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headed to Tinkham for our first camping trip of 2009 a couple weekends ago with tommy, bree & ollie, darcy and clair. It was nice and low key. we had a great big private spot right next to the river. Not much happened really. we just ate & drank drank a lot and a creepy deliverance kinda guy came over and weirded us out on saturday night. sorry the pics are so dark - there's not a great deal of light out in those woods! ( and yes, that is a barbie wearing a kools pack in the fire.)

01 Bree is the fire starter
02 dry music is important
03 "where's the on switch?"
04 I think it's nature
05 the end of Mentha


Anonymous said...

this may be a felony but Im getting good beefy wood for fires from a construction site 2 blocks away