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someone text'd me today saying come to my birthday party.
I didn't recognize the number so I said "who's birthday".
they said "mine, dood." it must be Marika. or Josh. but there was a distinct lack of expletives, so Marika is out. actually, it was Styles. I didn't have his number saved.

I didn't sleep very well and was an hour late to work. it was still a ten hour day.

I have a very loud cat that shrieks at full volume throughout the night for no apparent reason. she even puts her little cat face at the crack between wood and carpet and yipes in rapid succession. Brat. the landlord told me she yells at him under the door when he walks down the hallway. I wonder what conversations she thinks she's having. she's laying on the rug in the living room and cleaning her face just now.

I got a new work laptop and I mostly love it, except for the minor annoyance that emails take over a minute to open and then another minute to go back to the list page. oh wait. that's not minor at all. I couldn't get the speakers to work in the docking station so Marc was helping me and, of course, he got it to work and suddenly the CD I made for my Mom's birthday came blasting on and he's like "what the hell is that?" I guess he has never heard of Dusty Springfield.

I bought this old horror movie called "scarecrows" because several people had suggested I'd love it. I've had it for a few days but Haven't watched it yet. the trailer kinda scared me and then I started watching it and got a little creeped out. which is funny if you know me. I only get freaked out about little shacks in the forest.

actually, the fact that I haven't watched it yet shouldn't be surprising. I just counted 27 dvd's in my closet that I have never watched but own for some reason.

There's a door in the basement of my apt building that has no doorknob and 7 locks on it. 7? what the hell is in there? big foot? Amelia Earhart? or is it....my dignity?

please note that I capitalized all my I's because Andre says I never do. so there.


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i love you!!! does that count???