Random Post

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Petty work Drama Gives me a migraine.
I really don't give a shit about such.
Long Distance relationships are hard.
And Upsetting. Obviously it's worth it.
In the end. Hopefully.
Not being able to blog at work has put a damper on my posting.
You might have noticed.
UM & trandy went to Vegas last weekend.
They got me a solar powered "Tim" keychain.
it's hilarious.
I Watched a chunk of the VMA's.
Luckily, I missed the trainwreak that is Britney Spears.
When Did MTV Become BET?
Sorry, Someone had to say it.
Dr Dre is the" greatest producer of our time"?
are you fucking KIDDING ME?
I do quite like Rhianna.
I'm pleased that she won a few awards.
Popular music in the US is a bit embarrassing.
Also went to a home kitchen party in sammamish.
It was nice.
Caught up with old friends.
drank too much punch. Vodka punch.
But it was really amazing punch, I must say.
I should get that recipe.
Went out friday night with Kym.
Drank to much and acted like a retard.
made out with someone I shouldn't have.
Stupid drunk ass. A lil' bit shamed, I must say.
Hung over all day sat. Horrible breakfast at Ozzy's.
why is service in Seattle complete shit? Always?
Lunch with Louisa and heidi and Mason at red robin.
I realise I have a soda drinking problem.
Like 12 a day. no lie, my friend.
Today I only drank coffee and tea.
it made me feel gross.
But Imagine what all those toxic chemicals
in 12 cans of diet pepsi might be doing
to my poor plumbing.
a low key evening
my internet is a bitch.
touchy touchy wireless connections.
I want a steak.
and 12 diet pepsi's.