needed : a stain resistant home

Posted by Timo |

FOR SALE : 11 year old PUKING MACHINE, perfectly healthy and cute. has a nasty habit of PUKING PRETTY MUCH EVERYDAY only onto surfaces that such puke will destroy. and it's always the freshly eaten soft cat food that really really stains carpets and rugs, I must add. I only have carpet in my bedroom and I will have to pay out the ears when I move out of this apartment because if you look close enough, it's a fucking Mosaic of brownish shades of cat puke. Price depending on amount needed for replacing carpet in small bedroom.

....otherwise, she's very charming. 10 minutes after barfing in dramatic arcing lines near my bedside table, she's snoozing without a care on the couch.


Snotty McSnotterson said...

Because snoozing without a care on your couch makes up for all of the bitchy puking Tanq seems to do. :)

Michelle Auer said...

She MUST be related to my cats.

madhouse 6 said...

parker does the very same. i'm a big fan of resolve carpet stain cleaner. works like a charm.