Rilo Kiley

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saw Rilo Kiley at the showbox saturday with Consuelo, Heidi, Bree & Luigi. They are Consuelo's Favorite band but I had only heard them last week. It was a great show and they are excellent live. My only complaint is that there were 2 bands before them and standing for 3 and a half hour was not so fun.
Thanks Again, Consuelo.

anyway, they are kind of alt-folky pop rock with a touch of country twang.

Here's the video for "Silver lining"

"It's A Hit"


Consuelo said...


I Had the best time!!!!

Opener #1 sucked.

Opener #2 would have been better if he played his good songs.

Rilo Kiley was AWESOME. Thank you for going with!