The Earth Continues to Turn

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i have to work in 30 minutes at the mall but it's been a weird day.

My landlord is renovating the apartment in front of mine and began hammering away at about 8:30. My bedroom ceiling shares part of that space so I couldn't stay in bed.

Mattress called at 10 to remind me that people are going out tonight for halloween
...oh, and it's his birthday. Hint?

Steve called around 10:30 to tell me how Gross portland is.

11:30 my dad calls and tells me my mother is in the hospitol. While he's telling me what's going on I all but book an emergency flight ...but he forbids me to come home and tells me everything should be fine. Apparently her heart was racing out of control for more than an hour and she finally called a neighbour and went to the ER. My dad was way up north on a fishing trip and he dropped everything and raced home. My heart absolutely sunk when he first told me. That horrible "helpless Oh My God" feeling. the worst feeling ever. EVER.

I was so flipped out my this call ( can you blame me? ) I couldn't sit around home with the noise so I went to easy street records and snooped around. I bought "best of the motels", "Best of M People" and Goldfrapp "Twist" - I am presently all about Goldfrapp. I know a lot of people that like them but only kneow one or two songs that I did like but hadn't really given them a chance. But now I have and I'm seriously hooked.

Now I'm sitting in my office farting around and killing time before going to work at belle square.

Good times, great oldies. I bought this great "costume" for tonight - just doing some bar hopping. I'll try to get a picture taken so I can share.

Happy halloween !



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SOME SICK FUN - I Stole this from So-Nay.

Warning - If you are LAME, you will be offended - However, if you are Lame - what the Hell are you doing reading my Blog ?




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Haven't been in the mood to Blog.

Nothing going on but the rent, really.
Oh, and car disorder and utter financial ruin.
Same old same old same old.

been having lovely intense headaches lately. Stress Kills!

i've lost 30 pounds but I'm stuck there - but I shouldn't complain. a mere 35 to go!

halloween potluck at work tomorrow. close at the kitchen shoppe on saturday and then suppossed to go out - but I don't know.

Steve is off to portland to visit his boy. brava for him.

i'd rather curl up with a book and tanq baby and hibernate all weekend which is what i think i intend to do.

happy halloweenie!

oh yeah...


Can I Just Say....

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....That I AM SO FREAKIN' HUNGRY???????

This diet allows me to eat a lot but i am never full and I just want to eat and eat and eat. I had a mushroom burger with no bun and a side of 'slaw and i feel i could have eaten 6 of those burgers. the weight loss is nice and i feel healthier but WOW- DO I ever want to eat my arm off !

it's a pretty nothing week. The various car insurgencies of last week has left my poor bank account bone dry. And that is frustrating. it's frustrating to be as HELLA old as I am and actually be broke.

I'm planning my MIDWEST INVASION 2004 for November 18th thru the 3rd of Decemeber. It will be weird to be away from both jobs for over 2 weeks but I seriously need the time away. Will be good to relax and re-connect with the family. And also see old friends like Sean & Jay, Mike, Markie et all.

I'll be all nervous about TanQ the whole time, though. Ultimate Mess does not take care of her. Maybe she can stay with steve the whole time?

It's Tuesday. Boring day. Cruddy weather. Yippee & RAH !


The Parking Ramp Murders !

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Yesterday some Jackass tried to murder me with his planet sized SUV - speeding along in the parking ramp and on the wrong side of the drive. had he not noticed me and slammed on his brakes i probably would have been killed in my little tin can ford. Then he has the BALLS to get out and yell at me for not paying attention. he didn't want to hear that he was going 40 in a cramped underground parking ramp and on the wrong side of the drive because he didn't want to drive over the speed bumps! SO we exchanged some choice words and he drove off...and guess what the fucking AssFace had on his bumper in huge letters? BUSH 2004. SO, that clearly proves it - Bush supporters are assholes. :)

that's like the 3rd confrontation i've had in the parking ramp in 3 months. People in this building are assholes. the first was I apparently parked too close to this womans beemer ( and it was the cheapest beemer that everyone drives ) and she happened to be there when i got to my car and she tried to rip me a new hole but i told her to act her age. Another crazy old woman screamed at me because she didn't like my anti-shrub bumper sticker. i tried to be rational with her but once she started swearing at me and telling me I didn't know anything and didn't deserve to vote i called her a "raving cunt" and told her to fuck off - as politely as possible, of course.

