Pissed as a Lou

Posted by Timo |

I'm pretty pissy today. I don't know if it's anything specific...but probably.

I have a stalker of the Cyber kind. they post shitty comments on this blog ( which I delete at every turn ) and send me ridiculous emails daily to gmail, yahoo and work email accounts about stuff I would blog and twitter about. They also hacked my gmail and sent a boatload of emails to a certain Canadian friend of mine that pretty much blew their identity out of the water. I have done all that I can as far as reporting this stuff but it has been stressing me out this week especially. I had Consuelo dismantle my twitter ( because she is the Goddess of all technology [for example she built this marvelous blog] which I so appreciate ) and I'm thinking of privatizing this blog.

If it's the person I am thinking of he cannot enter the US, So that's great. He's apparently quite savvy with the Hacking. the Canadian has dealt with this on and off over the last few years - some of which was just annoying and some downright horrifying. I'm so getting my locks changed.


Anonymous said...

Egads! A stalker? And not in a good way. For a second there I thought you were referring to me and my negative PSB comments! But I am not stalking you, you wish. Hehe.

madhouse 6 said...

yozers... eek.

sorry man. let me know your new twitter when you have a minute, haven't seen your tweets for a while.

hope your ok