Go Ahead - Make My Day!

Posted by Timo |

Someone certainly made my day today. This fucking Rad Elvira statue that I had whined about wanting way back in like September showed up randomly at my office today, addressed to me with a simple printed note with the word "enjoy" 100 times on it. it's funny because I had ordered a different and completely lame in comparison Elvira model that I'm gonna paint so When I opened the huge box and saw her name on it, I was like "ohhh.." but then I saw what it was and kinda shrieked "oh my gawd". Strangely, No one will admit to getting it and sending it over for me. I interrogated Jeff and Andre immediately. I think I know who it is, though. Someone wonderful and amazing and ridiculously generous...we will refer to her as "She who must not be named."

Thank you from the bottom of my black little heart.

Her rather heavy 19 inch ass fits perfectly on the bottom shelf of my new display case - Coincidence?

PS - that's a cute little bat she's holding, btw.


Marko said...

Kick ass!

Anonymous said...

gurl....you know i hate to be the fun police. but i feel this peson should not be "stalkish" and just give props to elvirason baby shower...