Ocean Shores & Such

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Dragged Jeff to Ocean shores last weekend for Weez's birthday. the Family also dragged all their Significant others: Jeni & Michael, Weez & Michael and Heidi & Joe. Weez rented a great big comfy house and we sat around and ate and drank. a lot. these pics are obviously the proof. there was shopping and a group trek to the beach. and kite flying. and cake and amazing breakfast and dinners. and weeping to that damn sigourney weaver lifetime movie! and hot tubing and odd deer sightings in the front yard. honestly, jeff and I were in the hot tub saturday night but I couldn't even enjoy it because I was sure the three mask killers from "the starngers" were going to come walking around the corner at any moment. and I won't even go into the "getting the lube off the wooden bed frame before it stains" adventure. a marvelous time had by all, I believe.


Jeni Angel said...

It was literally one of the best times I have ever had in my entire life. Like, top 2.

And it made me love Jeff 5 Million times more. To the point where I said "You know, that guy . . .Jeff's boyfriend. what's his name?"

Um, and I was sober.

But I still love you!

Marko said...