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I know you are all waiting for me to pass judgement on her, so...

a friend said the other day that he must be the only one that doesn't understand how Lady GaGa got to radio. well, compared to most of the Shite that comprises of American top 40 I must admit she's pretty good. American radio is nothing but (c)rap, Jonas brothers, identical guitar bands and unspeakable shit like Britney and pariah.
So, Based on the excellent remixes I had heard of her first few singles I bought her album. Yack!!! the lyrics are fun and she has a decent voice but most of the production is generic radio flavored hip hop.

So I will stick with the remixes. Dave Aude does a batch of them (and he Rules!) as well as harry "choo choo" romero, moto blanco, robots to mars and a couple of guys called pet shop boys.

I must say that I have seen interviews with her and she seems interesting. She's kinda ridiculous and unusual looking and I dig that stupid people think she's a man. Also, she worships Andy Warhol & grace Jones so I have to give her credit for that.


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I judge.

madhouse 6 said...

here here! i don't have much of a thought other than she seems bombastic (but i haven't heard the remixes)... i can see the attraction tho'.