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I found this little guy on Consuelo's fireplace shelf just after Obama's acceptance speech. almost got a little choked up when he said "gay or straight". Even McCain's speech was good. gracious and classy. Sarah palin looked like she was about to cry but McCain looked almost relieved, as if realizing what a horror it would have been to have her in the white house.

I very happy Obama wiped the floor with the republicans but at the same time pretty much devastated by CA's prop 8 allegedly passing. I hope and pray it's bogged down by Endless Lawsuits and then the CA supreme court rules it unconstitutional. Again. those three other states I fully expected to pass such hateful shit amendments, but California? Disgusting. how many thousands of idiots in California decided Obama was winning so why bother voting?


Snotty McSnotterson said...

Didn't I read that it came down to the black and Latino vote? And those votes are RELIGIOUS ONES, buddy, so there was no way.

FreNeTic said...

Yeah Snotty...there's a twisted irony in there, somewhere.

It's a bit of a pisser on 2 & 8, but I'm taking comfort that we'll have a prez who shows some leadership in creating a more inclusive attitude. I hope it makes a difference over the next 4 years...

Anonymous said...

yes, black people overwhelmingly voted for (to ban) prop. 8. we got fucked big time. a nice thank you very much.

Timo said...

anyone who votes with Jeebus should go fuck themselves. with a telephone pole.

Anonymous said...

mormons=multiple wives & a cult
catholics=child molesting perverts

2 biggest contributors for the passage of prop. 8