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I got almost 6 hours of sleep last night. I moved my bed back to where it was last saturday and I was out. Of course, then Ultimate Mess got up at 8am and started playing Dance Party USA. Nice - ASSHOLE! So inconsiderate.

Anway- was suppossed to go to Rob & Terry's party but steve is being an old man and doesn't want to do anything. Not really in the mood to go alone either. UM and Sarah are going bar hopping which is the LAST thing I wanna do on NYE. We'll see.




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June 21 - July 21

It could be that you are having a difficult time connecting with your emotions today, dear Cancer, because after not sleeping for 4 solid days you are dead and are now a living zombie. Things will run smoothly if you don't force yourself into trying to act like you are Alive if you aren't. Be honest about your emotions instead of feeling shameful of them - it's ok to be one of the living Dead. If you are feeling restless or negative, keep it to yourself - don't Eat anyone. Go for a long walk, preferably by a body of water - as long as there isn't a tsunami brewing, and make sure you indulge in a large, healthy meal tonight - No Carbs, of course!


Something Strange

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Last night was the 3rd night in a row with no sleep.

i just laid around feeling like i drank 10 pots of coffee. totally wired. I called my doctor yesterday and he told me to get some tylenol pm or doanes pm - i took the tylenol pm and NOTHING.

I called him this moring and he told me to come in, which i did and they took a blood and urine sample. Then my commedian doctor told me that my body could be trying to tell me that I have diabetes or cancer or something fun like that. i found that endlessly ammusing.


Tidal Wave

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I've only been reading the headlines because I don't want to sucked in like i did with 9/11, but it's harrowing. When i saw the death toll at 55,000 people .... i felt sick. Mother Nature is clearly pissed off.

I mentioned it to my roommate and he hadn't even heard about it. Barely a blip on most people's radar, I guess.

I'd like to go off an a tangent about how selfish and stupid people can be but it's a waste of typing.

good night and thank you.


I Can't Get No Sleep

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I don't know exactly what my problem is, but my body is very sensitive to things like being "level". I moved my bed Subday night and I know my floor is crooked but I have boards under 2 legs and actually used a level to see if it was.....

Anyway, didn't sleep a wink Sunday night, just rolled around. Totally exhaused but totally uncomfortable. Luckily I had Monday off. On Monday I Put another board under a different leg and flipped the mattress.. Now let me remind you that I just bought this mattress last summer and it was hard as a rock when i first got it. Now how do you think the other unslept on side felt? Hard as a rock! AT this point ( 2:30 am )I was developing a migraine, so i flipped it back and still didn't get to sleep. I got up and got ready for work, but let's face it - I cannot function without sleep, especiallly 2 nights worth.

I called Sunny and said HELL NO, which is not a huge deal because end of the year everyone is gone and little is going on. She just wanted me to come to work and Suffer like she is doing.

HERE is someone very pleased that I could not sleep at 2:30 am.

Christmas was nice and relaxing. Amazing prime rib ( best yet, Pat ! ) Watched a lot of James Bond because it was the "007 Days of Christmas" and then we actually played the 007 "scene it" game that steve got for Xmas. Sunday I worked at the mall and it wasn't too bad but i really am over retail- I'm not doing xmas retail ever again. It really spoils the whole holiday season for me.

Was feeding consuelo's cats and there was an unfortunate cat vomit accident. I had to break the news to her over the phone so her cats didn't get spanked when she discovered it. Poor grays!

Monday tried to do some post-xmas shopping but didn't find much. Went to target and got some left over xmas stuffand a pair of running shoes. stopped at Pat's work to see her but couldn't find her. Cleaned the house. Fun. Had dinner with Harriet Pottress at Coastal Kitchen.

You are now up to speed.



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I'm off to steve and pat's to gorge myself on prime rib and other deliciousness. Pat's xmas eve dinner of ham and homemade scallopped potatoes will be hard to beat but her prime rib is to kill for.

I hope ye all have a nice christmas if ye be celebratin' it.



It's Madness !

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The mall is open until midnight and I work tonight. The shoppers now have this insane bloodlust in their eyes and they are really getting snotty, too.

Luckily, the owners of the store have a greats ense of humour and could care less about the whiners. One woman demanded that I get on the phone and start calling random stores to find her item, which we didn't even carry. I asked her if she was insane. She started to get all belligerent and I just told we were just too busy to fulfill her request.

I refuse to be stressed tonight.

I'm not going to get all bent out of shape just because people have left their shopping until the last second. Again, I work with Johnny, who is this hysterical little shithead, so It's all tolerable. His friend stopped in the other night and Johnny introduced me as "Big Gay Tim".
Funny? He's 17 - so it's forgiveable.

I tried to buy a watch the other night, but there was only one guy working and about 10 small Asian women with a very limited grasp of English taking all of his time. I'll try after Christmas.

