in Praise of Boredom

Posted by Timo |

there is something to be said in praise of boredom.
Yes, I hate to be bored. It's not in my genetic makeup. I can't handle it.
But today, for the brief 8 minutes that I was bored - before 37 various shit storms exploded all over the fucking place - I gained a new respect for boredom.
I was not worried or stressed or upset about anything. and that is a fucking Miracle.

Is that speeding ticket I got this morning going to raise my insurance rates?
Is the BF secretly pissed off at me for judging sailor moon again? Is TanQ barfing at this very second? why haven't I received that confirmation email for my car insurance? what is that strange $1.90 charge on my debit card? why is the G.I.Joe movie going to suck ass? why does itunes suck every bit of available power from my Computer has when I'm importing songs? how much money am I gonna waste on merch at 4 concerts in a 30 day span? what is my electric bill going to look like now that I put in an air conditioner?

NOPE. none of that shit. for 8 full minutes.
seriously? I can't even wait for it to happen again.


Black Nyx said...

OMG - Sailor Moon Rawks.