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When I saw this movie on HBO in 1981 it scared the living shit out of me.
and now, I watched it last night for the first time in 25 years. Actually, I bought his dvd over a year ago but hadn't gotten around to watching it...based on 1981 scaredy thing.

Story:a little girl named Robin falls to her death from an abandoned schoolhouse window while playing a hide and seek game with 4 other kids. the kids think they are going to go to jail and so make a vow of silence. 6 years later the 4 kids (now teens, obviously) all get obscene phone calls on the day of the school prom. Someone saw what they did! Oooh, Scary!

Jamie Lee Curtis plays the sister of the slain girl and is coincidentally dating the boy that was present at Robin's death. Leslie Neilson plays the principal and also Jamie Lee's Dad. No, I'm not kidding. It's very strange seeing him in such a straight role.

Shortly... ok, over an hour into the flick, the prom begins and the bodies start flying. Ok, there's only like 6 or 7 of them, but you know what I mean. As an added bonus, we are treated to a 5 minute Disco ho-down by Jamie lee and her boyfriend (who looks an awful lot like my ex, Kyle). I have to say I am pleased that there was at least this one Disco themed horror movie. It seems like such an obvious hit, right? except that i think Disco was pretty much Toast by 1980 but I do remember my eldest brother and Sister having the same hair as the teens and dressed just like them, too in the early 80's, and THAT is Scary!

It has a twist ending that comes out of no-where, actually...No, I saw it at minute 4, but You might be surprised.

Jamie lee is excellent here. As she is in every movie I have seen her in. errr...the ones I remember. and I'm telling you, that disco Ho-down is worth the price alone!

after watching this you might feel like this is a familiar story, like maybe you've seen this movie before? You're probably right as that movie is called "i Know What You Did Last Summer" which pretty much borrows the entire premise ( oooh, we accidentally killed someone and let's make a vow of silence and then, a while later, the person that saw it happen is coming after us! ) and also photocopies the scene were the nasty bitch girl gets stalked around the school - it's just like where Sarah Michelle Geller gets stalked around the department store. How original!

My only complaint is that much of the action scenes are way too dark to see what is going on. Oh, and there's like...No Gore. off camera kills...Just some blood. Oh, and a rather decent decapitated head to boot! I'm thinking it was heavily cut to trim down the gore, but this video to dvd transfer is not very good. to dark and the sound is very spotty. I'm hoping for a company like Anchor Bay to release it with extras and a remastered picture.

NOTE: DUH. It's re-released NEXT Tuesday with a nice new cover. No note on any extras, though. I do however like the 6.99 price tag.

Also, I hear they are planning on remaking this one as well. Just can't come up with any new ideas, I guess.

Here's The Trailer:

And Here's A Nice Dance Mix of said Jamie Lee Disco Ho-Down! Oh Good Lord!