I've been up since 3:30 because that's when TanQ decided to blow chunks on my rug. after cleaning it up i went and had a glass of fake milk ( Chocolate "Carb Countdown", Thank You! ) and then i couldn't get back to sleep. SO - I did some reading, surfed the internet(s)...got to work at 7:30. I'm kinda tired but I feel like i've accomplished a lot already today ( it's 11:17 now ).

what else? i hate my bank but then i will always hate my bank - no matter what bank it is.

i'm leaving early. This I promise myself!

Steve is going away for the weekend to Portland and UM closes every night. I want to go to the timberline super late saturday night to see my bud Eda dance ( at like 3 am! ).

Lord, I am Bored. Fer days!


Let Me Whine

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I reckon I spend about 8 hours a week in traffic and/or commuting. Roughly 400 hours a year and almost 2000 in the 5 years I've worked in Bellevue. INSANITY !

I'm not an impatient person but NOTHING pisses me off more than waiting for someone - especially if it's a whole Bunch of someone's that have no freaking concept of how to drive. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. Isn't that fair?

The primary reason I would love to work in Seattle-proper instead of Hellevue is traffic. imagine a 10 - 20 minute commute? I can't imagine anything more glorious! the very thought brings a tear to my eye.

Tonight is low key. Going to curl up on the couch with TanQ and watch a bad old horror movie hosted by Elvira. And I'm talking OLD - 1950's old. "House on haunted Hill" or maybe "Night of the living Dead" - the Originals.

It's fun to watch these lame old films and imagine how shocking they were when they were released - people's brains weren't quite as warped and jaded then. there weren't countless web sites that ruined the "shocking" suprises. I bet people then had a really different sense of wonder and amazement.


These Things Take Time

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I've been very restless and not sleeping lately. I feel like I'm missing something or I'm forgetting to do something. I can't quite place it but it's frustrating.

the weight loss is coming along nicely but i'm hungry all the time and cranky.
Oh - when am I not cranky?

Been really missing my family lately, too. Probably because I haven't seen them since 2003 ?
I was off work today and felt out of place. Like "how can I possibly NOT be at work?" I've forgotten how to have time off and forgotten how to relax. And that sucks hardcore.

I feel old. I have random aches and pains. I'm falling apart.

I watched "the day after tomorrow" tonight....and It made me miss home. Dumb movie, though.
Ultimate Mess was watching "Fahrenheit 911" last night but I couldn't watch. The sound of George Bush's voice makes me want to throw up.

for some fun polical humour, go to www.jibjab.com and watch "this land". HYSTERICAL!


Snooze Button

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Tuesday and still getting over this cold, which for some reason is keeping me awake at night now. Even with a healthy dose of nyquil. Ultimate Mess is slowly getting his crap squared away and the apartment smells and feels different now that Joyce is gone. much more clam. and clean. did I mention clean?

TanQ is not pleased with her new roommate. they hiss and scowl at each other whenever they are close. He needs to ignore her the way Joyce did.

Weekend was brief and mellow. didn't do much at all. went to Alki with Pat on Sunday and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

I don't wanna be at work today, I just want to sleep. Definitely need a haircut. Today. it's gross.

Wednesday Night at the mall I very suddenly was slammed with a cold and itchy throat. Ended up croaking and hacking all night long. Stayed home thursday and layed in bed. Hacking and croaking.

Ultimate Mess's lovely friend who was going to help him move somehow "Forgot" and Robert and I ended up doing it ourselves. he borrowed "Dean the mess"'s car and it only took two trips.
Dj Dave from the Full Biz is helping move the bed and then he's done.

I should have been resting instead of running around and now, of course, i feel like she-ite.

Again with the financial ruin, I'm spending all weekend in bed.

enjoy yours.