Breakdown In The Chapstick Aisle

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They didn't have the chapstick I wanted at rite-aid and for a few seconds I was seriously frozen - in some sort of Fear or Terror and did not what to do. Like I was lost because my whole life was riding on getting a tube of herbal answer.

I snapped out of it and wondered what the hell happened, grabbed an alternate brand and went and paid the strange little woman with the cute accent and the giant black hair/octopuss on her head from Maine.

I'm not even that passionate about chapstick.
That was some odd stuff.



Yippe - It's Me !

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Here is "Self portrait as I am slowly incinerated by the Sun".
Also, my neck was apparently stolen by Aliens.

weekend was blah.
lunch at mecca cafe on saturday with Harry.
Came home to find strange barely speako Englo guy showing me his stab wounds. apparently he just got out of jail. he came home with UM to drink and some other slob was asleep on MY couch. Hi, CREEPY MUCH?

now that's QUALITY. Seriously. Oh, and then Dance party for the next 4 hours!

Sunday nice brunch at doug-e's.
Really tired of rain rain rain.


Foam Wars

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I Screwed up my links, history, etc. NICE.



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Feeling Deee-Lite-Ful

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I've been listening to Deee-lite non-stop at work the last few days. And thus their photos here. Easily one of the best and most underrated bands of all time in my Humble, Yet Correct, Opinion. Thank You.

This morning as I walked to my car - I realized that I felt Good, Healthy, strangely Normal. How often does such a thought occur to people? Certainly rarely to me.

Of course, 5.5 hours later I am feeling a little bloated from all the diet dr pepper I've been feeding on. SO there goes that fleeting sensation.

Good Lord I am HUNGRY.


can't stop the hilarity

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Revenge Of The Trolls

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Friday night had a quick dinner and a few beers with Steve and Doug-e at the deluxe. On a whim, we walked over to "the elite" and ordered a pitcher. The Elite is a small bar at the end of broadway that generally caters to an older gay crowd.

On this night, as we sat and drank our beer, the patrons all decided to sit and stare and scowl and comment to each other about us. This one little freak, who clearly wished he was Prince....well, an emaciated prince with a very large hearing aid and cheap full body leather biker outfit ( even though we saw him ride up on a very old 10-speed bike ) felt the need to glare at me and utter a "bah" every few seconds. he also brought his own 7-up cans.

Anyway, it was all very uncomfortable, so i went to pay - and the jackass charges me 15 bucks for the pitcher of redhook. I asked WTF and he said that's how much their pitchers were and suggest i go elsewhere if I didn't like it. Right.

SO I pay and we are walking out, and this skinny little thang in a sweat suit says "come again, boys" and another giant fat man next to him says "go back to Manray!"

CLEARLY - we will be going back to man ray and not this dump ever again.


and what is wrong with this picture ?

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I Know - here you are wondering what the hell TanQbaby was doing on the neighbour's back porch at 11:30 pm friday night, Right?

Bad Stupid Drunk Roommate!

Can anyone say Joyce ?



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my back is broke on a mountain

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I saw it friday. DEVASTATING is the only word I could manage. The whole film was so depressing I couldn't wait till it was over. It was an excellent film yes and deserving of all sorts of awards, but next time I want to be a depressed mess I will take a bunch of downers


Coffee Complexity

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If you walk into a Starbucks and order a
"decaf grande half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one Sweet-n'-Low and one NutraSweet"

... then you are a Huge Asshole.

that is all.


WORK : The Soap Opera

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Today work was a nightmare.
Machines breaking, people with ridiculous problems - one co-worker thinking that I disliked her so I was purposely making a printer not cooperate with her.
then there was Some seriously high school drama.
Lots of whining.
Been here since 7 am. Still here at 6:30.
working Lunch at my desk.

Didn't get a single "to-do" done.

SO, yeah ....some fun shit!


More Emergency Room Drama !

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not as exciting as it sounds, actually.
went to the ER tuesday AM with a crazy speeding heartbeat. it went on for 4 hours.
a little bit scary. they hooked me up to a heart monitor and I got the lay there for a couple hours. It was crazy freezing cold in the ER, too. Then they brought in some drunk homeless guy that had been hit by a car. He was a little messed up but was so drunk he didn't notice.

he asked me "what are you in for?" like we were in jail and I said "heart problem" and he says "I got hit by a car, man!" - like it was an achievment.

the took blood and such and I'm sleeping with a heart monitor until tonight. which is a lot like sleeping with a brick attached to your chest. it's hard to sleep with and TanQ hates it because it has a slight HUM and a little red light. Somehow it records heart activity and of course it hasn't happened again. Could be atrial fibrulation or probably related to mr thyroid.

last nigth I went to target and bougth myself this tiny little semi-triangular chest of drawers for beside my bed - it's like 15 inches high tiny. it was on clearance - cheap. this concludes my "christmas presents for me" shopping.

that is all.



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here's me in one of my sister's various living rooms - this one was decorated with baseball stuff - much to my sister's dismay. Anyway, the point is that the soft water in the midwest did terrible things to my skin. I felt like a teenager with all the zits and ingrown hairs I had goin' on. GROSS.

I haven't been blogging obviously.
Not a great deal to add to your already rich lives.

NYE was lo-key. Dinner with the Swentys, followed by a short champagne toast with the Burns...err, Lawrences. Was in bed before midnight. The girls were having a party and you know there is nothiggn LOUDER than Drunk, Obnoxious Lesbians.
well.....there's UM, yes.

Having a really hard time getting back to work.
Was feeling flu-ish and really drained on Tuesday.
Off work all weekend through some Miracle.
Hope to do very little and spend even less money.
How the HELL can rent, car payment and quarterly insurance all be due at once?

How The HELL can I talk about HELL if I Can't say HELL?