I want to thank you

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martini's at tini bigs
the canlis disaster
one of the best conversations I can remember
we talked about right said fred and shakespear's sister
and disagreed on the spelling
best new order song and morrissey
Siouxsie vs robert smith
andy bell and neil tennant
funny that you didn't want to drive
but in a desperate effort to save the evening
you drove to get peach sangria ingrediants
hilarious to be on the phone and see your giant bags of stuff
emerge from your giant cheap car. Lair
I can't thank you for the peach sangria hangover
but I hated seeing you leave

"all I am is a diversion and expect nothing less"
you know everything and vice versa
but at least my Ex didn't call you a "meat curtain"
I use that term a lot, sadly
your dog loves me
and TanQ loves you
our timing sucks and we both know that
our luggage doesn't even match
but I'm happy for what you are calling a "diversion"
because i think i have laughed more in the last 3 days than i have
in the last 2 months
and for that I want to thank you
and Not in a Dido way
and I don't want to disregard anything that has happened before
for either of us
because it is still staggeringly important
I think we were both in the right place
at the right time
and within 30 seconds you referenced Portishead
which garnished my absolute attention
like you can't even believe
so lets kill off any expectations
which is so hard for me, I must say
and for once
see what happens
and not loose sleep over anything
because that's what I do

cheers, mate


Black Nyx said...

Um, I've been gone a week, and did I miss something? I'll be back in town later tonight and you need to fill me in...