Seattle Film Festival Closing Party

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pics with Frankie, Ricky, Topher and What'sername.

met up with Frankie, Ricky and later Harriette at the 20th Anniversary Screening of "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" at the King Kat Theater Sunday night. It was great to see it again on the big screen after 20 years and especially loved all the pops and clicks that come with watching an old 35m print of the film. After it was over, Peaches Christ came out and introduced Elvira - who came onstage to a thunderous applause. they both sat in white chairs and Peaches did a fun interview and Elvira was cute and funny and candid. She talked about making the movie, pee-wee Herman, mocked sarah palin and mentioned her opposition to Ca's Prop 8. there were some questions from the audience with she answered hilariously and then everyone got in line to get her autograph and such. there were probably a couple hundred people in line and I found Harriette a few people ahead of me. Frankie and Ricky decided they wanted to hurry over the closing party at a nearby hotel. Harry ran off to find cash to buy a pic for Elvira to autograph and then I was interviewed on camera for some sort of horror/goth/queer site by a guy named ghost because I had an elvira shirt on. [ I'm sure I sounded like a complete idiot.]
we finally got up to her ( btw,. Sylvia O'stayformnorew was running the merchandise desk in boy form - small world! ) and we got our stuff signed and pictures taken with her. I only vaguely remember what I said to her because I was shaking like a leaf. she was so nice. and Tiny! I read she's like 5'7 plus wig and heels and I think it's true. and seriously, no wrinkles. she must stay out of the sun at all times to have that skin. anyway, after that we went over to the pan pacific hotel for cocktails and mingling. Ran into Topher and Harriette went home. Actually had a blast. Elvira and Peaches eventually showed at the party. ran into lots of old friends and stayed til midnight. a marvelous time indeed.


FreNeTic said...

This would've been a kick...but it was scheduled against the Zombie Walk after-parties.

But you had to be floating, and I'm jealous. All my heroes / heroines are dead.

Michelle Auer said...

She looks so young!! Wow!