we're gonna need immediate Evac

Posted by Timo |

well, spent the bulk of the last 24 hours doing this ( as well as the version that comes out of the opposite end ). I think it was food poisoning picked up at ROCK BOTTOM IN BELLEVUE! that last bite of chicken looked a little pink?
I worked for a couple hours this morning but tired, irritable and dehydrated Tim is not very pleasant so I came home and tried to sleep.
Steve-o came over around 2 and I lounged on the couch and we watched endless music videos of the manray variety. you know, rupaul, pet shop boys, Kylie, madonna, cher, dannii, spice girls? all the gay stuff you never knew you wanted to even watch!
feeling mostly better. very tired. tanQ is confused that I was home most of the day.
cheers. that is all.


Michelle Auer said...

Maybe Food Poisoning, maybe a bug? I have had a lot of people tell me they were sick with the vomit variety of the flu over the last 2 days. I'm convinced there is some mean ass bug going around.

I hope you feel better soon, buttercup! x's & o's to you!