Is this the face ...

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...of our next V.P? I'm going to be so Embarrassed for this country if it is. As it is, I'm Embarrased FOR Republicans that they have to accept this white trash Hick as mcCain's running mate. Sad sad times.

and that's not to say I have any faith in the Voting Machine after the last 2 elections. Diebold is the devil. a Republican devil.


FreNeTic said...

So many things can go wrong, from the Bradley Effect to Polls closing and turning people away, to the outright surreptitiousness of those nasty Diebold machines.

But everyone is expecting a landslide, and this is what scares me the most...if McCain wins, how many people will attribute it to divine intervention?

And how would the country ever recover from that kind of bad faith?

Other 'n that, have a swell day!

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dit said...

she is rather embarrassing, even for a Maverick. lol