the return of weekend update

Posted by Timo |

Friday : ummmm....dug up stuff for rummage sale - took to UM's house. Prepped for Rummage sale.

Saturday : Rummage sale 9-2. Made more money than i expected, so that was nice. Took Ollie to GIJoe then sat at tabel 219 with Bree and Ollie and Tommy and watched some interesting meltdowns. home and in bed by 11 pm.

Sunday : Laundry and Lunch with Steve at Torrero's. Target, Petco ( so heartbreaking! I want to adopt every kitty there. ) and then more fried goodness and beer at a place called "the dog & pony show". Now cleaning my apartment so my cat sitter won't judge me too harshly this week when i am in San Fran.