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My desk is clean and that can only mean one thing : VACATION

i'm in minneapolis from friday night til the 9th.
will probably be on here as i won't be up to much except playing replacement soccer mom while my sister is in italy.

enjoy it.


Up All Night....Again

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the rock band next door was at it again until almost midnight.

I have left them notes, talked to them in person and all that asking them to keep it down after 11pm - but they don't listen. their basement is kind of soundproofed, so all you hear is this LOUD throbbing bass.

I was so annoyed about it last night that i grew a big old migraine and was up all night.

I don't want to be an asshole and call the cops because i remember what it's like to be young and dumb.



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The Office Fishtank

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The 8 dollar and 8 inch high plastic Office Fish tank. it goes well with my "Exotica" Lounge cd.

Sure, it's retarded - but there's something oddly soothing about it.

In mpls from the 31st to the 9th. I hope the weather is decent - actually, I hope it's cold - I intend to watch movies the entire time.

that is all.


V For Vendetta

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V also stands for VERY GOOD MOVIE.



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I was jamming to the Xanadu soundtrack on the way to work and was a little sad to think what the peeps in the cars around me might think. this album was also huge for me in 1980.

I don't think enough people give it up for Olivia Newton John anymore. She was my first gay icon.

or maybe I'm just full of shit?


Stuff on my cat revisited

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In 1979 - When i was 8 yrs old, I hijacked my eldest brother Thom' s copy of Blondie's "eat to the beat" album. "Atomic" and "dreaming" - so cool and grown up! It made my Goofy gold and Loony tunes lps OBSOLETE.
My sister bought me "Autoamerican" a year later. "the tide is high", "rapture" and "call me". I think i had the '45's, too. I was all sorts of into them. I would watch American bandstand and video jukebox hoping that they would be on there. I don't recall any of my friends caring about such at the time. Being the youngest of 4 kids, I was constantly hearing the stuff my 2 brothers and sister were into. Years later they would start taking cues from me ( because I rule ).

How hip I was at such a young age. I recently got the reissues of both these albums and relived the days of jamming out in my parent's living room, rocking out in my HUGE earphones. My mom would come and tell me to keep it down as I was singing along so loudly.

On the otherhand, I have even earlier memories of rocking out in the huge headphones to ABBA, Bobby Vinton, Johnny Mathis and...GASP..Barbra Striesand's "superman" album. I'm sure that one was because of a song called "Superman" and not some under 8 yr old's pre-homo obsession with Babs.

OK, not really, But "Actor" Channing Tatum sure is Purty. I'll marry him as soon as I divorce Paul Walker.



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What is up with my cat?
She now needs me to watch her as she eats.
if I am home, she needs me to monitor her, pet her and talk to her. or she screams at me like I'm a mean negligent parent.
Maybe she thinks something or someone is going to attack her as her back is turned?



Good Day Then

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This morning I was listening to Sarah Brightman and remembering how I used to torment my roommate at the time, MARK, with a certain ear shattering song called "a question of honour".

I can't stand that song myself, but it was hilarious.

weekend was low key, lots of lounging. watched an "I love toys" marathon on vh1. did a little shopping. Still have the nose cancer. Spent quality time with my 2 closest friends. It was a good weekend for hot guys in resturants, too. Especially one waiter name "skyler".


Here Comes The Storm Again

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View from my 18th floor office on friday late afternoon.
Creepy black clouds, thunder & lightening and Hail that flies UP.



like sands through the hours glass

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Monday night I was feeling all whiney and needy so I treated myself to my favorite Chinese food - Mongolian beef at Wok-n-grill ( very North broadway, BTW ). Sad how empty the place is now that seattle has a smoking ban. i was alone in the place, drinking my bud light, waiting for my to go order...at 9 pm. Sad times.

at the same time - I could have been there drinking my sorrows away - alone on a monday night at 9pm. So, sad times is all perspective, I guess.

we used to go there all the time. the owner is from my home town in Iowa. He used to get some good gay cds for the jukebox for us - kylie, madonna, cher, eartha kitt.
I have to walk by the Elite to get there...I always scowl at the troll folk inside since that little incident.

Mall tuesday and wednesday night. Work is really stupid right now.

Nose cancer is clearing up. Still crazy hurts, though.



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the very best album of 2005 finally released in the US today. Neverheard of them? - well, this is the album Madonna tried her darndest to make, but "Confessions on a Dancefloor" wasn't even close.

I would suggest buying it. it's really quite tremendous.



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mostly spent the weekend at home.
A week of colds, sore throasts and what-nots has left me with a nose FILLED TO THE FREAKIN' BRIM with ColdSores. Mostly inside, some on top. OUCH.

I look and feel like a burn victim. or the Elephant man. I had to go to target to get cat supplies and I swear everyione was staring at me and I wanted to scream in my best slurred voice "I Am NOT AN ANIMAL - I AM A HUMAN BEING!"

Ok, it's not that obvious, but gross enough for me to not want to be seen. My best pal Steve said "what the hell is up with your nose?" NICE.

Am I upset the brokeback mountain didn't win best picture? Sort of, but it was more for gay rights advancement issues than actual love of the film.. the sad thing is "crash" is not a film I would ever subject myself to. Several friends have told me it's a far better film than BBM but also that it's already been done to death.

SO, Whooppeee.
I did manage to get my room clean and laundry done, so I did accomplish something this weekend.

Also, in continuing to explore the Carpenters boxset I purcheased for an amazing $9.99 a few weeks ago, I watched the dvd of videos. Sad to watch poor Karen waste away - especially towards the end where she was so skeletal she couldn't keep her arms down.



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the Angry Alien Bunnies do Broke Back Mountain HERE



And Who The Hell Needs Sleep ?

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I Clearly Don't! I would clearly rather listen to the Carpenters at 3:30 am. and Now it's 4:43 am, I'm wide awake and debating going in to work.

If I crash now- I will never get out of bed again.

the cat is pissssssed.

Edit: 5:44 now I'm at work. Traffic was beautiful!


I Think It's CooKoo

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i have been fighting a crazy flu since sunday.

I discovered that if you mix 48 hours worth of:
Excedrin - migraine
Tussin cough
mithamazole (thyroid)

You will lay in your bed, miserable, with a pounding headache that won't let you sit still and you will be sweating your guts out even though a fan is blowing full blast...

and as if that wasn't too much fun already....

you will Hallucinate about ghostly Mexicans surrounding your bed, directing you (in spanish, even though you do not speak spanish) on how to give Birth with each part of your body numbered in glow in the dark white ( left forearm #16, Belly #26 ) and later you will worry about pillow and sheet placement in relation in bill paying systems.

thus was last night from roughly midnight to 4am.

Beat that!