here's what I think

Posted by Timo |

I think people that build/program fake spyware trojan virus type software that automatically download and install themselves and then completely fuck up your computer to the extent that even system restore won't help and you have to re burn your hard drive and reinstall every god damn program...those people?
those people should be executed on national fucking television.

...and NO. 'twas not a porn site, it was a link about a god damned depeche mode album that I followed from wikipedia. I always hated that fucking album, anyway.

that is all.


Snotty McSnotterson said...

Didn't I always say Depeche Mode would be the death of you? Let that be a lesson to you.

(Sorry--that really sucks.)

Michelle Auer said...

Yup, we just had one hit us when I looked at a menu to a place in West Seattle. One minute I was trying to decide if we should eat there, the net, everything was being deleted and shutting down. It took our guy 7 HOURS to fix our computer and cost us big time. LAME!