mark's birthday present this year was tickets to the killers. I was only familiar with their various singles ( which I enjoyed ) but, as you know, I think guitars are universally an overdone and therefore completely worthless instrument and so I never bothered with anything other than their remixes. But Jeff is and Darcy are big fans so I bucked up and bought all 4 of their albums and studied up. there were really good songs and then ok songs and a few clunkers. I enjoyed their most recent album the most ( produced by madonna's producer Stuart price, Surprise! ) and was excited to hear it played live.
it was a marvelous show. I think Brandon sounds better live than on their albums ( he does some warbling - think Christina aguilera meets Elvis ) and that is rather impressive. they played all their hits and mostly upbeat tracks. they played everything I wanted them too, really. I was really impressed.

Absolutely NOT impressed with WAMU theater, however. first off, it's basically an airplane hanger. the sound was marginal. drinks were 9 bucks and up. they stopped serving midway through the show and then refused to let anyone that left the beer garden back in. Oh, and then closed all but one set of bathrooms after the show, so 10 thousand people could get in line for an hour. I heard one idiot security guard say the other bathrooms had already been cleaned because their employees had families to get home to. really? who gives a Fuck? all those people paid a minimum of 50 bucks per ticket to deal with this shit? the same thing happened when I saw Daft Punk there - but I assumed it was just an off evening. Nope - apparently that's how they run their business.

Hopefully, I hope I will never have to see a show at that venue again. Key arena, although the sound can be patchy, is a much better place to see concerts. with the Showbox at the market being the best venue I have ever been in.



Marko said...

I totally had a blast. I agree that wamu sucks, but the show was tremendous. Awesome bday present...YAY!