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Private is a Danish band with a severe 80's sensibility and a sick sense of humour...actually, they look pretty Goth which is hilarious when you hear most of the music... Actually, They remind me of Army of Lovers ( whom I adore ). My friend Milty just said they sound like nails on a chalkboard, but what does that bitch know? (I kid! ). so....If you enjoy Repetitive, 80's synthy Euro-cheese, with artsy/tacky/ridiculous videos ....then you will enjoy.

KILLER ON THE DANCEFLOOR ( randomly impaled girls! Slashed throats! yes ! )

CRUCIFY MY HEART ( see - out of nowhere fierce black diva at 1:39 )

SECRET LOVER ( check the awesomely ridiculous rap at 1:12 )

WE GOT SOME BREAKING UP TO DO ( cheapest video of all time? nice clown car! )


Marko said...

They are growing on me like an irritation to my skin.