I think this was Seattle's fist day of winter. left my office at 6:20. halfway home it started to just pour. and it was pitch black. and it had Just started to pour because the water was pooling in certain areas on the road and everyone that drove over those pools would fishtail a little. and of course, no one slows down. a car a few spots ahead of me hydroplaned and slammed into the concrete barrier of the bridge. I saw a huge arc of sparks, too. and, No. they didn't even slow down.
so, of course it's time for me to replace my front tires and all I can think of is there's gonna be this huge accident and I'm going to slam into it and die and who will feed TanQ tonight? because you know she's starving since she ate last at 7:20 am and...shit. I'm all out of catfood and I forgot to stop and get some on the way home. bad human! Obviously, I made it home fine but I'm kind of achey from gripping the steering wheel so tightly as if to release it would cause my "need to be replaced" wheels to hiccup and send me careening across the I90 bridge in the pitch black downpour. ...which of course, though not exactly related gives me thoughts of the bridge collapse scene in the Mothman movie.


FreNeTic said...

I hear it from my friends who are transplants: there's something about this city - when the slightest adverse weather turns up, Seattlites drive hysterically.

Consuelo said...

Just so you know, if I heard you were dead or in the hospital, my first course of actions would be to go get Tanq baby.