And Speaking Of My Dignity

Posted by Timo |

earlier this evening I picked up fatty here and was carrying her and apparently squeezing her and....a sudden warm sensation down my right side, down my leg and onto the floor. I guess she really had to go. poor thing was totally embarrassed, too. she curled up into a ball in the corner and hid her face.

hours later she has forgotten. I think she probably had forgotten 2 minutes later, actually.

A quick load of cat pee soaked laundry anyone?


Conseulo said...

Poor TB!! The shame!

Michelle Auer said...

Poor babies!
A little Borax in the wash will get any pee smell out!

scoot said...

when did she find out you were into water sports?

madhouse 6 said...

ooh kinky.
always figured you for a ws boy