So, it's a not so secret shame that I love a few of Blake Lewis' songs. (I Try not to hold it against him too much that he's from Americna Idol). There are some great mixes by Dave Aude and Jason nevins and then this one by Bimbo Jones and it's actually a great song on top of a fucking Killer remix. So there.


Scissor Sisters' Roxy Music Cover from 2009

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"do the strand". I think everybody pretty much missed this. It's actually pretty excellent.


when really terrible meets kinda awesome

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sigourney weaver. kitties. how can you lose?

( Jeni - watch for the gray cat. )


In The Defense Of Randomness

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an amazing live version of 'the girl and the robot". Royksopp featuring Robyn live club nokia los angeles 11.18.09

this is easily my best song of 2009. Royksopp are amazing on their own. Add Robyn and hello multi orgasm.


Cute Shit

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Honestly? I Got nothing.

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so just look at my clean living room!

honestly. seriously. nada.