Happy Whatever, to you and yours.


Here's The Thing

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Gift Cards and Gift Certificates stress me out.
I mean it's great to have the freedom to buy your own gift, but I get stressed out in my own thinking that it has to be perfect super fabulous amazing and not just something random that I kinda want at the time.
I have a $50 Bellevue Square Gift cert and I'm trying to decide what to buy. I think I need a nice silver dressy watch. I saw some really cool ones at Pennies but they were really cheap and therefore probably crap. There's also a couple of PeeWee's playhouse dvd box sets that I want, but I think the watch is more important.

I'm off Tuesday, Thrusday and friday this week and only have a handful of gifts left to buy so there shouldn't be a problem. I went to Target last night to buy one more Bratz for my neice, but they were already sold out. RUDE!

Saturday night, Steve and I went to a couple of parties - one in South Seattle and another in Wallingford. Drank way too many vodka redbull's at the 2nd party and was absolutely wired all night. We then went to a strange little club called crash or chill or something like that and it was just a big room with pounding techno music and candles lit everywhere and then big tables full of booze bottles. a few random people walking around and no bouncers or anything. it was hella strange. Anyway, I wasn't hung over but continued to be wired thru sunday night. Had a late lunch with Steve and his brother James, who is just like Steve except he's somehow more sarcastic.

working a half day today and NOW I'm getting a headache. Malling tonight with Johnnie so that should be amusing.

Debbie just handed me "a little something for under your tree" in a HUGE box. I'll bring office people presents on Wednesday.

Consuello is flying out to New Mexico on Wednesday and I'm feeding her cats. This is her 3rd trip this month ( one was not planned ) and I think I've spent more time with the Grays than she has! BAD MOTHER! ( just kidding! Have a good trip and a nice holiday, Consuelo! )

There is a large stuffed snowman in our lobby with a motion sensor that plays random holiday muzak when you walk by it. It has driven me nuts every Christmas for the last 3 years and I'm about ready to throw it off the roof. Maybe I'll just put it in the elevator and press the up button?

That is all.


Super Duper Pooper Scooper

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Sorry, I just haven't been in the mood to write since I got backfrom Vacation.
I really don't want to work and mostly just want to sleep.

Going back to the mall while the Christmas shopping season is in full swing was a bit SHOCKING. People are such massive Assholes during the Holidays. I haven't told anyone off yet but have came pretty close a couple of times.

Developed a nasty Migraine on Wednesday that lasted until Friday.

Work is a bit frustrating. There's not a lot to do because it's end of the year, but the seattle office has lost their office manager and the admin assistant is on vacation, leaving a temp to do all the work and she just doesn't get it. I have offered to help as much as I can but have recieved a hefty chunk of attitude about it - meaning not being in my office.

I have a lot of vacation left to use but I don't want to leave our office understaffed. On the other hand, I've worked my ass off all year and earned the vacation time, right? I'll probably be off a lot after this week and just be "on call" for emergencies or something.

What else? the Roommate is doing his best impression of Joyce, the former roommate. Lots of small things pissing me off- i probably Just won't put up with much after Joyce.

Christmas Cards. I decided against them. Just something else to stress me out.

It's always something, ya know?

Peace & Junk


Back and Stuff

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My vacation was mostly fun. A bit long with periods of boredom ( which i am not used to ) but it was good. Spent quality time with family and old friends.

Friday night out with Mike, Jermey, Tony & Crew was a blast.

My flight back was excellent. A mostly empty plane and an entire row to myself. the space waitresses didn't even bring the carts out, the would just pop by ever 15 minutes or so and ask if we needed anything. I even dozed off a few times ( ME? Sleep on a plane? )

TanQ was very glad to see me and has kept very close to me. Constantly purring.

I didn't get much sleep last night. Too wired or something.
Work at the mall tonight and tomorrow night. 2 nights in a row is rough.

all in all glad to be back.



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Still in Iowa, was at a local watering hole with some Sean, Mark & Bridgeette.

My dad was out of town but I got a panicked cell phone call from my mom around 12:30(am). she sounded scared and said her heart was racing and couldn't breathe.

I literally raced home ( it took 12 minutes ) and we went to the Emergency Room. She was pale, shaking and disoriented.

It soon passed and they hooked her up to machines and did tests for 3 and a half hours.I got to take her home and she seems fine now.

It was very scary. I had a hard time sleeping - I went to her room a few times to listen to make sure she was breathing.

I feel terrible that I live 1500 miles away.
This was a rather eye opening experience. It's easy to function while assuming that life is fine and everyone is healthy, but I now realize that both my parents are 65 and life gets complicated at that age.

anyway, thanks for reading. Heading back to Minneapolis in a few minutes and Flying back to Seattle and my real life Saturday afternoon.