State of The Onion

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This is a "worry about political bullshit" week for me.

I was furious when I read about Microsoft caving to the Nutcase Redmond Preacher ( STORY )
I'm tired of hearing about this guy. As usual, It's the freaks that make the most noise that define a group of people.

I'm horrifed that the right wing control of the GOP has never been as plain as day and yet I'm hearing barely a complaint about it.

Separation of church and state....I fear it'll be gone soon. Why do I blame for the sad state of the Union?
Complacent Americans that are too fucking busy with their own neat little lives to pay attention, have an opinion and do their part to shape democracy ( Vote ).

I refuse to believe that over half of America is fine with the Right Wing doing their best to Take control of the country. It's funny. These people are nothing like what would be considered "christian" by any stretch of the imagination.

Jesus Christ was the Ultimate Liberal.

"The one book of the bible that says homosexuality is a sin also condemns eating pork and says it's quite ok to own slaves. Also, Divorce is extensively condemned.

I'm sick of the hypocrisy. You can't pick and choose what is an abomination.

The new pope contardicts himself all the time. He's got one foot in this century and the other in the 18th. Maybe he was picked because the voters could see that this is a time in flux : things could be very different ( pro or con ) within the next decade?

On the other hand : it's possible that the aforementioned complacent Amercians need a violent and unsettling wake up call.

I read an article about Ann Coulter ( who i despise ) and it was quite eye opening. I know view her as more of an entertainer as it's hard to piece together facts about her personal life with traits of her on screen, on air, in oprint persona. She has buitl a career on stirring shit to a group of people easily stirred. Why isn't there a liberal version of her?

Sorry for the jumbled rant.



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This is a post about nothing.

I have nothing to say of any real value.

Been working at the Seattle most of this week. Haven't slept a wink for some stupid reason.
Had dinner at Outback last night - their food has an australian flavor suppossedly - I'll see when I get to sydney.

I'm beginnign to wonder how I'm going to have any money for australia and stay on top of bills and then go home for my sister's wedding in june. The medical bills are mounting.

This is a huge Sucking period in my otherwise fabulous life.


Jeeps Peeps & Creeps

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Today I'm sitting at the Seattle office playing receptionist.

It's interesting how people react to a male voice in the receptionist role.
Maybe it's my voice that makes people assholes but they certainly are to me at least.
They also act a little different when they walk in and see me.

I could be imaging things, I guess.

I'm getting confused with all my drugs. I need one of those pill scheduling things that I see old ladies carring around. Or maybe a little beeper to go off every 6 and 8 hours.

I'm getting pretty stoked about Australia. Been looking at touristy things like zoo's, aquariums, etc. It should be a blast. Steve isn't quite as excited but then he's been all over the place.
I have 4 Goals for Australia:

I need to see:
A Kangaroo
A Koala
A Shark ( Thru Glass, I hope! )
A Kylie Minogue

Reasonable goals, I thinks.

SO, Friday was a Bust.
Went to Manray at 7 to meet Tommy & pals before heading to Garbage at the Paramount.
Everyone got good and toasty before we walked down ( as not to spend huge $ at the paramount ). Sauntered on down the street to find Garbage had cancelled/postponed/whatever. Hopefully, they won't rescedule while I'm in australia - maybe someone would buy my ticket if that was the case?

Disappointed, we strolled back up the hill.
Ended up hanging with UM, eddie, Tracy, Gene & Brother James at CC's, the Puff and The Madison Pub. Nothing to report, really. It was a waste of time & energy.

Malled on Saturday and did laundry at Steve's Sunday. Pat made plastic turkey for dinner.

Sunday night my legs felt weird. tingly and creaky. I was sure I was going to wake up paralyzed so I ended up stressing so much i couldn't sleep.

Spent several hours this morning playing receptionist at the seattle office. Is it really worth my time to be away from my own work to be over there playing receptionist? My boss was little horrified when he called there and I answered the phone. whatever.

forgot my drugs so I had to run home during my lunch break. Robert has decided that TanQ is german and Kitty-bitzen was glad to see me.

I recently bought shakespear's sister "hormonally yours" on cassette for 99 cents. been reliving 1992 in my car.

Someday, when I grow up - I'll have a cd player in my car. and everyone else will have something new and cooler. Built in ipods or something like that.


Let's take another Ambulance ride

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it happened AGAIN saturday morning.
this time they knew what to do and I drank some potassium and then I was fine.

they upped my dosages and added a potassium supplement to the mix. Also, should this happen again I can take 3 of the potassium pills and be back to normal shortly.


Saturday and sunday nights I was afraid to fall asleep. Not a wink last night.