I left around 2 am after drinking water for two hours.

Sunday......ummm. lounged around and napped until 4. went to the BB&B clearance sale with Pat and got some great fun stuff for cheap. None of which will see the light of day until Joyce is gone, thank you. Hung out with Steve when he got back from Bumbershoot - some idiot did a u turn and ran into steve's car, cutie. He took a swing at steve and took off, somehow leaving his Driver's License with Steve. Nice.

Monday - Lunch and shopping with Steve & Pat ( it was clearly a steve weekend ) - ate at applebee's. Had a burnt steak - and exactly WHY I would order steak in Washington when i say time and time again that it's shit compared to Iowa beef is beyond me!

the rest you already know.......


Continuing The Theme

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Got a nice case of food poisoning from applebee's monday night and was up all night "evacuating" from both ends. Good times.

finally felt better around 3:00 in the afternoon - as in the dry heaves have stopped.
TanQ was happy that i was home all day - she was glad to have someone to sleep with.


Beautiful day. Too bad I couldn't really enjoy it.


Friday Blah

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Can I Just say something?

You can never have enough hats, gloves & shoes.

That is all.


Joyce and the Missin' Kittin'

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Wednesday night I went to bed early, expecting to get a glorious full night's sleep.


Joyce came-a stumblin' home all sorts of drunk and turned on every light and made as much noise as a heard of elephants. I have to leave my door open so the cat can come and go as she pleases.

After about a half hour i went to turn off the lights as Joyce had gone to sleep but left all the lights on. Then I went upstairs to check if TanQ needed food. Well, she didn't need food BUT she was nowhere to be found. My apartment is big-ish but there's nowhere for a big fat black cat to hide.
THUS, Joyce let her out for the 76th time in a year. Because she's so small and invisible and fast as a ninja, she can slip out undeteced in a nano-second. ( read: Sarcasm )

You really just have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT and leave the door wide open for a few minutes and she will casually stroll out.

SO I went looking for her. As You might know, she looks like THIS and all that Black makes it QUITE difficult to find in the dark and pitch black of mine and neighbouring yards.

Looked. didn't find her. of course, she was just sitting somewhere mocking me. but I didn't find her until 3am, when I caught her sneaking towards my door. She was spanked severely and is now totally mad at me. OH WELL. Oh, she also threw up grass all 0ver my rug.

she can't be outside for several reasons:
1. She could get killed.
A. she is totally declawed. don't blame me - she was given to me that way.
B. She is missing one of her fangs. It grew all crazy long and then it fell out.
here's right before it fell out.
C. there are several wild cats in my neighbourhood. i hear them wickedly fighting at night.
D. the front of my house sits on a very busy street. SMOOSHED kitty.
2. She has had worms and fleas on two occasions and it was a NIGHTMARE.
Fleas are a pain in the ass to get rid of on cats.

maybe this is extra sad to you that I worry about my cat so much, but she is presently all i have - so SHUT IT!

Had lunch with Mel, who is back visiting her man. Also, Hiba G and Steve joined us.
Good times.

Consuelo's sister Dawn is visiting and she brought this amazing chocolate monstrosity cake.
it was heavenly. I had to go to church after eating it. it was that Sinful. thanks, Dawn.

Nothing else. no plans for the eve.

My friend Harry is performing as his tranny alter ego tonight but I'm working late. He didn't tell me until today so I can't really be blamed, Correct? Still - there's nothing worse than a Tranny scorned.

that is all.


Hump Day

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it's Wednesday and that means I am totally bored.
Malled it last night and was too wound up to sleep. was still awake around 3am.
TanQ seems to love it when i can't sleep. That somehow tells her that she should be all lovey and sleep on my pillow. Or maybe she does that every night and I snore and it drives her away?

Anyway, got up and drove to work - landlord calls just as i hit Hellevue and wants me to come back and meet with him and my roommate over the pending moving of the roommate ( Joyce )and the even more pending of Ultimate Mess moving in.

The word of the day is "Pending", as in : My Death of Boredom is Pending.

Work has been quiet and slow today.
Consuelo and I had lunch at Rock Bottom and it was unfulfilling. there was a Cute waiter but not ours. Ours was good until our food came and then we didn't see her for 1/2 hour. I suggested she was getting some lunchtime action in the restroom.
I though Consuelo was going to sprout demon wings and breathe fire.

I, on the otherhand, have come to expect sucky service and try not to get upset about it. Still, I told half of my office about it.

Isn't it strange how things we dislike or are upset about or far more likely to inspire us to share?
the service at lunch sucked and I told about 20 people ( and even wrote about it here ). The new bjork album is terrible and I'm embarrassed for her and I've shared that with several friends.
On the other hand, things we like or enjoy are only shared a fraction of that time.
I really love Vanilla Bean frappacino's at StarBiz and recently watched an old favorite movie, "class reunion", ---- but probably told all of 1 person that info.

Am I just a Big Fat Negative Nancy or Are ALL Humans ( or just Americans ) this way?


And in the immortal words of Mizz Sandra Bernhard :

"Who is that...Joyce? FUCK HER! I never want to speak to her again!"

"My Big Fat Negative Nancy!" Tuesdays on Fox!