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"Just what you would expect but simultaneously exactly what you wouldn't expect. Siouxsie the iconic enigma. The enigmatic icon."

Siouxsie Sioux ( Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Creatures ) releases her first solo album in the US October 2nd. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and am Ready to talk about it.

The first single, "Into A Swan", Leaked onto youtube early Augsut. The video is great, She looks gorgeous but I was a little put off by the voice. Granted she's 50 years old. She smokes and drinks and generally has a good time which means she is beating her vocal chords to death. It took me a while to get used to this newer, deeper and often reaching-for-keys-that-don't-exist-voice. I got the album a few weeks later and was equally shocked.

Produced by Steve Evans ( From Robert Plant's "Strange Sensation" ) and Charlie Jones ( Goldfrapp ) The album sounds like Siouxsie singing Someone else's songs, backed by someone else's band. Several of the songs were immediately enjoyable others gave me the horrors. buyt this is not a bad thing. Most Siouxsie releases have those moments for me. For Instance: Hybrid, Drifter, Falling down, O Baby, Godzilla! and Fruitman come to mind.

I Played it to friends to almost universal approval. A Long time fan and friend remains horrified. Apparently it's better to retire than keep singing when you don't sound just like you did on JuJu. HA!

It all grew on me rather suddenly with 2 small exceptions.
Track by Track:

Into A Swan
- a suprising intro. Fuzzy guitars. Comeback lyrics.
About To Happen - Umm. Sioux does cock rock. Fab.
Here Comes That Day - Sioux as Shirley Bassey. Best song
Loveless - Typical banshees number.
If It Doesn't Kill You - Loungy and fab.
One Mile Below - err. No. auto tune, please.
Drone Zone - Also NO. "buzz..buzzz..buzzing!"
Sea Of Tranquility - Abstract, some great lyrics
They Follow You - Sixties poppy doorsy feel, 2nd fave
Heaven And Alchemy - Another Loungy number. Nice, a tad Vague.

That might sound a little bitchy, but in reality She is my favorite singer and has been since 1986. I'm not sure what I was expecting but this is quite good. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. I look forward to seeing this material live and where she might go in subsequent albums.


Anonymous said...

Alright Mr. Sister - I don't need her to sound like she did on JuJu. Really, I don't. I would just like her to be able to sing. That's it. She used to be able to sing, and now she can't. Annie Lennox can still sing. Anne Wilson can still sing. Siouxsie, who has saved my life more than once mind you - has lost the voice.


Anonymous said...

I L O V E IT!!!

kyle said...

i've been avoiding most press about mantaray as i want to experienece on my own, but of course, was interested in what you had to say - can't wait to pick this up when it comes stateside... (i'll pick up the brit versions i'm sure when i'm in europe later this winter).