Excellent! "All The Lovers" Video.

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Gorgeous new video for kylie's single "all the lovers". Bravo to her for actually having same sex couples mashing along with everyone else. I love the giant pile of people and the white horse/elephant/dove imagery. this is huge. LOVE.

EDIT : Sorry, can't be embedded because parlophone are DOUCHEBAGS. go HERE to watch.


Happy Birthday Siouxsie Sioux

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Mizz Susan Banshee is 53 today. a few of my favorites ( which I'm sure I have posted here 800 times previously )

Candyman (86)

Dazzle (84)

Standing there ( the creatures 89 )

Kiss them for me
(91) - I love her little super hero outfit in this one.

About to happen (2008)


Hello, Dannii

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the other Minogue and her Baby Daddy. Put your tongue back in your mouth.



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New Goldfrapp Video for "Alive'. Hardly my favorite song on the album but the video is just plain Awesomeness. it's like Alice Cooper, Stevie Nicks and olivia Newton-John's aborted Satan baby at aerobics class. Enjoy!


Ladies & Gentlemen..Miss Grace Jones

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the Legendary Miss Grace Jones is 62 today. Cheers, Grace! ( and can we get another killer album like "hurricane" ASAP, please? )


New Kylie . Tremendous!

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This and that

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you would think that I would have tons of stuff to blog about after taking such a long break from posting ( AND POSTING ENDLESS YOUTUBE VIDEOS. )

sadly that is not the case.

I can't Bitch about work [ although that would be a really lengthy bitchy post ] because some of those people read this.

I can't bitch about my love life - because, again, that person reads this.

I can't bitch about my sex life - because I'm a little embarrassed at how out of control I have been recently...ok, since last August.

Instead...here's a few new songs I am loving.

Kelis "acapella" ( Killer track and fab video )

Andy Bell "non stop" ( freakin' awesome )

Scissor Sisters "invisible light - stuart price mix "

Robyn "Fembot"