This Is Your Weekend Update

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it's a stressful time. UM not having a job is casting a dark shadow over everything, especially my bank account. I don't understand how someone could be trying to find a job and yet still be unemployed for 5 weeks.

Since I'm paying Um's rent, don't really have any extra cash to do anything fun ( especially after last week's car issues ). My dad always says "It's always somethin'" and it's true.

I'm hating life.


"Office Space" - Superfriends Version

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Hilarious. You'll need quicktime.




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look at this MAP

I drive from A to B and back again 6 days a week. If traffic was this beautiful at 5:11 everyday I would be a much happier person.

Seeing what is inhabiting the White House these days, It's hardly a holiday to me.

Friday was a very expensive car day. I don't want to talk about it, though. i might get a little choked up. Ok, I will say that it was less than $1000 to get it fixed - $1.23 less than $1000 to be exact. I had the money so it's not a huge deal but I can't help but think this only happened because the powers that be refuse to let me live a stressfree life and wouldn't want me to have any savings.

Friday night saw the Legendary Eartha Kitt at Jazz Alley. Fabulous.
Saturday worked at the mall and then hung out with Steve and then went out with Eddie & borther James. Was suppossed to meet UM but he was already a drunk mess and wandered home before I got out. Was out until 4am but luckily did NOT have any Joyce encounters.

Sunday had lunch with Steve & Erin and her offspring at pegasus in Alki. Gorgeous clear day but it was extremely cold. back to steve's for laundry, cd organizing and BEAR!
did some quick shopping and dinner at applebee's. Some lengthy conversations on the joys of being single ( or not ) and how luckily we are to have friends to see us through the rough spots.

that is all.


Weekly Whine

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01 - Why are some people so stupid that you have to explain the simplest things again and again? And Again ? Could You be any dumber?

02 - Why are some people so bloated with self importance that they reply to anything they don't like with "that's unacceptable" ? I don't give a Fuck what You find "Unacceptable" - Seriously.

03 - Why is it that I have been going to the same dry cleaner every week for the last 6 years and they still don't remember my name ? Walsh is a complicated one, I know.

04 - Why do some people go through life expecting someone else to pull their weight and support them ? Are you the Queen of England?

05 - Why do so many people ( and large corporations ) believe that I can get blood from a stone ? See #2

06 - Why can no one in the Seattle region drive when it is drizzling ? Or when the sun is out ? or when the Earth is revolving around the sun ?

07 - Why do certain people watch tv all day and assume you will buy them food, cigarrettes and pay their rent ? ( oooh, I think I already mentioned this one )

08 - Why can't I find a decent human being to date? No Bears!

09 - Why do I put up with all the shit in my life that I hate ? I must love strife and Squallor !

10 - Why did I even bother posting this list of "why"'s ?


Extremely Sour

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woke up really early today in a sour mood.

Ultimate Mess lost his job. Has had a few interviews but nothing yet. I'm looking for "help wanted" signs wherever I go. He's not trying very hard - he needs to take anything.
I'm obligated to pay his rent if he can't by the lease.

I am all sorts of stressed out about this. Stressed out about money in particular. Cars, Trips, etc. I would Whore myself out but I don't think anyone would pay for it.

I've lost 5 more pounds.

the weekend was uneventful. the usual.

I'm REALLY hungry. That "eat your arm off" hunger that isn't easily cured. I want a bucket of KFC, 200 chicken nuggets from wendy's with marie's chunky bleu cheese dressing and 16 ultimate bacon cheeseburgers from Jack in the Box.

in reality, it's a Salad day. good times.


I Love Bubble Wrap, You Love Bubble Wrap

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