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For Your Least Favorite People

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RIP Ofra Haza
February 23, 2000 at the age of 41

i do enjoy traffic at 6:30am

i do not enjoy getting out of bed. ever.


Spice Up Your Life

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"Don't be so God damned open minded that your brains fall out"


Brokeback to the Future

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very Funny and very G rated video HERE.


Eartha Kitt

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The first pic is my friends with Eartha right after the show friday night at Jazz Alley.

The 2nd pic, Blurry as it is, is Eartha and Me in her dressing room after she had changed ( and took off her huge wig!).

She was very sweet and Grandma-like.


Happy Birthday To Mark

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Happy Birthday to my dear friend MARK

We've been friends for 19 years!

Have a great day, Markie!


Yippee it's wednesday!

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Just went out for a pitcher with tony last ngiht at manray. saw tommy, was glad he was not dead - after not hearing from the beeotch in weeks. :)

today i'm stressed out of my mind at work over crap that isn't even my job or even remotely related. when "you" have people's money they become giant assholes. it's hard for me to be civil when i'm being yelled at over something i have nothing to do with.

Seriously, one guy upset me to the point that i have a stomach ache. i tried to escalate it to a remote "superior" who basically told me to find a way to deal with it myself, after i had already spent several hours exhausting that course of action.

I generally don't have to deal with external clients. this crap has ruined my day.

somewhat insulting supplemental income retail-hell job tonight.

I love life~


How Strange

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I've been at work for almost three hours and have only just realized that I'm mising a contact.
OOps. My eye has been bothering me all morning but it didn't occur to me that something was missing.


Un-Happy Singles Awareness Day

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Had to scrape my car this morning. NOT amused.

From my valentine's dove chocolates:

"Watch reruns then replay your memories"

"When two hearts race, both win"

"Go to your special place"

OK, Barf.


You Couldn't Handle My Life !

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Friday: worked, went to walgreens to pick up my prescription. Apparently, when my company was spun off - we got new id cards but I don't recall getting one, anyway - they couldn't process my insurance and expected me to pay full price. $60? I think NO.

I Couldn't call my insurance company because they aren't open on the weekends and this stupid little Queen behind the counter was "too busy" to try to look it up manually; Too busy with no one in line or even in the store besides me. he seemed to enjoy the fact that I was going to have to pay full price. Fuck her! I instead went home to look through my mail. didn't find it. stopped by work saturday and didn't find it there, either. So, i'm out of medecine. Nice.

Anyway, went to Steve's and watched the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics with Pat and doug-e and steve. ate chicken nuggets.

Saturday: went to claim jumper with pat and steve. ate too much. farted the day away. had dinenr with harriette pottress at kid valley. Mushrooms! went home, had expected to meet Eddie, etc out but it didn't work out. was in bed by 11:30.

Sunday: Lunch with Harriette, steve, doug-e and steve's Jeni at la coc. went to steve's and pat helped me wash my car ( see above ). needed some supplies but was feeling tired and restless. ended up in the U-district which is full of FREAKS but that's neither here nor there, I guess.

Sniffed around Tower records, talked to my Mum on the phone for a bit. Family Drama! Talked to my Sister, too. Steve called. Car problems AND a new phone.

picked up Harriette again and we dined at coastal kitchen, which is always yummy but crazy expensive - oh well - I'll call it a "pre-valentines' dinner". went home, went to bed.

I was moody, bitchy and highly irritable all weekend.

Must be that time of the month.

...and THAT is all.


The Killer Wail

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Because I'll forget on the actual date, Israeli singer Ofra Haza died on February 23, 2000 at the age of 41. the official cause of death was "massive organ failure" but it was soon after revealed that she had died of full blown Aids and that her husband, family, record company, etc wanted it kept a secret.

"AIDS activists lamented Haza's reported decision to keep her disease a secret, suggesting it reinforced the message that the disease is shameful. Others raised the prospect that in a more tolerant environment, Haza could have followed the example of someone like American basketball star Magic Johnson, who retired after his 1991 disclosure that he is HIV-positive but has stayed in the public spotlight and become a campaigner for AIDS education. "*
It was said that "shame, stigma, and lack of information are what killed her". Granted, this is Israel we are talking about - not exactly a welcoming hot bed of Aids activism.

I discovered Ofra Haza in the late 80's on Marrs' "pump up the volume"- her own music became a fusion of ancient Yemenite devotional poetry with 1980s techno. She had a very distinct and gorgeous voice - that was once dubbed "the killer Wail".

She released only a handful of albums in the US but a boatload of them in the middle east. Her English language stuff is mostly Eastern tinged ballads and severely dated techno - I Love it! She appeared on albums by sisters of mercy, paula abdul and black dog, She was the voice of Joseph's mother in "the Prince of Egypt" and had a posthumous duet with Sarah Brightman on her 2004 "Harem" album.

Anyway, I bought a 1990 live cd of her at the Montreaux Jazz Festival last night and am really enjoying it.

Ofra Worth seeking out:
01. Love Song ( non-remix version )
02. Im Nin Alu (recently used in Madonna's lame "Issak")
03. Galbi (preferrably a remix)
04. Shaday
05. Da' ale Da' ale

*The Dead Musicians Directory


Funny Ha Ha ?

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The one time this year I actually plan to be home and watch something on TV (Madonna On the Grammy's) the fucking cable keeps cutting out and going to blue screen every 2 seconds.

I taped it. It was enough to cause seizures.

Seriously Annoying.

I'm sure it will be all over the internet tomorrow, but what the hell is the point of paying 50 bucks a month for that shit?

that is all.


Less Than Pleased

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TanQbaby was less than pleased about the arrival of the new flat panel monitor. She tried to jump up on it and then sat there and was furious at me. This morning she wanted nothing to do with me.

She had laid on the old monitor for the last 7 years, so Yeah - she has every right to be pissed.

On the plus side, who knew I had all that desk space?


WARNING : The Cave

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This movie stinks. It looked kinda cool - like an "Alien" meets "Pitch Black" but not as enjoyable as either. The story was interesting at first but then it didn't do anything unusual or spectacular and it had a ridiculous ending.
It did have a couple of hotties at least, Eddie Cibrian and Rick Ravanello ( middle and right, above )

Sadly, I wouldn't even suggest this as a rental.
That is all.