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left work at 2pm and drove to Vancouver to meet the canadian for a few hours. it was very very nice. great to see him as always. it's too seldom.
Best hugs on the earth, I tell you. I wish ye all could experience it.
went to Milestones for bellini's. oh, and dinner.
we had a great hotel room with the most comfortable bed on Earth.
errr....you can fill in whatever blanks you want.
Deposited him at the airport at 11:30 for his flight back and went back to the amazing hotel bed for 3 hours.
breezed through the Us border. seriously. the soldier just waved me thru. granted, it was almost 4 am when I was returning, but still...
had "shit on a shingle" at a truckstop and then made it home by 6am and went back to bed.


~Andre aka "the Canadian" said...

I can fill in any blanks.

also, beware the shit on a shingle!