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I've been feeling very much like that word lately.

I just wrote this huge whiny post and then scrapped it after reading it. Who wants to read that shit?

Yippee for tomorrow being Friday. seeing "star wars - clone whatnot" saturday with steve-o.

I still haven't seen batman. the last movie I saw in the theater was cloverfield. like 7 years ago. mmmmmm. butter flavoured popcorn topping! and sour patch kids. the theater in Bellevue has all. sorts of crazy food items.

contemplating some consuelo inspired blog template changes this weekend, too. look out! whooo! I'm out of control.

Honestly, I'd be more inclined to go to the theater if there were comfy couches or recliners. also, comforters, pillows and crazy air conditioning.

...hey, I capitalized all my I's again!


FreNeTic said...

heh. i've been quiet lately BECAUSE i have nothing to whine about.

do see the bat. hit the imax, bring a pillow or inflatable doughnut; whateves.

madhouse 6 said...

how was star wars?