Pumpkin MURDERS !

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Someone killed our pumpkins - pushed them off our porch to their untimely doom.

I think it was Um in a drunken stupor or perhaps the lesbians upstairs? I noticed their's weren't smooshed.

Steve's somehow survived with just a head wound.



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1. Glamazonia - our 8 foot drag queen hostess
2. me and a sister of perpetual indulgance

I went to gay bingo tonight with steve and doug-e and friends of doug-e.

it was in this huge like navy building on lake union not far from my home.

I was kinda fun and festive but, for various reasons some would consider bitchy, I felt very uncomfortable and didn't want to be there. After 3 hours, I was extremely irritated and when everyone decided to go to manray afterwards - I declined.

So now I'm sitting at home, pissed off, at 10:53 on a saturday night.

i have a problem with hot confined places packed with people. just not fun to me. period. sorry.
I also just fukkin' HATE drunk people when I am sober. Especially obnoxious people. Even more Especially obnoxious gays and lesbians.

and that makes me a bitch.

and I say OH WELL.

I took these pictures on my phone but am not sure how to get them to be bigger. still working on this new phone thing.



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my sister's ex husband's neice was beaten to death by her boyfriend thursday night.

She was 25.

I knew her pretty well as a little girl and I'm a little wreaked and flipped out about this.

.................and that is all.


Dead Smurfs

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I saw this commercial on cnn last night. HYSTERICAL!

"the cartoon Smurfs and their village are seen being bombed by airplanes. The recent advertising campaign by Unicef, both in print and on television, is intended to teach schoolchildren about the horrors of war. The title in French at left bottom reads 'Don't let war deystroy the world of children'"


Killing Me

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01. work is killing me
02. frequent headaches are killing me
03. return to car payment land is also killing me
04. 14 hrs days are killing me
05. Stupid Republicans are killing me
06. this 14 sneezes in a row cold is killing me
07. did i mention work?

whine whine whine

when something worth cheering about happens I'll be sure to post it here.


yeah whatever

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it's been a rather brutal week.
the stress of getting 80 hrs of work done in a 40 hr work week is making my hair turn gray and fall out.

oh...it already was?

no plans for the weekend, really. Hopefully just sleeping in.

malling tonight. yad yada

cut my hair off, too.

and that is all.


The Minogue Conspiracy

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pic 1. Kylie - a few years ago
pic 2. Dannii on tv yesterday
pic 3. dannii on tv yesterday
pic 4. dannii in 1992

After Kylie cancelled her tour, we wondered why her sister Dannii couldn't just fill in. I love Dan. She's a trashier, less talented verison of Kylie but not really all that different from her sister.

As you can see, it certainly looks like she has had a truckload of plastic surgery over the years ( to look more like kylie?) - all the more startling in the middle 2 pictures taken like Yesterday.

as Kylie undergoes cancer treatment, I hope Dannii isn't plotting to kill her off and then pass herself off as her much more successful sister. I've been saying this since day one of the cancer announcement.

And that is all.



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I just heard someone say "Isn't it funny how everything works itself out?"

and to that I say "Isn't it HYSTERICAL how everytime I see a light at the end of the tunnel - some huge hand comes down from the heavens and snuffs it out?"

I'm wondering what babies I murdered in a former life to be deserving such a bad hand.

The Gods, whomever they may be, must really have a beef with me.

Listen to me whine.

whine whine WHINE.

That.....is All.


They Say

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It seems to me that as we grow older - our "comfort zones" Shrink around us.

In my old age I am nearly totally uncomfortable doing anything unusual or different. This has been bothering me the last few days.

( see what happens when i don't have a cellphone? My brain starts to function )

tonight I was sitting here feeling restless and quite bored out of my mind and decided to get up and go somewhere, so I walked my fat ass down to the water and looked at all the cool houses and sat for a bit with the same ducks we fed last sunday.

it was refreshingly chilly and there was a great dusk view of lake union and I could smell someone grilling steak on one of the houseboats.

it's funny how the little things like a beautiful view and a delicious smell will stick in your mind so briefly. Tomorrow I won't remember either of them.

I'm rambling.
I really don't have anything to say.


Various Borrowed Funnies

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I saw HELLBENT a couple of weeks ago and have been mulling over my opinion on it.
It's billed as "the First gay Horror Flick" and for the most part I Loved it.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love horror movies, so a gay horror movie is right up my alley. For a gay movie, this one had no "gay apology" - which I found very refreshing. There was no homophobia or gay bashing to deal with, although the killer himself may be the ultimate homophobic gay basher? That would be my one gripe - you never get any reasoning or motive for the killings - ok, the four main characters moon the killer in the woods - but since when is mooning someone reason enough to get murdered?

the main characters are a group of four friends and you get some decent character build up and that made it kind of sad for me to see them getting stalked and offed in some pretty gruesome scenes.

Great line from Toby ( the drag queen ) after he barfs in a garbage can: "I'm Ok - I didn't need the calories anyway".

It's in limited release now and will probably be on dvd shortly. I'll be buying it.